KJ Apa Talks Season 2 of Riverdale with The Last Magazine

KJ Chats with The Last Magazine about Riverdale Season 2, His Original Life Plan & More!

Riverdale’s handsome, KJ Apa, plays perennial high school hero Archie Andrews on The CW’s hit series based on the Archies comics. The talented actor is featured in a new piece for ‘The Last Magazine.’ In his interview, he talks about what was his original life plan growing up in New Zealand and how he got into acting. KJ also dishes on the series highly anticipated second season of Riverdale and more! Check out a sneak peek of his interview.

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…Things changed when Apa signed to a modeling and acting agency at the age of thirteen with the encouragement of his mother, who was also with the agency. It wasn’t until he was sixteen, however, when he went on his first audition, which landed him a part on the hospital soap opera Shortland Street. He spent the next year-and-a-half working on the series, getting a quick immersion course in the television industry that has stuck with him to this day. “I pretty much learned everything that I know on that show,” he explains. “I had no idea about the industry, I had no idea how things worked on set, I had no idea how to act, so it was a massive learning curve for me. It forced me to grow up pretty fast.”…


…He says it was a stroke of luck that helped him land the role of Archie in Riverdale, the last core character to be cast and one that took a few tries. “I went in the first time to David Rapaport, the casting director, and he didn’t even really give me a second look,” Apa recalls. “Then I went in two weeks later and I read and he looked at me and was like, ‘What the…have you come in before?’ I was like, ‘Yeah, I came in two weeks ago,’ and he was like, ‘Ok, just stay right there.’ Then before I knew it, I was reading in front of the show runner, the producer, the writers, and then it happened pretty fast from there. In the next few days I was cast as Archie.”

Read the full interview with KJ at thelast-magazine.com and don’t miss the stunning photos of him for the feature below.


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