Camila Mendes Sizzles for Her Coveteur Feature

Camila Turns Up the Heat for Coveteur & Dishes on Riverdale!

Brunette beauty, Camila Mendes, plays the mysteriously, sexy new girl, Veronica, on The CW’s new hit series based on Archie Comics, Riverdale. She stuns for Coveteur and dishes on the series’ highly anticipated second season, what drew her to the show, how she relates to Veronica, dealing with rejection, auditioning and much more. Check out a sneak peek of the interview with Camila below.

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On Veronica 2.0:

…“I definitely relate to Veronica, one, her sense of humor and two, in her circumstances. I think I’ve experienced certain aspects of her life firsthand. I know what it’s like to be the new girl because she is the new girl in town and I grew up moving around a lot in my childhood. It was a very unstable life, I never really got to identify with one place, so I was constantly trying to re-identify myself. Veronica moves to Riverdale and everyone already knows each other, and she has to find her place. She is totally out of her comfort zone and I definitely know what it feels like [laughs]!”

And dealing with rejection:

“You have to understand that there is a larger picture involved. At that point it’s not about your talent. If you are at the network test you are clearly good enough to play that part. After that, it’s assembling a production, a cast that looks good together, that works well together, everything just kinda needs to fit. That is not a very obvious thing. You can’t take it personally. You just can’t. It’s easier said than done. But if I were not to have gotten the role I would have been devastated and really sad, but I wouldn’t have taken it personally. It wouldn’t have made me feel that I was a bad actor, I just would have been pissed off about my luck. Because this really is a game of luck.”

Read the full interview with Camila at Coveteur.com and check out the shots of her below.

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