KJ Apa Smolders for ESQUIRE Magazine

KJ Spills to Esquire on Riverdale, His Newfound Fame & More!

Riverdale’s handsome, KJ Apa, plays quintessential high school hero Archie Andrews on The CW’s hit series based on the Archies comics. The talented actor is featured in a new piece for ‘Esquire Magazine.’ In his interview, he dishes on what life is like filming Riverdale in Vancouver along with his roomies and daily routine, which almost always includes the gym. KJ also reveals his superhero dream role and more! Check out a sneak peek of his interview.

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…Apa himself is excited about the upped ante on the show’s sophomore season as he describes how the epic battle scene was filmed. “We were shooting with a phantom camera, so we had all the high-speed effects and rain towers,” he says, before expressing some slight disappointment that he couldn’t perform his own stunts. “Actor-on-actor [fighting] is not allowed—it always has to be with another stuntman,” he continues. “I broke my hand during one of the scenes in the first season, so they’re not so sure about me.” Yet the fight sequence, which begins with Archie delivering a slow-mo punch that would make Zack Snyder quiver, only solidified Apa’s previous desire to play a superhero. And there in the pouring rain, lit by parked cars, Archie gets knocked to the ground and kicked in the chest while one of his buddies gets stabbed in the leg. It’s closer to Batman v Superman than anything in the pop-art world of Archie. “Shooting that scene actually made me realize that I really, really love action,” he says.

Read the full interview with KJ at ESQUIRE and check out the amazing shots of him for the piece below.

RIVERDALE airs WEDNESDAYS at 8|7c. on The CW

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