Lili Reinhart Sizzles for FLAUNT Magazine

Lili Stuns in Her New Feature for FLAUNT!

Riverdale’s Lili Reinhart portrays good girl next door with a dark side, Betty Cooper, on the CW’s hit series. Lili is featured in a new piece for FLAUNT magazine. In an interview, she dishes on portraying the quintessential ‘girl next door,’ as well as Betty and Veronica’s friendship. Lili also shares her thoughts on the Archie characters having superpowers in the comic books and much more. Check out a sneak peek of her interview.

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“I think it’s kind of amazing that ‘Archie vs. Predator’ exists!” she exclaims. “And it’s amazing that there are worlds where the Archie characters have superpowers, and worlds where Betty and Veronica have a wedding! There’s all these different realms, and I think it’s pretty incredible that Archie is such a cultural icon that it has made its way into other comic worlds.”


“I guess I really didn’t know the depth of this girl. The beautiful thing about playing a character on television is that it’s ever-evolving,” Reinhart says. “We’ve seen a lot of the edge that Betty has this past season—the sexuality within her. That is a beautiful thing to watch, and I think it’s kind of mesmerizing to see her discover the woman within herself.”


“They’re just two girls who genuinely care for each other. It’s kind of ridiculous that it’s so uncommon to see that because, like, this is a common thing. Powerful female friendships are not unusual. I have a couple of really close girl friends and there’s no drama—its just support and love, and so the fact that people were so like, ‘Oh my god, these girls are friends and they care about each other, on television?’ Like, yes. It happens in real life, believe it or not.”

Read the full interview with Madelaine at Flaunt and check out the gorgeous shots of her for the piece below as well as her piece for Flaunt Film.

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Photos: Clay Stephen Gardner

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