Riverdale Recap: Top Moments of “There Will Be Blood”

The Lodges’ Grand Plans are Finally Revealed and So is Where Archie’s Loyalties Lie.

Heads are probably still rolling after Riverdale’s “There Will Be Blood.” The episode centers around the Lodges convincing Fred Andrews to run for mayor and the reading of Clifford Blossom’s will. Archie is skeptical about the Lodges backing his dad running for mayor of Riverdale and is afraid he’ll become their latest pawn. As Archie questions their motives, Veronica pressures him to influence his dad, which causes some friction between the two. While Jughead continues to look for the information needed to take down Hiram, he makes a major discovery. In the meantime, Betty asks for Kevin’s help to figure out what Chic’s hiding as she becomes even more suspicious of his behavior. And Cheryl and Penelope learn that Clifford left a secret will only to be read at a public reading, which is full of surprises. Woah, a lot of stuff went down in this week’s episode, so here are the top moments of “There Will Be Blood.”

Fred Andrews for Mayor….

The Lodges invite Archie and Fred over for dinner at the Pembrooke. Over dinner Fred and Hermione share stories of their time at Riverdale High and the mischief they got into, which even included Alice, who supposedly stole the school van. Things turned all business after dinner when Fred is invited into Hiram’s sacred study by him and Hermione. As they’re in Hiram’s study, Veronica reveals to Archie there’s a special election coming up and her parents think his dad would be the perfect candidate. Politics and business do go hand and hand according to Veronica.

On the ride home, Archie asks his dad his feelings about running for mayor. Fred reveals becoming mayor of Riverdale is something he’s actually dreamed of since he was a kid. He’s hopeful that maybe he could be the one to help turn things around in their town that’s been through so much lately. Surely, Fred must have assumed there’d be strings attached to the Lodges encouraging him to run for mayor. Perhaps, his childhood dream blinded Fred to the risks that come along with getting in bed with the Lodges, so to speak.

Catfish with a Riverdale Twist.

As Chic’s behavior becomes even more and more creep, if that’s possible, Betty, becomes increasingly suspicious of  his ‘end game.’ In an effort to learn more about her long-lost brother, Betty convinces Kevin to assist her investigation because anytime she asks Chic personal questions he gets defensive or breaks down. While Kevin is reluctant at first, he agrees to help Betty catfish Chic in hopes to get him to open up a little. Kevin and Chic video chat as Betty listens and prompts questions from out of view. On their third chat, Kevin urges Chic to tell him more about himself and after some hesitation, Chic decides to open to Kevin.

After some time to regroup, Betty and Kevin attempt round two of video chatting with Chic to learn more about him. Like before, Betty will tell Kevin what to say, but this time is a lot more straightforward. She has Kevin reveal that he’d just been tested for the first time and thankfully everything’s come back negative. Kevin asks if Chic’s gets tested and he says he used to every week. Chic had a really big scare once but prefers not to talk about it. He was with a much rougher crew then. He suspects Kevin isn’t the only person in the room during their chat session and starts to question Kevin, who immediately slams the laptop shut. Kevin is out. He will no longer help Betty catfish Chic. I mean the whole idea is pretty ballsy of Betty. She does sleep under the same roof as Chic and if he ever figured out it was her, there’d be hell to pay.

A Surprise from Daddy Dearest.

At Thistlehouse, Cheryl overhears her mother in the living room speaking to some strange man. I’m sure she assumed he was Penelope’s latest client at first. Upon further eavesdropping, Cheryl discovers it’s her family’s estate attorney.  Turns out, her father, Clifford, had a secret will, which doesn’t seem to surprise Cheryl at all. According to the estate attorney, the existence of this secret will was only to be revealed until after the authorities’ investigation of his death and drug dealings was finished. And per Clifford’s request, all the information regarding the will including the beneficiaries’ names be withheld until a public will-reading.

The day of the will-reading, Cheryl invites her new friend,  Toni, over to Thistlehouse. They’re deciding on what to wear to the will-reading. Cheryl insists Toni wear one of her favorite blouses, which of course Toni is reluctant. That is until she actually sees it and ends up loving it. But much like Penelope did years before with Heather,  she barges in without even knocking and demands to know what is going on. Cheryl introduces her mom to Toni and reveals that she’s here for emotional support. Surprisingly, Penelope doesn’t disapprove. She just insists Cheryl get downstairs before guests arrive, so they look like a united front, which is the farthest from the truth.

