Riverdale Recap: Top Moments “Death Proof”

The Hunt is on to find the Sugarman and the Serpents Take on the Ghoulies

On the latest episode of Riverdale, “Chapter Nineteen: Death Proof,” Mayor McCoy learns about Nick’s hotel room party with Jingle Jangle and is determined to clean up her town, starting with the Southside. She storms Southside high, which only deepens the divide between the North and Southside. With the escalating tension, the Serpents consider making a dangerous alliance with the Ghoulies, which Jughead is completely against. So he and Archie team up to find a way to stop this from happening. While Cheryl’s mom denies anything happened with Nick, she accepts hush money from the St. Clairs. But after a traumatic run-in at Pop’s, Cheryl finally confronts her mother about her lack of support for her. Meanwhile, Betty fills Veronica in on the Black Hood’s calls that had been causing a rift between the besties. Betty asks her for her help and the two team up to fulfill the Black Hood’s latest request, uncover the identity of infamous The Sugarman. This episode was certainly jammed packed with heart-pounding action. Here are the top moments from ‘Death Proof.”

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Cheryl’s Mom Doesn’t Believe What Nick Did to Her Own Daughter.

At the Lodge residence, Hiram, Hermione, and Penelope discuss what happened the night before and Cheryl and Veronica listen from Ronnie’s bedroom. My jaw dropped to the floor as Penelope questions what Cheryl must have done to instigate the situation. Her own mother doesn’t believe she was almost raped and acts like Cheryl did something to deserve what happened. And if that isn’t disgusting enough, poor Cheryl hears the entire thing. Cheryl puts on a brave face and acts like it’s not a big deal but you can see the hurt in her eyes. Her own mother doesn’t believe her. My heart breaks for her here. I could not even imagine.

Mayor McCoy Raids Southside High After Learning about the Hotel Party

Mama Cooper gets word of Nick St. Clair’s hotel Jingle Jangle party and decides to host a meeting with the party-goers and their parents. Alice uses the party and its events to further her witch hunt against the Serpents, Southside High and basically everything South Riverdale related. Mayor McCoy listens like any other concerned parent until she learns that Josie used Jingle Jangle despite her dad’s battle with addiction. She’s in disbelief and is now finally pushed to do something about the drugs infiltrating her town.

Mayor McCoy takes the police and drug-sniffing dogs and raids Southside High arresting Serpents and anyone with Jingle Jangle. Luckily, Archie is able to send Jughead a message and gets him out before he too is arrested. The same couldn’t be said for Toni and Sweet Pea, who were both taken into custody. Jug could only look through the door as his fellow Serpents were arrested. Kudos to Archie for being an awesome best bud. They’re not going to let a little thing like living on separate sides of a warring town get in the middle of their friendship.

Jughead Visits Daddy Serpent, FP, for Advice to Handle the Ghoulies

Jughead learns because of the impending pressure from the North the Southside Serpents are considering an alliance with their enemy, the Ghoulies. Jug tries to put a stop to this, but Tall Boy says he can’t. Since Jug just became a member and Tall Boy was FP’s right-hand man, he says the final decision as to what’s best for the Serpents falls to him. Jughead doesn’t think this is what his Dad would want. He has always about keeping the peace. Archie suggests they go visit FP and get his thoughts on the situation. FP is pissed about Jug joining the Serpents but warns the Ghoulies are one nasty crew and they need to avoid bloodshed at all costs. FP thinks it’s a territory thing. He suggests the Serpents challenge the Ghoulies to a souped-up street race but to keep it hush, hush because it’s illegal. So that’s exactly what Jug does.

B & V  Team Up to Find Sugarman.

Betty is still chatting with the Black Hood and asks her to find the identity of the Sugarman, the main supplier of Jingle Jangle. Knowing the Blossom’s checkered history with their maple syrup business, Betty asks Cheryl if she familiar with the mystery man. She’s no help claiming the Sugarman is just a cautionary confectionary tale her mom told her and her brother. So Betty heads to Pop’s Diner where she asks Sheriff Keller about the Sugarman but gets nowhere. She sees Veronica reading in a nearby booth and decides it’s time to tell her the whole story about her chats with the Black Hood. Everything from how she was forced to print her mom’s mugshot to the horrible things she said to Ronnie at Nick’s hotel party and even having Archie break up with Jughead for her. Practically, instantly Ronnie forgives Betty and offers to help Betty find out who the Sugarman is and come up with a plan.

At everyone’s ordered committee service, Ronnie gets the name of who Reggie got the JJ from. She sets up a buy and Reggie’s source turns out to be a Ghoulie. And as soon as Ronnie even mentions the Sugarman, he looks spooked and takes off running. Betty is nearby though and is able to see where he runs to. So both her and Ronnie bust into his hideaway and find Archie and Jughead inside with the Ghoulies. Surprise…

Bughead Come Face-to-Face Post Break-Up

Before the drag race between the Serpents and the Ghoulies, Betty and Jughead see each other for the first time since their break-up or Black Hood forced separation. Whatever you want to call it. But surprisingly, their interactions weren’t exactly awkward, but they weren’t entirely normal either. It’s very matter-of-fact, but it’s obvious they knew they had unfinished business. Both knew it wasn’t the time or place to get into the details of their relationship. The stakes of the race are just too high.

