Riverdale Recap: Top Moments of “The Wicked and the Divine”

Veronica’s Family is in Town for Her Special Day and Bughead is on the Case of the Decapitated General Pickens Statue.

On this week’s episode of Riverdale, “The Wicked and the Divine,” centers around Veronica’s confirmation ceremony and celebration. She’s worried about her dear Archiekins as he began his apprenticeship with Hiram, who has his running around town like a madman. He ends up learning a bit too much about his secret business dealings and what he overhears a poker game forces, Archie, to choose between Hiram and the FBI. While Chic helps Betty deal with her inner darkness by teaching her all about how to webcam. In the meantime, the Southside Serpents are under fire after the General Pickens statue incident. Tensions increase within the group and an unwelcome familiar face returns which make matters even worse. So Jughead and Betty team up to find out who’s responsible for decapitated the General Pickens statue. A lot of went down in this week’s episode of Riverdale. Here are the top moments from “The Wicked and the Divine.”

Meet Hiram’s Errand Boy, Archie Andrews

Archie begins his apprenticeship for Hiram Lodge and he has him running around like Andy Sachs in The Devil Wears Prada. Hiram has Archie picking up his dry cleaning, running out for food, buying his shoes and the list just goes on. As soon as he returns to Pembrook, Hiram sends him out on an another. Archie’s putting hours both before and after school and really seems to be taking this whole ‘learn from Hiram’ experience very seriously. I have to wonder after avoiding Agent Adams’ call last week if Archie is actually trying to aid the FBI’s case against him or does he genuinely seek Hiram’s approval?

Dark Betty Makes Her Online Debut

It doesn’t take Betty long to tap into her inner darkness and begin her online webcam sessions. Dressed in the same black lingerie and short black bob wig as when she and Veronica confronted Chuck, Betty attempts to get in a little online therapy before school. Thank goodness she remembered to lock the door because Alice comes knocking and demands to know what’s going on in there. She’s incessant. Betty knows how she feels about locked doors. Before Alice can continue anymore, Betty’s able to throw on her robe and ditch the black wig and opens the door. Of course, Mama Cooper has questions and wants to know who Betty was talking to because she heard voices in Betty’s room. Betty quickly answers Jughead. Then she insists she needs to finish getting ready and shuts the door before her mom can get anything else out. Tsk. Tsk. Betty, I certainly hope you know what you’re in for and are careful.

The ‘Blue and Gold’ Has Consequences

Betty and Jughead are called to Principal Weatherbee’s office over backlash from publishing Jug’s article about the truth surrounding General Pickens Day. Turns out, Hiram Lodge’s lawyers are threatening to sue for defamation. Weatherbee has no choice other than to suspend both Jughead and Betty from the school newspaper effective immediately. Jug feels horrible and apologizes to Betty. Then he tells Betty that Sheriff Keller is trying to pin the decapitation of General Pickens statue on the Serpents. She asks if had anything to do with it, unsure what he’s capable of anymore especially since the only reason he wanted to publish that article was to avenge Toni’s grandfather.

The conversation transitions and Betty asks about Toni and his relationship. He says they’re pals but she says they certainly looked more than pals the morning she saw the having breakfast at Pop’s. Then Jughead confesses the night she sent Archie to break up with him Toni stayed over and they did some stuff but didn’t do everything. Ironically, when Jug asks Betty if she’s done with anyone else since their breakup, she lies and says that she has not. Why Betty? You had an opportunity to tell him about your kiss with Archie. It’s going to be worse when Jug does find out about it and discovers she lied.

Sunnyside Trailer Park Gets A Lot of Eviction Notices

Jughead returns home to find Sheriff Keller putting an eviction notice on the door of he and his dad’s trailer. Sheriff explains that pretty much the entire trailer park has to vacate. Jughead is pissed. Instantly, he assumes it has to do with the decapitation of the General Pickens statue insisting the Serpents had nothing to do with it. If he is using the statue as grounds for the evictions, it’s pretty ridiculous. Keller explains the order came from Mayor McCoy’s office apparently there is a lot of back rent owed at the trailer park. Everyone has 14 days to vacate the premises and Sheriff suspects as they’re packing someone might find the General Pickens decapitated head.

