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The Riverdale Cast Stuns in Their Photo Shoot for Teen Vogue

In anticipation for the anticipated second season of Riverdale, Madelaine Petsch, KJ Apa, Lili Reinhart and Ashleigh Murray dish on the series new season. They each spill secrets on their character in season two in individual interviews with Teen Vogue that also include gorgeous shots of the cast. Below is a teaser from each interview as well as the beautiful photos for the piece. Take a look!

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Cole Sprouse on Jughead’s relationship with Archie, growing up on TV and more.(Full Interview at Teen Vogue):

TV: So — Jughead season two spoilers, please!

CS: Jughead ends up joining the Serpents and he gets wrapped up in this world that forces his hand, forces him to play the game — which is something in season one he had a real aversion to. He ends up getting into a lot of trouble because of it. … He ends up a bit more of a damaged kid. He’s a lot angrier than he was in season one. He ends up coming off as kind of a … not necessarily to say a bad boy, but way more angry, which I also think is a fundamentally key experience. He gets himself into a lot of trouble because of his loyalty and honor to his family and friends, and it begins to make him question where his allegiance lies and what that means for his character — if it means stepping back again or if it means putting a foot back in.


One of the dilemmas he had in season one was, “how do I re-include myself back into this group of friends I felt very disenfranchised from?” Season two is him experiencing the repercussions of being close to people.

Camila Mendes on Veronica’s family reunion, her relationship with Archie and more.(Full Interview at Teen Vogue):

TV: So many people have responded to Dark Betty in season one of the show. Is there going to be a big Dark Veronica moment, or is her darkness more emotional?


CM: I think you might see a little bit more of a Dark Veronica. Obviously, people expect darkness from Veronica a little bit more than they expect a Dark Betty, which is why the Dark Betty is so great. I don’t want to spoil anything, but Veronica kind of takes matters into her own hands, and she’s a little bit more involved in the mystery this season. You’re going to see her fearlessness be confronted with danger.

TV: One of Veronica’s internal conflicts this season carries over a bit from last season: She’s navigating how to be a girlfriend to Archie. How did you develop that?


CM: Well, I imagine that Veronica, in her past, was not very much a relationship kind of girl. She had her flings, and the guys she would hook up with, but she never really committed to anything to play the role of a serious girlfriend. Considering what you see at the end of season one, and what that does to Archie, it traumatizes him. Veronica now has no choice but to step up to the plate, and be a serious girlfriend in order to help Archie get through his trauma. I think Veronica’s nervous, but then that kind of transitions into fearlessness. I think she busted up the courage to be vulnerable, because there is a lot of strength and courage in vulnerability.

Casey Cott on being a series regular for season 2, Kevin’s relationships and more.(Full Interview at Teen Vogue):

Teen Vogue: What are you most excited about for the upcoming season?


Casey Cott: Season two is such an interesting progression after season one. We’ve all probably said the words, “It’s so thrilling and dark and mysterious.” It really gets pretty weird. How Kevin fits into that, you can view that a couple ways. First of all, there will be lots of drama with how we left off with season one, both with Fred being shot and with all the interpersonal relationships — Kevin figuring out what’s going on with Betty, [and] dealing with his father. We really dive into the relationship between the sheriff and Kevin in season two, which is great. Kevin fits in an interesting way. Kind of like season one, he wasn’t really a part of the mystery… until he was directly a part of it. I think the same thing happens in season two. We’re looking to dive into Kevin and Betty, Kevin and the sheriff, stepping deeper into those relationships.


TV: Kevin’s boyfriend from season one, Joaquin, gets involved in some of the shady business happening in Riverdale. How shady are Kevin’s love interests the next season?


CC: Well, when you start off with your first love interest being someone who mops up blood and dumps bodies in rivers, it’s hard to get more dark or go any further than that. But the love interests Kevin has in season two are different. I think what’s cool about Kevin in season two is we kind of explore many different kinds of love interests, the same way that high schoolers do. Some are people you just meet, but are quick; sometimes you find a long-lasting relationship. We kind of delved into a few different kinds of relationships in season two. I think a bigger, more long-term relationship is coming for Kevin very soon.

Madelaine Petsch on Cheryl (Full Interview at Teen Vogue):

TV: In the past, Cheryl has been portrayed as antagonistic toward other characters, and labeled as one of the mean girls. Is that dynamic going to change next season?


