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Mark Dishes on Playing Hiram Lodge on  Riverdale Season 2 & More! 

The handsome Mark Consuelos portrays Veronica Lodge’s father, Hiram, who spent the entire first season of the series in jail for his dishonorable business practices. Mark is featured in the latest edition of VULKAN magazine. In an interview, he dishes on his role as Hiram Lodge on Riverdale, as well as his other roles on shows such as Alpha House, Pitch, The Night Shift and more. Check out a sneak peek of their interview with him below.

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You’ll be joining Riverdale as Hiram Lodge who, up until this point, has been working through his prison sentence. Is it intimidating playing such a highly anticipated and important character that was talked about so much in Season 1 but never seen?

Intimidating, no.  Exciting, yes.  Although you didn’t see Hiram, he was very much present in season one.  I have never had a character teed up so perfectly for me.  I definitely like what they’ve given me so far, and I hope the fans will feel the same way.

Is Hiram feeling any remorse for what he’s done to himself and his family?

It depends.  I’m not sure that sociopaths feel remorse.

We’ve seen on Instagram that you’ve spent a lot of time working out with the cast. What has that been like, and what else have you done to prepare for this role?

I’ve worked out next to the cast.  We never worked out together, just took a picture … like a better before and after photo.  As far as preparation, the writing has been so good, along with the production design of my office and my wardrobe, it’s been a seamless transition.

Read the full interview with Mark at VULKAN and check out the gorgeous photos of him for the feature below.

RIVERDALE airs WEDNESDAYS at 8|7c. on The CW

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