After hearing about the eviction notices, FP gathers the Serpents at the Whyte Wyrm and he’s livid. The Serpents aren’t going anywhere. Then he asks if anyone is responsible for beheading the General Pickens statue because the heat has really been on the Serpents ever since. Tall Boy suggests Jughead had something to do with it. He did add to the tension between North and South Riverdale by writing that article and things were made even worse by he and his posse’s protest at Pickens Day. Jug fires back at Tall Boy, but FP steps in making sure things don’t get too out of hand. He says they need to stay united especially with so much heat on the Serpents. FP is such a great leader. Sometimes he can be a little to hard on Jug, but I think it’s so he doesn’t make the same mistakes he has.

Bughead Work the Case

Jughead asks Betty to meet him at Pop’s, where he tells her about the eviction notices and all the heat on the Serpents right now. Betty suggests if it’s the decapitated statue is the root of the problem then they need to find General Pickens’ head. Betty offers her help and thinks they need to treat it like a missing person case. They’ll make rewards flyers because someone, somewhere has to have seen something. If they find the head, they’ll save Sunnyside trailer park.

It’s not until Veronica’s confirmation after party, that Betty gets a call about the flyers they put out looking for the General Pickens statue’s missing head. So they leave the party early to follow their lead to the junkyard. They meet up with Junkyard Steve, who found the bronze head inside an old refrigerator. It’s General Pickens’ head. When Jughead and Betty ask if anyone or thing unusual happened recently, he thought it was odd a stranger came in search of bike parts but didn’t buy anything. Junkyard Steve describes the man as a tall, low-life type who was wearing a Serpents jacket. Immediately, Jug concludes it was Tall Boy who decapitated the General Pickens statue. Wow. It’s been super obvious Tall Boy doesn’t like Jughead because he’s been a pain in the ass ever since Jug joined the Southside Serpents, but to betray a fellow brother? Dick move!

The Snake Charmer Has Returned

Jughead walks into the Whyte Wyrm with reward flyers and quickly learns Penny’s back. Turns out, Tall Boy brought her back for legal assistance to fight the eviction notices at the trailer park, where many of the Serpent members live. Penny is beyond pissed and as everyone gathers around to tell that Jughead cut out a chunk of her arm to remove her Serpents tattoo and then left her in Glendale bleeding in a ditch. FP cannot believe his ears. Penny believes there are ways around the evictions, but will only help the Serpents if she’s reinstated as a Serpent and Jughead is kicked out. She also wants to do the same to him as he did to her, cut out his Serpents tattoo with a bloody knife. Jughead goes to his trailer for the decision on his punishment.

When FP gets back to the trailer, he’s furious with Jug. He explains the Serpents are putting it to a vote, Jughead vs. Penny. FP can’t believe he’d mutilate someone claiming that’s not something you come back from. Jug has a smart remark about his dad helping Clifford Blossom hide Jason’s body. FP puts Jug up against the wall. When is he ever going to learn to keep his mouth shut? They’re losing their homes because of his article and the beheaded statue. And he finds out he’s cutting women as well. FP insists he’s going to be the death of the Serpents. That’s kind of harsh. Hurting women is totally not okay, but the rest? Ouch, FP.

Hiram Hosts a Mobster-eque Poker Game at Pop’s

Hiram asks Archie to work the annual poker game between him a few business associates being held at Pop’s. Of course, Archie, who cannot seem to say no to Hiram, agrees. Whether it’s after business hours or Pop’s closed for the game, the restaurant is empty other than Hiram, his friends, Archie and of course, Pop Tate. While serving drinks and attending to requests, Hiram introduces him to his guests, who seem more like mobsters. One of the men, referred to as Poppa Poutine, asks Archie his name and instantly recognizes his last name. He recalls Hermione has a friend with the same last name. Hiram corrects him explaining Fred Andrews is one of his business associates. Poppa Poutine then smugly asks whose idea it was to bring him on, but Pop Tate arrives with their orders before Hiram has a chance to answer. The tension increases even more between Hiram and Poppa Poutine when Poppa isn’t satisfied with his food. Naturally, Hiram sees this as an insult being the owner of Pop’s, which he makes known and insists he apologizes to Pop Tate. Poppa Poutine refuses and decides to step out for some fresh air instead.