Betty makes the final adjustments to the car as Jughead watches from the front of the car. I loved Betty, a female, was the one working on the car and her whole hair up, red bandana, ‘Rosie the Riveter’ look isn’t lost on me either. Love it! Even as Betty and Jughead exit the garage she gives him a few tips for the race. Jug’s response is perfect, “You’re an enigma Coop.” She certainly is! Thankfully, after the race, Betty tells Juggie about her calls from the Black Hood and all is well in Bughead land.

The Race is on! Southside Serpents vs. Ghoulies.

After making the final adjustments on the cars, everyone gathers to watch a drag race between the Southside Serpents and the Ghoulies. The stakes are high. If the Serpents win, they remain independent and stop dealing at Southside High. And if the Ghoulies win; they get Whyte Wyrm and Sunnyside Trailer Park in addition to still being able to deal at Southside High. Go Serpents! Who would’ve ever thought we’d be rooting for them. Haha.

Archie rides along with Jughead and the race is neck and neck until they’re about the to reach the one lane bridge. Jug is sure they’ve got the edge to make it through but Archie isn’t. He pulls the emergency brake forcing them to spin sideways and the Ghoulies take the lead. Jughead is pissed thinking Archie threw the race. But after the Ghoulies cross the bridge, Sheriff Keller is waiting with his deputies to arrest them for illegal drag racing. Jug tells Archie he knows the Ghoulies are going to make them pay and not just the Serpents. Which sounds like some serious scary foreshadowing that I am quite nervous about especially after FP’s warning about them. Eek.

Cheryl Sees Nick at Pop’s Diner and Then Confronts her Mom about the Hush Money.

As Cheryl’s hanging around at Pop’s Diner, Nick walks in to pick up a to-go order. It’s inevitable he and Cheryl are going to see one another and a lump begins to swell in my throat just like Cheryl as she discovers she’s about to come face-to-face with her attacker. Cheryl’s body language shows she’s extremely uncomfortable with the situation. Hell, Nick did drug and attempt to rape her. He acts like it’s not a big deal and doesn’t even remember Cheryl’s name. He’s disgusting. After Cheryl confronts him about that night, Nick makes reference to hush money and smugly points out there’s really nothing she can do. Then with a smirk says it’s called hush money for a reason. Ugh, I wish she would’ve just slapped that grin right off his face.

Back home Cheryl finds a check from the St. Claire’s, hush money, hidden in her mom’s room and confronts her about it. She doesn’t understand why her mother backed her father after all the horrible things he did including her brother’s murder, but she won’t believe Cheryl. Especially about Nick sexually assaulting her. She just automatically assumed Cheryl did something to warrant his behavior and accepted the hush money before even talking to her about it. The emotional pain Cheryl’s experiencing it written all over her face. My heart breaks for her. Thankfully, Penelope recognizes the pain she’s putting her own daughter through. She throws the check into the fire as a sign that she’s on Cheryl’s side and tells her the Sugarman’s identity.

Veronica Tells Daddy about Nick’s Actions Which Leads to an Unfortunate Chain of Events

It didn’t sit quite right with Veronica her old pal Nick was able to leave Riverdale with absolutely no repercussions. Not only did Nick drug and attempt to rape Cheryl, he made unwanted advances towards her as well. Ronnie can’t let Nick keep getting away with this knowing he’s going to continue sexually assaulting girls. His parents obviously aren’t doing anything by turning a blind eye and paying off his accusers. So Ronnie resorts to the one thing or person she knows who will put a stop to Nick and tells her dad. She fills him in on Nick’s advances and lets him know it’s not the first time Nick’s acted like this. Hiram is livid and looks like he’s going to pop a blood vessel in his forehead. Then later, we learn the St. Clairs were in a bad car accident on their way back to New York and Nick’s been seriously injured. A little smirk comes across Ronnie’s face as she hears the news knowing full well her dad had everything to do with Nick’s condition.

The Sugarman is Revealed and Betty Turns the Tables on the Black Hood

As her and Veronica hang out at Pop’s, Betty’s phone rings and they assume it’s the Black Hood with a new set of threats and/or demands. But it’s Cheryl. She knows and is more than willing to reveal the identity. Yes, Ronnie “Cherry Bombshell for the win!” When the Black Hood does call Betty later, she informs him she knows who the Sugarman is, but it wouldn’t do him any good because she’s already reported him to the police. Then she adds a story about the Sugarman is being printed in Riverdale High’s newspaper. (A bold move like Alice would make.) The Black Hood is not happy. Betty stands up to him about his atrocities letting him know the Sugarman needed justice for his actions not to be executed for them. This angers him even more and he tells her she’s playing a dangerous game, but Betty lets him know it’s her game now and going to end with her catching him! Damn Betty! You go!

The next day at Southside High, Toni and Jughead see the police and Sheriff Keller coming down the hall, someone handcuffed behind them. It’s Mr. Phillips the English teacher. Jughead thinks it’s another raid and Toni reveals they caught the Sugarman. So did she know who the Sugarman was all along? WTH? And as the Sugarman lays in his jail cell, the Black Hood appears on the other side of the bars with a gun pointed at him. How did he even get into the jail, to begin with? The Black Hood has to have police connections or scarier yet, be someone in law enforcement. Oh, Betty. Girl, you better be very careful and get reinforcements to take down the Black Hood.

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