Madelaine Petsch Stuns in Her New Cosmopolitan Feature

Madelaine on Riverdale, Her Signature Look, Tattoos, and More!

Riverdale’s red-headed beauty, Madelaine Petsch, plays resident Queen Bee, Cheryl Blossom, on The CW’s hit series based on Archie Comics. She looks phenomenal in her new interview with Cosmopolitan magazine. In her interview, Madelaine dishes on the highly anticipated second season of the hit including on if Cheryl getting a love interest this season, what she really wants, and more. She also opens up about her boyfriend, Travis Mills, his tattoos and if she thinks she’ll ever get a tattoo. Check out a sneak peek of the interview below.

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On what’s to come in season two:

It’s got an underlying mystery throughout the first half of the season that does potentially involve some blood. For Cheryl specifically, the dynamic within her family changes. She’s lost her brother and her dad at this point. Her mom has always been very controlling of her, so she starts taking the relationship into her own hands and takes the control from her mother.


On Cheryl getting a real love interest this season:

[So far, she’s been] an independent woman and I like that, but that’s not necessarily been working for her by any means. She lost somebody who was the only person who ever showed her love, and I don’t think she even really knows what love is right now. She’s never really received it from anybody. She was trying to find herself last season, and now the undercurrent for her is absolutely needing love. She gets an unexpected love interest.


On what Cheryl really wants:

Deep down, Cheryl wants to be a part of the gang more than anything, and she’s just got so many walls up and so many defense mechanisms that it’s impossible for her to find a way to be vulnerable and tell them that. The dynamic with the gang and Cheryl isn’t as negative as it was last season. She gets colder and meaner in season two if that’s possible, but a lot of that anger is shifted towards her mother, where it should be. Hell hath no fury like a Cheryl scorned, but her mom is the one who scorned her.

Read the full interview with Madelaine at Cosmopolitan as well as a hilarious video clip of her acting out iconic Riverdale scenes. And check out the gorgeous shots of her for the piece below.


Steph Flasher


  1. I actually kinda like cheryl blossom she is evil and mean to the gang. But its not her fault that her brother dies, and she has no one to trust. Not even her own mother or father in Season 1. I hope she finds someone she trusts in Season 2.
    (Cant wait to watch it)

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