A tour of the Riverdale: “Carrie: The Musical” Episode Set From Casey Cott!

Behind the Scenes of Riverdale’s “A Night to Remember”! Riverdale’s handsome Casey Cott portrays Kevin Keller, the son of the town’s sheriff on the hit CW drama based on the iconic Archie Comics. In the video clip below from ExtraTV, Casey takes us on an exclusive behind the… Continue Reading


Everything We Need to Know about TONIGHT’S Episode

The Cast and Crew Tease Riverdale’s “A Night to Remember”! In the video clip below from TV Guide, cast members, Casey Cott, Lili Reinhart, Vanessa Morgan Madchen Amick, and Shannon Purser, as well as the episode director and choreographer, tell us… Continue Reading


Riverdale Recap: Top Moments of “The Noose Tightens”

Unwelcome Visitors Show Up in Riverdale at Both the Cooper and Lodge Homes and the Ladies Team Up to Save Cheryl. Viewers are taken on a suspense-filled journey from every direction in Riverdale’s “As the Noose Tightens.” The episode centers… Continue Reading


Riverdale “Chapter Thirty-Three: Shadow of a Doubt” Episode Stills

New Episode Stills for “Shadow of a Doubt” The CW has released the episode stills for the May 2nd episode titled “Chapter Thirty-Three: Shadow of a Doubt.” Things are heating up on the night of the Riverdale Mayoral debate. Check… Continue Reading


NEW Poster Released for Riverdale’s “A Night to Remember”

Riverdale’s Musical Episode Gets a New Poster! After its short winter hiatus, Riverdale returns with the highly anticipated musical episode based on Carrie, Stephen King’s iconic high school horror story. The CW released a special promotional poster of the cast on social media in promotion of… Continue Reading


Official PLAYBILL Unveiled for Riverdale’s Musical Episode, “A Night to Remember”

A PLAYBILL for Riverdale’s Carrie Musical! Riverdale returns from its short winter hiatus with the highly anticipated musical episode based on Stephen King’s iconic high school horror story, Carrie. PLAYBILLder released an official PLAYBILL for the upcoming episode because how can you… Continue Reading


Riverdale “Chapter Thirty-One: A Night to Remember” ALL Episode Stills

New Episode Stills for “A Night to Remember” Check out the full set of episode stills for the April 18th episode titled “Chapter Thirty-One: A Night to Remember”. Take a look at the episode stills in the gallery below! Related… Continue Reading


RiverCon Summary & Photos: The Riverdale Cast Meet Fans in France!!

The Cast Has Fun with Fans in France! Cast members from the hit CW series, Riverdale, appeared at People Convention’s first-ever RiverCon in Paris, France. (March 31 – April 1). Guests included Cole Sprouse, Lili Reinhart, Mädchen Amick, Skeet Ulrich, Marisol Nichols,… Continue Reading


Mädchen Amick Appears on KTLA Morning News

Mädchen Teases What’s Next on Riverdale! Riverdale beauty, Mädchen Amick, plays the Betty no-nonsense mother, Alice Cooper, on The CW’s hit series based on Archie Comics. Mädchen appeared on KTLA Morning News and dishes on playing Alice Cooper. (March 27) She also… Continue Reading


Luke Perry Appears on FOX 11 Los Angeles

Luke Dishes on Riverdale & More! Riverdale’s handsome Luke Perry plays devoted single dad, Fred Andrews, on The CW’s hit series based on Archie Comics. He appeared on FOX 11 Los Angeles where he talks about what’s to come on the hit… Continue Reading