Riverdale’s Camila Mendes Sizzles in DA MAN Magazine

Camila Turns Up the Heat for DA MAN Magazine & Dishes on Riverdale!

Brunette beauty, Camila Mendes, plays the mysteriously, sexy new girl, Veronica, on The CW’s new hit series based on Archie Comics, Riverdale. She stuns for DA MAN magazine and dishes on the series, what drew her to acting, her big break, and even shares some advice for aspiring actors. Check out a sneak peek of the interview with Camila below.

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DA MAN: Can you give us a short explanation of what “Riverdale” is all about? Especially for our readers who might not be familiar with Archie Comics.
Camila Mendes: So, “Riverdale” is a dark and moody drama based on the characters of Archie Comics. It’s about the people that live in this fictional, small town called Riverdale and how they discover unexpected truths that lie underneath its seemingly wholesome surface. In season one, there’s a murder mystery in which everybody in the town somehow plays a part.


DA MAN: What, would you say, is the number-one reason to watch “Riverdale”? 
Camila Mendes: Aside from being downright entertaining, it’s a visually stunning show with an incredibly talented cast. You will fall in love with these characters.

Read the full interview with Camila at DAMAN.com and check out the smoldering shots of her below.

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