Cooper Family Meeting.

Hal returns home and calls a family meeting at the Cooper house. He announces to Alice that he wants a divorce. Immediately she questions if he’s still seeing Penelope Blossom, which he is not. His request for a divorce for has nothing to do with her. Hal claims he’s worshipped her for years. Doubtful,. Alice siding with Chic, a stranger, rather than him is a betrayal he cannot get past. And Betty even sided with Chic as well. Betty tries to convince her father she’s on his side and also wants Choc out of their house. However, Alice doesn’t seem too concerned with Hal’s request for a divorce, Instead, she’s more concerned about Hal selling the Register to Hiram Lodge. He reveals Hiram offered him a great price, which he’d be more than happy to give her half if she grants him a divorce. If Alice does give Hal a divorce, I have no doubt he’d run right back to Penelope. BUT the question is would she want him? She seems to have a little something, something with her brother-in-law, Claudius or is he even still Penelope’s brother-in-law since Clifford’s dead.

Archie Gives Jughead a Possible Lead.

Jughead’s quest to take down Hiram Lodge continues despite his father advising him to ease up a bit. But Jug just can’t resist when Archie comes to him at school to share Hiram’s plan for his dad to run for mayor in a special upcoming election. Archie’s afraid if his dad gets even more involved with the Lodges, but he explains asking his dad not to run would come with consequences. So he’s hoping somehow Jug can help and derail the plan. Perhaps, with the right information, Jughead could write an article exposing Hiram’s shady business and deter Fred from wanting to be associated with the Lodges any further. Archie reveals to Jug how Hiram bought Pop’s secretly. Jughead cannot believe all the land Hiram Lodge has acquired comparing him to Dracula snacking on all of Riverdale to increase his empire and power.

After sharing this new information from Archie with Betty and Alice, Jug decides to approach Pop about find out why he secretly sold the dinner to Hiram Lodge. Because while most of Hiram’s acquisitions are in South Riverdale, Pop’s is right in the heart of Riverdale, which means people will care. A lot. Pop Tate explains the diner has been in his family for over 80 years and he promised his mother when the keys were handed down to him he’d always keep the diner in the family. His mother would be devastated to find out he went against her wishes and sold the diner to keep it from going completely under. Pop asks Jughead to not make this information public and keep his secret for his mom’s sake. Jughead agrees. Nice to see as much as Jug wants to get Hiram, he’s not willing to do it at anyone else’s expense.

Polly’s Back, Back Again, and with the Twins!

Betty returns from school and discovers Polly’s returned again and this time she brought her beautiful twins. Much like Betty, turns out Polly is quite wary of Chic as well. I have to admit something just does not look right seeing Chic holding a baby or him with any age child honestly. The guy just isn’t right. Anyway, with everyone in the living room except for Hal, Polly asks if they’ll be attending the reading of Clifford Blossom’s will, which Alice or Betty had no clue about.

The Will Reading Has Us Seeing a Ghost.

After all the guests arrive, the reading of Clifford Blossom’s secret will begins. Notable guests include;  Penelope, Cheryl and Nana Rose, of course, Hal, Polly and the twins and Toni, who came as emotional support for Cheryl. Guests had been contacted by the estate lawyer per Clifford’s request. Nana Rose, his mother, is given ownership of Thistlehouse while Penelope is given Thornhill, which Cheryl had burnt to the ground at the end of last season. Clifford’s true heirs, which only Cheryl remains since Clifford murdered Jason, gain half of Clifford’s fortune and the other half is to be divided equally among anyone who can prove are of Blossom blood.

Alice is the first interruption as she bursts into the room and calls everyone there inbreds. Penelope isn’t having it and insists Alice leave along with Sierra McCoy, her new attorney she brought along with her. The real surprise guest at the will-reading is Clifford’s twin brother, Claudius, that no one except for Penelope, knew existed or even aware he was still alive. Upon seeing her long lost, uncle, Cheryl, who was at the podium saying a few words about her dad, fainted. I have to admit for a second, the thought of Clifford being a ghost did cross my mind. During the commercial break, I even toyed with the possibility he faked his death. I should’ve known he was a twin, but it didn’t seem likely due to the known fact that having twins usually alternates every other generation.