As Poppa Poutine and another one of Hiram’s guests, Lenny, are outside Archie overhears their conversation while he’s attempting to unclog a toilet in the bathroom. Rather than fresh air the two are plotting to take out Hiram after Veronica’s confirmation. Archie cannot believe his ears. Yeah, the Lodges are definitely in some sort of mob-like business for sure! Furthermore, why does it matter to Poppa Poutine and the rest of Hiram’s poker buddies how things are going with the SoDale project? Could he be planning on filling the void the end of Clifford Blossom’s business left off?


Veronica’s Special Day

All of Veronica’s friends and family gather for her confirmation. She walks down the aisle in her beautiful white dress as she and Josie sing “Bittersweet Symphony.” A rather somber song for Veronica to choose for her confirmation, which is usually seen as a happy time. But maybe to Veronica, her confirmation, a symbol growing up, means she becomes more active in her family business. Ironically, the questions she’s asked by Monsignor Murphy; “Do you, Veronica Cecilia Lodge, renounce Satan and all evil works? And do you walk in the light of the Lord?” seemingly go against her family business. While we don’t know what exactly Lodge Industries’ business is, on the surface, it appears not entirely legal. Hiram did spend time in jail after all and is currently being investigated by the FBI. Veronica cannot even answer looking at her parents. It’s not until she sees Archie’s face she’s able to answer yes.

After the ceremony, everyone gathered at the Pembrooke for the post-confirmation party. There, Hiram and Hermione are congratulated on the beautiful ceremony by Mayor McCoy. She also tells them the sale went through and they now own what used to be Southside High. Archie is introduced to Veronica’s Abuelita, who cannot get over his handsomeness. Archie and Veronica then share a slow dance where she confesses he’s her beacon in the night. If he wasn’t there she doesn’t know what she would’ve done. Hiram interrupts to dance with his daughter. She tells him she’s decided she doesn’t want Archie brought into their family life officially.  Awe. How sweet? Ronnie’s trying to protect her man. We seriously need to find out what kind of business the Lodges are actually in.

Has Archie Gone Team Hiram?

Archie approaches Hiram to tell him what he heard the night of the poker game. Hiram has Archie follow him up to his study. There, Archie explains how he overheard Poppa Poutine say it was time to make a move against Hiram. He’s become sloppy and it’s time to take him out, but they’d wait until after Veronica’s confirmation to do so. Hiram thanks Archie for the information and insists he go back downstairs to be with Veronica. After Archie leaves Hiram makes a phone call.

A Serpent Set Up

Furious after their visit to the junkyard, Jughead storms into the Whyte Wyrm with the General Pickens head. Betty and FP not far behind. The Serpents are in the middle of deciding Jug’s fate within the Serpents, but FP orders them to stop. They sit Tall Boy down to ask why he was at the junkyard and of course, he acts like he’s got no clue what they’re talking about. Scumbag. After a bit, Tall Boy finally confesses. He did decapitate the General Pickens statue and stash the head at the junkyard. He claims the Serpents have gone soft under FP’s rule and Hiram coming around wanting to stir up trouble was the perfect opportunity. If Tall Boy took the head, Hiram promised he’d point Mayor McCoy as well as the cops to the Serpents. All the chaos would start a mutiny and he’d be able to get rid of both Jughead and FP. Tall Boy wants the Serpents to be under new leadership, Penny. Sighs. Tall Boy broke Serpent law and betrayed one of his own by doing this deed for Hiram. The only choice for such action is to be stripped of his jacket and exiled from the Serpents. But I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Tall Boy though.

