Riverdale Recap: Top Moments of “The Tell-Tale Heart”

Bughead Goes from Solving Murders to Covering Them Up & Archie Uncovers a Huge Secret about the Lodges.

Riverdale episode,  “Chapter Twenty-Six: The Tell-Tale Heart,” centers around the Cooper women covering up the murder of the rather odd man, who came to visit Chic. Alice and Betty scramble to erase any and all evidence of the traumatizing event. Fearing the worst, Betty turns to Jughead for help. Meanwhile, Veronica sets up a face-to-face meeting with FP, Jughead, and Hiram in hopes to ease tensions between North and South Riverdale before things get out of control. Elsewhere, Agent Adams puts Archie in a really tough spot taking things too far.  He’s forced into making a difficult decision that could result in catastrophic consequences and uncovers a huge secret about the Lodges. So much went down in this week’s episode. Here are the top moments from “The Tell-Tale Heart.”

Operation Cooper Clean & Cover Up

Picking up exactly where we left off in the last episode, Betty asks her mom what happened and Alice explains the man attempted to hurt her, so Chic hit the man over the head with the lamp killing him. Betty thinks it’d be best to call the police, but Alice advises her not to claiming Chic, who is notably upset sitting in the corner.  would be taken from her.  Betty doesn’t fully understand her mother’s reasoning because if it was simply self-defense her and Chic should be fine. Despite not wanting Betty to get involved a call from Hal, who’s on his way over, changes Alice’s mind and she allows her to help. They put on dish gloves, grab the bleach and scrub and scrub and scrub.

Now they need to dispose of the body. As Betty and Alice travel on an old dirt trail into the woods and the entire trip Betty;’s in a panic. She believes someone somewhere is going to wonder where he is. I’d totally be freaking out too Betty. People don’t usually disappear into thin air. Finally, Betty and Alice reach where Alice used to play as a little girl. There, wrapped in the living room carpet, they dump the man’s body in the sewer pipes that were shut down decades ago.  Alice and Betty then return home and make sure everything is thoroughly cleaned as if nothing ever happened. I don’t understand how Alice stays so calm throughout the entire thing. She’s so neurotic and never straying from the norm. We definitely beginning to see more sides of Alice Cooper.

Betty Anxiety Gets the Best of Her

The next morning at the Coopers, Alice, and Chic go on with life as if nothing ever happened, a man wasn’t killed in the kitchen. Betty joins them for breakfast. Betty’s so on edge that she drops her bowl of cereal on the floor when there’s a knock at the door. It’s Jughead, who came to walk her to school. They discuss the night before in his trailer because he didn’t understand why she hung up on him. Betty reassures him everything was great, she just got caught up in the drama at her house.

Later in school lounge, Betty becomes physically ill and is forced to run into the bathroom when Kevin comes in announcing a dead body was found. But Betty doesn’t get the rest of the details indicating it was Poppa Poutine that was found. So after school, Betty returns to the abandoned sewer pipes to make sure the body’s just as they left it. The man didn’t have a wallet, but he certainly had a cell phone. It rang right when Betty was there. So she uncovers the body without gloves mind you and grabs it. There are nearly fifty missed calls. She covers the body back up and heads home with the phone. When Betty gets home, she heads to her room to look through the guy’s phone for clues who he is or might come looking for him. Betty copies his text messages into a notebook, Betty learns the man was a drug dealer. She keeps having flashbacks of cleaning up the bloody mess. Poor thing, cannot catch a break.

A Little Push from Agent Adams

Archie can only avoid FBI Agent Adams for so long. He meets with him in his garage to discuss the death of Poppa Poutine. Agent Adams grills Archie if he knows anything about it. Archie knows they were friends but didn’t sense any hostility between them. Agent Adams says Hiram would have most likely sent his Capo, a person who does the boss’ dirty work. He asks if Archie can think of anyone in Hiram’s life like that. Archie claims he cannot. Archie and Agent Adams meet again later in the park, where Archie’s  given an envelope full of money. When asked what for, Agent Adams tells Archie it’s compensation for him working with the FBI in hopes Archie will ask Hiram about Poppa Poutine’s death. Umm, since when does the FBI pay their informants?

Archie heads to Pembrooke for a meeting with Hiram. They talk about Poppa Poutine’s death. Hiram’s gutted over it. Then he proceeds to list the various reasons someone would want Poppa Poutine dead and it was only a matter of time before he turned up dead. Archie explains how upset Veronica is over the entire thing since it happened on her confirmation day. Especially if Hiram had anything to do with the death and asks him if he could give her some peace of mind. I still cannot believe Hiram has the audacity to look Veronica straight in the eye and lie. We don’t officially know if he did, but who was the phone call to after Archie warned Hiram that Poppa Poutine was planning on coming after him.