Ronnie Puts the Pressure on Archie.

Hermione believes the odds of Fred agreeing to run for mayor are pretty much 50-50. She encourages Veronica to do her best to convince Archie that his dad as mayor is a good thing, so he’ll then share his approval with his father and hopefully help sway Fred’s decision in their favor.  At first, Ronnie calls Archie to let him know that he dad only needs 12,000 signatures to run for mayor and she offers to help Archie get started, but he blows her off claiming he has homework to get caught up on.

Next, she interrupts a moment between Archie and Fred. As Fred shares an old handout he designed for a possible mayoral campaign in the future, Veronica shows up at the Andrews house. She has design ideas, which she offers to have buttons and t-shirts made for assuming Fred agrees to run for mayor.  Archie sees what’s happening and confronts Veronica on pushing his dad. He knows the Lodges only want his father to become mayor, so they’ll be able to pull the strings from behind the scenes. And if Fred fails to do as he’s told, the Lodges would push him out of office like th3ty did to Mayor McCoy. Veronica quickly defends her family explaining they had nothing to do with Sierra stepping down. It was because of her affair with Sheriff Keller.  Archie doesn’t seem to care what Veronica has to say or that she claims to not have anything to do with her parents’ business. That’s a lie, Ronnie! Archie needs her to stop forcing the issue. Yeah, Veronica was rather annoying this episode.

Jug’s Sleuthing Leads to Help From an Unexpected Source.

Back at Sunnyside Trailer Park, Jughead and FP try to come up with a way to expose Hiram. Everyone Jug has talked to is afraid to speak out against Hiram for fear of the consequences. If it will help Jug get Hiram, FP’ offers to go on record and speak out against him. Hiram did hire FP and the Southside Serpents to trash the drive-in to low the price. Luckily, FP is off the hook for now because Jughead receives a phone call from an unknown caller, who claims to have information on Hiram Lodge, and gives him a time to meet them at the local bus station.

Nevertheless, Jug is intrigued. He goes to the Riverdale Bus Station and finds Smithers, the Lodges’ former doorman. He was aware of Hiram’s personal business including transportation arrangements. A specific instance Jughead might be especially interested in is Shankshaw prison, which Hiram also received mail from the warden. Of course, Jughead shares this information with his father immediately. FP reveals he has contacts inside the prison, so the father-son duo makes plans to visit Shankshaw. Ohhh, I like Team Jones.

A Break in the Circle of Trust

Pop Tate makes a trip to see Hiram Lodge after Jughead’s visit. He wants to make him aware the knowledge is out there about him purchasing the diner.  Hiram calls an emergency meeting in his study with Hermione and Veronica to find out who let it slip that he bought Pop’s. Only their inner circle, which is the three of them and Archie, know about the ownership and someone had to betray his trust. They assume Archie did the talking, so to save him from Hiram’s wrath Veronica lies and takes the blame. Hoping the smallest nugget of truth would distract Jughead, she claims to have told him at Shadow Lake to throw him off the trail of their plans for SoDale. Of course, Hiram is pissed, but Hermione praises Veronica for her quick thinking.

Archie’s not getting off that easy though. Veronica interrupts his workout to confront him about letting Jug know about her dad buying Pop’s. She decided to cover for him because she didn’t want him facing Hiram although Veronica assures he is untouchable. Archie isn’t sorry for protecting his dad. He wants the entire truth about SoDale before his dad becomes more involved with her parents. Veronica insists if Archie wants the truth, he needs to get it from her father.

Welcome (Back) to the Family

When Cheryl regains consciousness the will reading had concluded. She actually thought her dad returned from the grave and I bet so did most of us. I certainly did. Turns out the surprise guest is Clifford’s twin brother and Cheryl’s uncle, Claudius. He and Clifford were very close until one day down by Sweetwater River Clifford pulled a gun on him and shared with him the Blossom curse. In every set of Blossom twins, one meets a violent end and usually at the hands of the other. Thankfully, his brother spared him, so that night he ran away and joined the Merchant Marines determined to outrun the Blossom curse.

