Asha Bromfield for Seventeen on Her H.S. Dreams

Asha on How Her High School Peers were Afraid of Her Dreams

Riverdale star, Asha Bromfield, portrays talented Josie and the Pussycats band member, Melody Valentine, on the hit CW series based on the famous Archie Comics. Asha wrote an article for Seventeen magazine on how her passion and loud ambitions in high school scared people and made them uncomfortable. Check out a sneak peek of her piece below.

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I wanted to write a piece for Seventeen.com that detailed exactly what I needed to hear when I was seventeen years old. My high school years created a burning passion within me to speak to young girls who have been made to feel unworthy of the dream that was put inside their heart, just like I was. I have a desire to speak to young women who believed the hate, and have dimmed their light just to make others feel better.

Read her full article at Seventeen.com and check out the cool shots of Asha for the piece below by Nathaliia Allen.

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