Riverdale’s Lili Reinhart Stuns for IMAGISTA

Lili is Red Hot for Imagista!

Riverdale beauty, Lili Reinhart,  plays the good girl next door, Betty Cooper, on The CW’s hit series based on Archie Comics. She’s featured in the latest article from Imagista. In an interview, she dishes on everything from how she got into acting, what she likes about playing Betty and if she read Archie Comics growing up. Lili also shares what she does to recharge, what inspires her as an actor and much more. Check out a sneak peek of the interview with Lili below.

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Imagista: How did you get into acting?

Lili Reinhart: I grew up doing theater, I did local community theater. Then I branched out into doing local PBS pilots and some small independent films and it kind of grew from there. I was always a performer as a kid, always putting on little shows for my family. I was a dancer, I went to dance lessons growing up. I played sports but I was mainly into the arts. I did try sports, I just was not very good at them…

Imagista: Can you tell us what it is like playing Betty on the show Riverdale?

I am so lucky that I can play a girl that I love and care about so much. The show was written so beautifully and I am so happy to be part of this cast. We all get along so well and our show runner is very open to our opinions. He is the creator but we are the ones who won the roles and have this responsibility to be the face of these people and I think our opinions of actors mean a lot to him which is great because I do not think a lot of people have this luxury. We share our opinions about what we want to see from our characters, what kind of challenges we want them to go through.

Betty is such a beautifully complex girl, she is not a one note character, she is so much more than just the girl next door. To me, that is super refreshing and I think every character on our show is refreshing….

Read the full interview with Lili at Imagista and check out the gorgeous shots of her for the piece below.


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