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Madelaine on Her Signature Look, Inspirations and More!

Riverdale’s red-headed beauty, Madelaine Petsch plays Cheryl Blossom, mean girl with a few unexpected soft spots, on The CW’s hit series based on Archie Comics. She looks stunning featured in Byrdie Beauty’s latest Beauty Test, where the most buzzed about beauty trends are tested on some of the freshest faces. During her shoot, Madelaine dishes on everything from being native South African to her signature red locks, boyfriend, Travis Mills,  and more. Check out a sneak peek of the interview below.

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BYRDIE: One of the first things I noticed when I walked into the studio last week was how striking your hair is and how beautifully it accents your features. What do you love to play up?


MP: I have always been into big brows even though I don’t have them naturally so I always fill them in. But for about four years now, my hair has probably become my absolute favorite feature. Growing up, I always felt like it made me different, but then once I got into the industry, everyone was just like ‘Oh my god, your hair!’ I slowly started to realize that it’s a blessing, and I really try to take care of it. I do masks about once a week, and I make sure to get cuts every couple of months.


BYRDIE: Switching gears a bit, you have a YouTube channel! What inspired that?


MP: I actually love this question. So last year when the show came out, I was not only perceived as a bitch on-camera but off camera as well. A lot of fans would comment on my Instagram photos saying things like: “She’s pretty, but I bet she’s a bitch,” or “I bet she’s really mean in person.” And after a while, it really started to hurt my feelings. I mean, wow—I’m an actress, and it’s my job to read what’s on the page.


BYRDIE: Who else in the industry inspires you? Either on a personal level or in terms of their approach to beauty?


MP: My number one role model is definitely Zendaya. She sets such a great example for how to conduct yourself as a celebrity. She’s so young and she’s so graceful and so poised and still so real. I’ve never even met her, but I follow her on social media and see the way she handles things and how she uses her platform for more than just posting pictures of herself. She really utilizes her platform to spread good and to spread words. I think that’s so incredibly important.

Read the full interview with Madelaine at Byrdie and check out the gorgeous shots of her for the piece below.

RIVERDALE airs WEDNESDAYS at 8|7c. on The CW

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