MP: The undercurrent for Cheryl this season is just that she wants to be loved and she needs to be loved. She hasn’t felt love since her brother left the world. You do see a lot of camaraderie between the gang and her in very interesting ways. Cheryl goes through a couple of really huge things that will torture her, and the gang is there for her every single time. She will continue to give the one liners, but there will be a little bit more camaraderie. She does make a couple of friends this season and ultimately she will get a love interest.


TV: What’s one aspect of season two that you’re really excited for fans to see?


MP: Cheryl becomes a lot softer on camera this season. You see a lot more of Cheryl. The breaks, the cracks in her façade. The walls come down in very interesting ways. She’s a lot more involved with the gang this season, and you see this really vulnerable little girl in the first six episodes of the season that I think people need to see in order to understand where Cheryl is in her life.

KJ Apa on Archie, his Dad being shot in the season one finale, Varchie and more. (Full Interview at Teen Vogue):

“After Fred [is] shot, a switch is flipped in [Archie’s] brain where he’s kind of blinded by the revenge he has for whoever shot his dad,” KJ says, alluding to those moments that have hinted at his character’s turn as a vigilante. But while Betty Cooper’s turn as Dark Betty in season one involved a black wig and retribution against slut-shaming football players that bonded the girls of Riverdale High together, things may not be as unifying for Archie. Instead, KJ notes, his character’s singular quest “takes over everything and kind of gets in between his relationships with all his friends, and with Veronica, his girlfriend.”


….”Both of them are experiencing something completely new in their lives for the very first time. It’s interesting exploring that with Veronica as well, which is cool,” KJ says of the #Varchie pairing, which has to get very serious very quickly by nature. And it’s another chance to see if Archie really is boyfriend material, given he doesn’t have the best track record. As careless a boyfriend as Archie was to Pussycat Valerie, he wasn’t dealing with his dad potentially dying when the two were dating. And now he has to deal with Veronica’s dad, too — because Hiram Lodge is back in town. And if there’s one thing that’s stayed true from the comics, it is that he is not a fan of Archie Andrews.

Lili Reinhart on Betty, her dark side, Bughead and more (Full Interview at Teen Vogue):

TV: There’s a cliffhangers at the end of season one about whether Betty would find her brother, so now she’s becoming the center of a new mystery. What has that shift been like for you?


LR: The mystery in the first half of season [two], at least, heavily involves Betty, which has been pretty intense for me, and for my work schedule. And just character wise, it’s been a lot. And it’s been challenging and difficult — long days, and long nights. But, I mean, honestly, I’m so happy that we’re able to dive deep and show this different, whole new side of Betty, this broken side of Betty. You just see her world expanding a little bit. You see her darkness come to the surface. You see so many different layers and sides of her. Same with every other character. You’re just digging deeper, and exposing these sides of these people that you haven’t seen before. There are only 13 episodes in the first season and that doesn’t give you too much room to explore every single one of these characters. So, we have so much more time this season, and we get to take our time, and focus on the things and people that we weren’t able to in the first season.


TV: One of the most lasting impressions from season one was this idea of Dark Betty. What does that alter ego mean to you?


LR: Dark Betty… it’s kind of funny that’s a term people are using. In season one, it’s a little vague. It’s kind of like, Dark Betty — oh, you think a black wig and that scene where she was torturing Chuck [in the hot tub]. But, that’s really not what Dark Betty means to me now, actually, in season two and at the end of filming season one as well. It’s more than just a black wig. It’s Betty’s internal darkness coming to light. Her internal struggles and her anxieties and her demons are coming out, as much as she tries on a daily basis to push them down and ignore them — which is something she does through digging her nails in her hands. It’s kind of like a distraction, and obviously a bad self-harming habit to kind of force her demons away. It’s something that inevitably you can’t push away forever….

Ashleigh Murray on Josie (Full Interview at Teen Vogue):

Teen Vogue: What has been the most exciting part, and the most difficult part, about filming season two?


Ashleigh Murray: The most exciting part about filming season two would have to be all of the new histories that are involved based on the fallout from season one. The most difficult thing is shooting all of that. We have so much more plot. We have so much more in depth for this season. It’s definitely a tougher ride this go around.


TV: What will we see from Josie in season two that we didn’t see in season one?


AM: We’re going to see a lot more of her friendship between herself and Cheryl. We will see a bit of a breakdown in between Josie and the Pussycats. We’re also gonna see her start to test the waters with her career, possibly going solo. Things might be shaken up with her in her personal life, as well.


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