KJ Apa Stuns in His New Cosmopolitan Feature

KJ Dishes with Cosmo about Riverdale Season 2 & More!

Riverdale’s handsome, KJ Apa, plays quintessential high school hero Archie Andrews on The CW’s hit series based on the Archies comics. The talented actor is featured in a new piece for ‘Cosmopolitan Magazine.’ In his interview, he talks about how he’s like his character in real life minus the Betty and Veronica love triangle. KJ also dishes on the series highly anticipated second season of Riverdale and more! Check out a sneak peek of his interview.

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… Apa has more in common with Archie than not. Like Archie, he’s a musician (guitar) and an athlete (rugby), and he’s super tight with his dad, a Samoan chief who owns a chain of New Zealand childcare centers. “My dad is my biggest role model,” Apa says. “His legitimate favorite thing to do is hang out with his kids and his wife.” (His parents have been married for 26 years and have two daughters, 25 and 22, in addition to Apa.) “When I need to get emotional in scenes, all I need to do is imagine my dad sitting at a café alone, drinking a coffee.”


…”I feel most comfortable when I have a guitar in my hand,” he says. “When I auditioned for Riverdale and did a screen test, I decided to take my guitar in there because I knew it would calm me down.” (He’s written original songs, FYI, but hasn’t played them for anyone, at least not yet.) “I’m still waiting for someone to call me out [for acting]. I’m happy doing it, but I kind of — I don’t feel out of place, it’s just … I don’t know.” I ask whether it’s imposter syndrome, and the suggestion strikes a chord. “Yeah, that’s kind of how I feel. One hundred percent.”

Read the full interview with KJ at Cosmopolitan and check out the beautiful shots of him for the piece below.


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