Cole Sprouse for Hunger Magazine

Cole Sprouse Talks Returning to Acting, Riverdale, and More!

Riverdale’s handsome Cole Sprouse plays Archie Andrews’ best friend, Jughead Jones, who is smart, snarky and declares himself as not normal. Cole is featured in the latest edition of Hunger Magazine.  He dishes about growing up as a Disney star, what he did during his acting hiatus, Riverdale and more. Check it out a sneak peek of his interview courtesy of Teen Vogue below.

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“To return to a position of privilege within the entertainment industry to most people would feel like a no-brainer and, after I unpacked all of that, I saw how lucky I am to be included in a percentile of actors that are able to do that.”


Riverdale was an interesting piece because it came from a comic that was based on the Golden America narrative — the perfect [idea of] America that has been historically proven to be untrue, very complicated, and socially terrifying for anyone that isn’t a white man.”

You can read the full interview preview with Cole at Teen Vogue and catch the entire interview at www.hungertv.comor in HUNGER Magazine‘s Mad World issue available October, 5th. And make sure take a look at the stunning shots of him for the feature below.

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