Lili Reinhart is Pretty in Pink for Coveteur

Lili on Struggling with Depression,  Riverdale Season Two’s Craziness & More

Riverdale’s Lili Reinhart portrays good girl next door with a dark side, Betty Cooper, on the CW’s hit series. Lili is featured in a new piece for the Coveteur. In her interview, she talks about how she almost gave up on acting, adjusting to her newfound stardom, filming in Vancouver and how close the cast is. Lili also dishes on the series highly anticipated second season, which  Riverdale character she reals to most and more teasers on season two! Check out a sneak peek of her interview.

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Will we be seeing some crazy stuff in season two? I feel like you guys are always filming at night:

“Honestly, it doesn’t matter whether it’s daytime or nighttime, crazy shit happens in Riverdale. We were doing a lot of night shoots right off the bat, which is something we did in season one, but definitely not as much. To be honest, season two is quite different from season one. I feel like we got our footing at the end of season one, and [now we] know what we are as a show, what we’re trying to do, what we’re trying to highlight, and we know our characters. Now it’s basically full steam ahead. We’re treating it as a thriller. The stakes are even higher at this point, and there’s a lot more tension on every single character, although there [are] moments of fun and breaks from reality. The pace of season two is fast, and [it’s all] high stakes, tension, and these characters are going through so much stress. You definitely see the wear and tear on them in season two. It’s like, buckle your seat belts.”


Is there a character on the show that you feel like you relate to the most?

“You know, I just talked about how I wasn’t like Betty Cooper, but I am the most like Betty Cooper out of all of the characters. I think we’re all like our characters; Camila is very much like Veronica, and KJ’s a lot like Archie. I really relate to Betty’s leadership. I was always the one in school who wanted to be the leader of the group and in charge of all the group projects, and I feel like that is the epitome of Betty. I also relate to how much love she has. I wear my heart on my sleeve, I’m very loving, a romantic, and I think Betty is very much that as well. That’s how I relate to her the most—in the sense that I have a big heart and I know that Betty does, too.”

Read the full interview with Lili at coveteur.com and don’t miss the gorgeous photos of her for the feature below.


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