Madelaine Petsch Stuns in Her New Marie Claire Feature

Madelaine on What’s to Come for Cheryl on Season 2 of Riverdale!

Riverdale’s red-headed beauty, Madelaine Petsch plays Cheryl Blossom, mean girl with a few unexpected soft spots, on The CW’s hit series based on Archie Comics. She looks stunning in her new interview with Marie Claire magazine. In her interview, Madelaine dishes on Riverdale’s highly anticipated second season, Cheryl’s mental health issues as well as if and when she reaches a breaking point. She also teases Cheryl getting a mysterious new love interest, when KJ broke his hand filming, her fans and much more. Check out a sneak peek of the interview below.

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Cheryl’s still struggling with mental health issues this season—and yes, they will be addressed.

“After her suicide attempt last season, Cheryl goes back to her house and makes the conscious decision that she wants to live. Last season we saw her burn her house down—not in a way of saying she has nothing to live for, but to tell her mom to watch out because Hell hath no fury like a Cheryl scored. That’s her taking the reins back. You don’t really see it, but she seeks help in the way of pharmaceuticals—she gets on some medication for her depression. This season she’s still very much living in purgatory. She’s still not happy with her life. She’s struggling with mental health issues, and that will be addressed throughout the second season. She just doesn’t know who she is. And she’s struggling a little more than usual because she’s grieving two losses in her family, as well as abuse from her mother, and depression.”

Cheryl reaches another breaking point in Season 2, and it’s going to be major.

“In Season 2, Cheryl’s built up even more of a strong exterior and has even more walls up—but there are some moments where you see cracks in the facade. There’s a really big thing that happens to Cheryl that really affects her mental health, and her mom does not support her through that. She finds out that her mom is doing something behind her back, so Cheryl confronts her in a way that she normally wouldn’t. That’s kind of her breaking point.”

Cheryl gets a *very* mysterious sounding new love interest in Season 2….

“Last season, I was an advocate for Cheryl not having a love interest because she was so lost, she needed to find her own way. The other undertone, though, is that she doesneed love and she desperately wants to be loved. She actually gets a love interest this season—she gets a little bit of a crush. Cheryl will be looking for love in all the right places and all the wrong places—and holding onto it as hard as she can.”

Read the full interview with Madelaine at Marie Claire and check out the gorgeous shots of her for the piece below.

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