Veronica  Attempts to Mediate a Truce

Hiram and Hermione interpret the General Picken’s statue head being sent to them as a declaration of war from the Southside. Veronica suggests they attempt to negotiate a settlement between the two and offers her mediation skills. Sure she can the Serpents to the table, Veronica says all Hiram has to do is play nice. At school, the tension between Veronica and Jughead continues to mount. He even accuses her of trying to manage him. Veronica sees an opportunity to suggest that both their fathers meet to settle their differences face-to-face hoping to end the impending war between North and South Riverdale. Jughead agrees to it on the condition that Hiram must come to Sunnyside Trailer Park. He wants him to see the people he’s uprooting. Veronica agrees to his terms and assures him no one will be going anywhere.

So Hiram and Veronica go to meet with Jughead and FP at Sunnyside Trailer Park in hopes of bartering a truce between North and Southside Riverdale. Hiram tries to convince FP and Jughead the whole thing with the General Pickens statue was just a misunderstanding. They aren’t buying it because Tall Boy told them Hiram paid him to do as a reason to come after the Serpents and a lot of people are scared of losing their homes. Even though he heard about Hiram supposedly had nothing to do with it, he offers to settle the back rent as a gesture of the girl to the Southside. Hiram wants peace. What Hiram is really doing is bribing Jughead so he won’t be mention in Jughead’s next article. Thankfully, FP and Jug see straight through Hiram and turn down the deal. Something Hiram is probably not used to happening.

Oopsie, Someone Forgot About His Car

Alone in a booth at Pop’s Betty goes through the dead man’s phone calling some of his contacts saying she found the phone in a parking lot, but each person hangs up on her. What the hell Betty? You can’t just leave it alone. Then his phone rings and of course, she answers. It’s some girl accusing him of cheating and she never wants to hear from him again. He’s dead to her. Little does he know he’s dead to everyone.

After leaving Pop’s, Betty can’t take it anymore and calls Jug and he meets her outside her house. Sitting on the front steps, Betty tells him everything that happened from the moment she got home to her and her mom disposing of the body in the old abandoned sewer pipes. How can Alice and Chic act like nothing happened and she’s spiraling? But as they’re talking a parking enforces asks them if they know who’s car is parked across from her house. It belongs to the dead man, but Jug lies and claims it as his. The parking enforcer says he has five minutes to move the car because the street’s being cleaned. So after the parking person drives off, Jug and Betty hot-wire the car and drive into the woods, where they push it into Sweetwater River. Betty takes the man’s cell phone and throws into the water as well. Jug is such a good boyfriend. Without hesitation, he helps cover up a murder Betty didn’t even commit it, but because it’s her family and they’re important to her.

Agent Adams Crosses the Line

When Archie comes home, he’s surprised to see Agent Adams sitting at the dining room table talking to his dad. He goes to his room and nervously waits for Adams and his dad to finish their meeting. When they do, Archie learns the FBI is helping find undocumented workers from Canada. They think Fred has hired illegal workers and paid them under the table, which he has done. The FBI wants his business files for the past seven years. Damn Adams is ruthless.

Archie meets Adams outside and he’s pissed his dad was brought into this. He promised Archie that Fred would be safe. Turns out Adams did some research and Archie has been giving him false information. Poppa Poutine didn’t have any debt to Lenny. This leads him to believe Archie’s protecting Hiram Lodge. Archie needs to get him access to Hiram to redeem himself. He can do that by planting a bug in his study in hopes Hiram will say something incriminating. Archie takes the bug, but before he goes tells Adams he believes he’ll do anything to get Hiram even if that means destroying him and his dad.

Cheryl Disapproves

Cheryl warns her mother about being a homewrecker by seeing Hal Cooper.  She believes the reason Betty was physically ill at school was due to her father’s infidelity. She pleads with Penelope to stop destroying families, but she claims Hal is different. He’s not a client and what she has with him is real even though he’s married. Penelope adds that Alice Cooper is far from a victim at least as far as she’s concerned and she advises Cheryl to mind her own business. Wow. Color me intrigued. Wonder what happened between Penelope and Alice to cause such bad blood…

Since talking to her mom didn’t seem to work, she waits in the dark to catch Hal leaving after being with her mother. As he goes toward the door,  Cheryl questions him being back to see Penelope so soon. Then she proceeds to tell Hal her mother is a harlot and his actions could destroy his family. Cheryl would hate to see that happen again for Betty’s sake. So she isn’t going to tell her, but he better get back home to his family before she changes her mind. Are Cheryl intentions for her mom to stop seeing Hal because she genuinely cares about Betty? Or could she be protecting Penelope from being hurt because she sees her mom does have feelings for Hal? Let’s face it, Cheryl could just be acting out towards her mom. We all know how she feels about her mommy dearest and her chosen profession.

Ronnie Isn’t Totally Team Lodge and Warns Mayor McCoy

Veronica comes home to her parents and Mayor McCoy arguing in her father’s study. Of course, she eavesdrops. Duh! Veronica overhears Sierra saying she was very close to telling Jughead everything when he confronted her earlier. And once he exposes them, it would be far worse for the Lodges than for her. After Sierra leaves Veronica questions her parents about what happened. They explain with Jughead’s latest article focusing on them, their plan needs to accelerate and she make an announcement regarding the plans for Southside High. Sierra disagreed and wanted to wait until time for her re-election as promised. Hiram and Hermione decide they need to get Mayor McCoy out of office and believe the way to do so is by a scandal. So the plan to expose her relationship with Sheriff Keller. That seemed scandalous enough.

