Riverdale Recap: Top Moments of “Nighthawks”

Two Episodes into Riverdale Season 2 and the Mysteries Surrounding the Haunting Town Deepen Even More!

On this week’s episode of Riverdale, the mystery continues surrounding Fred Andrew’s shooter and the gang is concerned about Archie’s state of mind. Things get even worse as they learn their beloved Pop’s Diner might be forced to close forever. And Jughead hears his dad could be facing a lot more jail time than expected, so he turns to the Southside Serpents. Meanwhile, Betty and Veronica make it their mission to save Pop’s and look for help from Josie and the Pussycats.  And with her Dad in town, Ronnie learns some shocking family secrets that bring her family loyalty into question.  Here are the top moments from “Nighthawks.”

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Archie’s Reaction to Miss Grundy’s Death Has Us Scratching Our Heads.

At the end of the last episode, the man in the black hood got to Miss Grundy after she had a ‘music lesson’ with her latest smitten teen boy. Unlike Fred, she wasn’t so lucky and didn’t survive. When Archie learned what happened to Miss Grundy, he got sick to his stomach and rushed out of the classroom. Sure he’d have to be heartless not to be affected by the death of his music teacher with benefits, but not such a strong reaction from someone who had happily moved on. Grundy’s death gives Archie a theory about the man in the black hood. He rushes to tell the sheriff about her abusive ee, but they already questioned him and he has an alibi. Back to the night watch for Archie at the Andrews House.

The Stress is Getting to Archie and Reggie Offers Drugs to Help but will Archie Actually go Through with It?

So it’s back to staying up to watch his house at night. Archie asks Reggie, who apparently has the hook up with pharmaceuticals, for something to help him stay awake to guard his house. Reggie says he’ll hook him up with something called ‘Jingle Jangle’ (Zodiac killer reference anyone?) Archie’s up watching his house and suddenly a guy with a black hood comes by. Like Archie, my heart races thinking the gunman, who shot his dad returned. That or poor Archiekins is suffering from PTSD. But it’s just Reggie with the drugs and for some sick, twisted reason, he decided to show up looking like the masked gunman at the man’s house who nearly survived the attack. Sick sense of humor or that oblivious?

The Serpents Lead Jughead to the Gang’s go to Lawyer, but FP Warns him to Beware of that Snake Charmer

Poor Jughead learns his Dad’s lawyer is urging him to take a deal. That means FP could face up to 40 years in jail for helping Cliff Blossom cover up the murder of Jason Blossom. Jughead isn’t letting this happen and decides his Dad needs a better lawyer. He turns to the Serpents for some advice and they recommend a lawyer they’ve used to help members before, Penny Peabody. Jughead seeks her out for help. She suggests he could try to get the victim’s’ family to forgive FP for his involvement and then the judge would have no choice but to reduce his sentence. Penny insists she doesn’t want any payment but just says Jughead owes her one. Once FP learns who his son sought out for help, he ominously warns Jughead he doesn’t want to owe a ‘Snake Charmer’ anything. That definitely does not sound good.

Dark Betty Comes Out to Play to Force Cheryl into Helping FP

After learning her beloved Juggie’s dad could face a lighter sentence if the victim’s family forgives him, Betty approaches Cheryl about testifying on FP’s behalf.  Sweet Betty gives us another sneak peek of Dark Betty because of course, Cheryl wouldn’t simply agree to help FP.  He did help her dreadful dad cover up the murder of his own son and her poor brother.  Betty threatens Cheryl. Confessing to keeping a copy of that shocking video, which reveals what really happened to Jason. And if Cheryl doesn’t help FP, Betty threatens to show everyone what really happened further marring the Blossom name.

Cheryl is Forced into Lying Under Oath to Help FP

Fearing the wrath of Betty Cooper and her exposing painful Blossom family secrets, Cheryl agrees to testify at FP’s hearing. She testifies in front of the judge on behalf of both her mother and herself asking for leniency for FP. Then Cheryl flat out lies under oath. She claims she saw her father threaten FP. Her testimony seems to work somewhat because the judge decided to hold off on FP’s sentencing until another time. He must reconsider and take into account Cheryl’s testimony.

Coming Together to Save Pop’s and Mama Cooper Comes for Her Next Story

Team Betty and Veronica put their best effort forward to stop the impending close of everyone in Riverdale’s favorite diner, Pop’s. The event seems like a success with the gang all working for free serving everyone that came out for burgers and malts to raise enough money to keep Pop’s doors open. Even the town parents come to support the community staple, but Alice came to work. She nestles herself in a booth with her laptop and cell phone just itching for some drama to write about. But finds members from both side of the tracks even the Southside Serpents coexisting without any problems.

It wouldn’t be a Community Gathering Without a Performance from Josie and the Pussycats!

After Mayor McCoy refused to help in any way to help keep Pop’s open, it’s any wonder she let Josie even attend the benefit. Luckily she did. And despite Cheryl initially refusing the River Vixens support, their help was included in Betty’s demands. So as part of the benefit for Pop’s Josie and the Pussycats with Cheryl performed ‘Milkshake’ from the roof of Pop’s Diner. A truly fitting tune to keep a diner running that specializes in burgers, malts, and milkshakes.

Hiram’s Free and After a Fresh Start is Already Making Shady Deals and Keeping Secrets.

Now that Hiram’s back with his family, he keeps trying to convince Veronica he’s changed and just wants them to all just be a family again. But things just don’t add up and Veronica isn’t falling for his facade anymore. So he does his best to win her over. First, he has Hermoine lie and says she wrote the letter threatening her mom to get Veronica to make a statement on his behalf when he did write it. Hiram randomly hires a new doorman claiming Smithers decided to do some traveling. And after a heart to heart with Veronica, he promises Pop’s isn’t anything like the drive-in situation and he has no interest in buying Pop’s. Just another lie from Hiram Lodge. He shows up to Pop’s with Hermione by his side and as everyone works hard to keep their beloved diner open, Hiram reveals he did buy Pop’s Diner. Pop will stay on to run the place so everyone believes he still owns it. Selfless? Or just Hiram Lodge’s latest scheme? Guess we’ll find out soon enough.

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