Sweet Varchie

After chatting with Hiram, Archie meets up with Veronica back at her confirmation party. She pulls him aside to ask what her father wanted, but Archie plays it cool and says they were just going over the details of his internship. This comes as a surprise to Ronnie since she told her father she didn’t want Archie to be part of the family business. She tells Archie she loves him, but they cannot continue to date if he doesn’t know the truth about her family. He just keeps getting more involved in the Lodge family business despite her wanting to protect him. Finally, she confesses her father is a mobster and SoDale is just the beginning of what Hiram is planning to do in Riverdale. Ronnie tries to explain his plans, but Archie doesn’t seem to care. He stops her saying he doesn’t need to know the details of Hiram’s plan. What he does know is he loves Veronica. There’s nothing she could ever do or say to change that. Or scare him off. Or make him regret being with her. Ronnie didn’t expect to hear this and she happily gives him a kiss. They’re so cute together. Archie and Veronica balance each other out. He’s the light to her darkness and vice versa. Awe.

If the Trailer’s A Rockin’ Don’t Come A Knockin’

Betty goes back to the trailer with Jug after the Whyte Wyrm and they sit on the couch racking their brains over what Hiram could have planned for the Southside. Perhaps, Veronica knows something. Betty suggests they could ask her. But Jughead thinks they should just investigate quietly for now. Besides, they still need to save the trailer park and he’s on probation from the Serpents because of what he did to Penny. But at least they got rid of Tall Boy and prevented Penny from returning to the Serpents. Betty really likes hearing Jug talk about them working together again. Jug apologizes for hurting Betty. He explains how he felt like he had to protect her from what he was going through with the Serpents. He knows she would’ve been able to handle it and he really is sorry.

Then as Betty gets ready to go home, Jughead asks her to stay and places his hand on her leg. She gets on top of him and the pair start making out. Jug starts undressing Betty, but she stops him because she needs to tell him something. She looks Jughead in the eyes and tells him she wants all of him. The pair picks up right where they left off and then proceed to have sex. OMG! Bughead is back on! Finally. She still should’ve told Jug about her kiss with Archie when she had the chance.

It’s Not a Good Idea to Lie to the FBI

Archie returns home and meets up with Agent Adams in his garage. He informs Archie that Poppa Poutine was found dead in his hotel room, shot in the back of the head, less than an hour ago. Since both Archie and Poppa Poutine were guests at Veronica’s confirmation, Agent Adams asks Archie if he heard or saw anything connecting Hiram Lodge to what so clearly appears to be a mob-style hit. Archie claims he knew nothing about it despite warning Hiram of Poppa Poutine’s plan that he overheard at the poker game to take action against Hiram. Why Archie? Lying to the FBI is never a good idea. Even if your hot girlfriend’s dad is a mobster and you want nothing more than his approval. I suppose Archie is officially team Hiram. He better watch his back or the FBI might set their sights on him. Or perhaps on his dad or Ronnie to get back at Archie.

One Last Special Delivery

Veronica gets one last gift after the party. She sets down a huge neatly wrapped box to open it. Inside, she discovers the head of the General Pickens statue. Veronica then realizes this gift isn’t actually for her, it’s for her parents. So she calls them over to handle the bronze head in a box. Clearly, the Serpents must have sent the head to the Lodges to let them know they’ve figured them out.

Alice Cleaning Up Blood

There’s a knock at the door while Alice and Chic eat dinner. Alice goes to answer it and there’s a gangly man with bleached hair, who looks rather creepy asking for Chic. Alice has no clue who he is, but clearly, Chic knows him or has at least seen him before judging by the expression on his face. Without a second thought, I assume he must be one of Chic’s clients. It’s not until Betty returns from Jug’s until it’s obvious the man’s visit wasn’t friendly. Betty follows a trail of blood into the kitchen. There she sees a lamp with blood on it toppled over and her mom frantically cleaning up blood. It appears as if the blood was coming from the man’s head, who lays lifeless on the kitchen floor. Alice asks desperately if Betty locked the door, but Betty freezes in disbelief.

What we all want to know is what really happened that night in the Cooper house. Did Chic break his own rules and let one of his clients know where he lives? Or did Chic do something to the guy so he came for revenge? But did he actually mean to kill him? Or perhaps Alice accidentally did it? We need answers ASAP and hopefully, we’ll get some next episode!

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