Veronica doesn’t like her parents’ plan and decides to pay Mayor McCoy a visit. She tells her about their plan to expose her affair with Sheriff Keller to discredit her and get her out of office. Always a warrior of girl power, Veronica suggests Mayor McCoy take back control and save herself. Sierra does just that. The next day, with Josie by her side, Sierra announces her resignation as mayor claiming it has taken a toll on her and she’d like to spend more time with family and resume her legal career. Better watch out Hiram and Hermione, who were completely miffed by the announcement. I totally loved Ronnie’s sly smirk stand behind her parents while they watched Sierra’s resignation.

Betty’s Had Enough of Hal’s Bullying

Hal unexpectedly returns home during the day when neither Betty or Alice home, only Chic. He tries to tell Chic no one else is home., but Hal just bulldozes his way into the house making sure Chic knows it is his house after all. Chic texts Betty to let her know about Hal’s unplanned visit. When she gets home, Chic is pacing back and forth in the dining room while Hal accuses him of everything from stealing his grandfather’s watch to running some mysterious scheme. When Hal sees Betty he claims he’s changed his mind and wants to move back. He wants answers from Chic, who can’t even look at Hal. Then Hal starts questioning everyone’s odd behavior lately. The house reeks of bleach. The dining room rug and lamp are missing. Something must be going on and Chic is why. Betty’s heard enough. She insists her father get away from Chic and leave the house immediately or she’s calling her mother and telling her about him and Penelope Blossom. Hal leaves afraid Betty will follow through with her threats. He seemed pretty surprised that Betty knew about him and Penelope. Chic thanks Betty and asks what they should do if and when Hal comes back or called the police. Chic seriously looked as if he was about to snap on Hal.  He had clenched fists and it seemed to take everything in him not to snap. Who could blame him? Hal has been a dick to him from day one.

Time to Ask for Help

Betty tells her mother about Hal stopping by unannounced with a lot of questions. She believes they’re way in over their heads given the trouble they’re having keeping Hal at bay. The man’s car was parked across from their house for two days without any of them noticing.  Betty assures Alice her and Jughead got rid of it along with the shady man’s cell phone. But she can’t stop thinking about how many loose ends that they haven’t even thought about. They need help. Betty suggests they go to FP.  Alice agrees and she and Betty go to Sunnyside Trailer Park. Ironically, FP is already aware of their situation as Jughead just explained it all to him. And FP is willing to help them because he doesn’t want them to make the same mistakes he did with Jason Blossom.

While FP takes care of the body by burying it covered in sodium hydroxide, Betty, Jughead, and Alice wait anxiously at Pop’s. FP finally returns and they can’t believe how awful he smells, so he lets them know what he had to do. He claims within a week there’ll be nothing left of the body from the sodium hydroxide. After hearing what FP had to do, Alice thanks him for helping. And she apologizes for letting Betty get involved because then she pulled Jughead into the mix too. FP places his hand on Alice’s and reminds her they always take care of their own. Oh, my Falice heart! I am for Alice and FP getting together. Who cares about Hal. Now with presumably no more loose ends, they all agree the circle ends with them.  Too bad Alice and Betty live with a ticking time bomb and there’s no telling who what will set Chic off.

Archie’s Rewarded for His Loyalty

After contemplating his next move, Archie decides to go to Pembrooke to tell Hiram about Agent Adams. Despite Agent Adams approaching him weeks ago, Archie promises he didn’t tell him anything. Archie also reveals that Adams wants him to put a bug in Hiram’s study, but Archie smashes it with a hammer instead. Archie explains how the agent is threatening his father now because has yet to give them any information and he’s afraid he’s not going to stop. Archie is telling him all this because he likes him and loves Veronica. He’s hoping Hiram will him and his father out of this mess and Hiram agrees to deal with Agent Adams. Hiram assures Archie did the right thing by coming to him. He just needs a day to make some calls and he’ll get back to Archie.

A black town car came for Archie to take him to meet the boss and just like everyone else, he assumed he was being taken to meet with Hiram. The car goes down a dirt road through the woods and for a split second I thought Archie was being driven to his death or an attempt on his life. And if you’re honest with yourself, I am sure you all thought the same at least for a split second. Especially when the driver pulls up alongside a cliff with a deadly drop into the ocean. A shock to Archie and us, the person awaiting his arrival was not Hiram at all. It’s HERMIONE! She’s the boss! She asks him if knows what “Omertà” means.  It’s their family’s code of silence and nothing is worse than snitching. Hermione confesses she and Hiram tested Archie. Agent Adams isn’t a real FBI agent, but rather one of Hermione’s Capos. He was instructed to put a lot of pressure on Archie, which included threatening Fred to see if he’d crack. But he never did. Archie passed their test. Then Hermione welcomes him to the family. I see some disagreements in Varchieland coming because Ronnie doesn’t always blindly go along with her parent’s plans. For heaven’s sake, she warned Mayor McCoy. Oh, Archiekins what have you gotten yourself into?

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Steph Flasher