Marisol Nichols Sizzles for Prune Magazine

Marisol Stuns for Prune Magazine’s C’est Prune

Riverdale’s gorgeous Marisol Nichols portrays Veronica’s sweet, but not as innocent as she may seem, mother, Hermoine on the hit CW series. Marisol is featured in the latest edition of Prune Magazine’s C’est Prune. In an interview, she dishes on the highly anticipated second season of Riverdale and teases a little bit as to what viewers can expect. She also talks about her talented co-stars, the power of social media and much more. Check out a sneak peek of Marisol’s interview below.

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Prune: Riverdale returns tonight and everyone is on the edge of their seat. What can we expect from this season?

Marisol:   More of everything!   More mystery, more romance, and more danger.  we’ve got twice as many episodes this year so i feel we can really create something special for our audience. Also, we are wiser this year.  Both in terms of our characters and what works or doesn’t work.   We’ve lived them awhile and really got to explore different avenues of who they are.   Especially for me with Hermione.  She changes so much in Season 2 because of Hiram coming back.  She’s way more guarded and hidden with everything she does, because of him.

Prune: Based off the Archie comics, did you ever expect Riverdale to produce such an overwhelming response?

Marisol:   I didn’t know what to expect until we did the first read-through of the script out loud with all the cast.   When I heard everybody reading their roles and creating their characters i felt that this was something special. I hoped that the audience would connect with it, but you never know in this business.  I’m beyond thrilled that people are responding so positively.  I’m humbled and appreciative.

Prune: Riverdale features a lot of young new actors. Talk to me about the talent on set.

Marisol:   They’re incredible.   Everyone cares so much about their performance and everyone is so invested in telling a great story that it’s wonderful to be a part of something that everyone cares about so much.

Read the full interview with Marisol at Prune.com and check out the gorgeous shots of her for the piece below.

RIVERDALE airs WEDNESDAYS at 8|7c. on The CW 

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