Penelope has dinner for Claudius, Nana Rose, Cheryl, and Toni, who she’s not too happy is still around. It’s a rather awkward meal as Penelope makes her disapproval of Toni’s presence made. When Toni asks what brought Claudius back to town. Penelope says to ignore her because it was supposed to be a family dinner.  Claudius shares stories of his journeys including an island, “Lesbos” which he says is the most beautiful and natural place on Earth. Really he’s referencing Cheryl and Toni’s relationship and perhaps his approval. His plan is to stay in Riverdale to look after Rose and Thistlehouse. Penelope offers him a room over the garage, which makes it seem as if she’s not very fond of Claudius. But later,  Cheryl overhears an alarming conversation between her mother and Claudius, where they’re plotting to ‘take care of’ Rose first and then Cheryl. WTF? I wonder how long Claudius actually been back in Riverdale? Could he have set Clifford up for Jason’s murder? Or maybe Clifford didn’t commit suicide at all. It may have at the hands of his twin brother, Claudius. Hmmm…

Archie Confronts Hiram.

So Archie does and even has the audacity to compare Hiram to Dracula just as Jughead did. Archie accuses Hiram of bringing organized crime to town and now he wants Fred to run for mayor. To be his puppet? What happens if they don’t agree on everything? Archie shows Hiram his notebook he used to take detailed information on Hiram and his business when he began his apprenticeship for the fake FBI agent. Archie is just looking out for his family even though Hiram claims he doesn’t need to worry because Lodge Industries will be completely legitimate and Riverdale will be crime free soon as well. Hiram promises Archie they will all benefit from his plans so Archie decides to give Hiram the benefit of the doubt. Oh, Archie. Your love for Ronnie is clouding your judgment especially when it comes to Hiram and Hermione Lodge.

Shankshaw is the Key to the Truth about SoDale.

FP and Jughead take a trip to Shankshaw prison to pay War Baby, a guy FP knows, a visit. They’re hoping he’s heard something behind the scenes about Hiram Lodge and his plans for Riverdale. He does and FP and Jughead learn all the details about Hiram’s grand plan. Of course, we don’t get the story just yet, but Jughead pens a phenomenal expose’ on Hiram and his endgame, but it’s still not revealed to us. We only know is that Mr, Weatherbee will allow the article to be published in the Blue and Gold. Holy, suspense Batman!

It isn’t until Hiram receives a call from the warden at Shankshaw prison to inform him that FP and Jughead came to visit an inmate, who’s a pal of FP’s. Assuming the Jones are now fully aware of his plans for South Riverdale, so he decides to fill Archie and Fred in before the story hits the papers. Hermione calls them over for a meeting, where Hiram reveals the plans for Riverdale completely. The Lodges want to turn Southside High into a private, for-profit prison and SoDale would house the prison employees. Fred cannot believe his ears. He doesn’t support their plan in any way, which also means he’s out when it comes to running for mayor. After making his opinion known, Fred leaves, but a surprise to him and us Archie decides to stay behind and hear Hiram out. Are you serious Archie? You better have some ulterior motive or grand plan to undermine the Lodges. Or maybe love truly is blind. I do love Varchie, but damn Archiekins

Chic Gives Us a Huge Scare.

Betty goes along with Polly to spend some of her recently inherited Blossom cash and spend some sister time together shopping. Of course, Chic comes up. Polly confesses he’s creepy and she thinks he isn’t too fond of the twins because she’s caught him glaring at them a couple of times. Betty is starting to think their dad is right about Chic. He’s not who he says he is and could potentially be dangerous. Betty and Polly return home and discover Alice let Chic take Jupiter and Dagwood for a walk down by Sweetwater River. My heart dropped just as Polly and Betty’s must’ve learning Chic is alone with the twins. But before our minds start reeling too much, Chic returns with both babies safe and sound.

Take Care Polly!

The next morning, Polly announces she’s leaving again. No real surprise. But she’s not going back to the farm. This time she decided to take the twins and move out west, especially San Francisco. Chic inserts himself into Polly and Alice’s conversation saying he commends her for her decision, which he has no business to even have an opinion about. He says San Francisco is a nice city to raise kids. Um. how would he know? Chic says Polly should send her new address. Yeah, hopefully, you don’t get ahold of it! I believe Polly’s decision to move so far away is to distant herself and the twins from Chic. Her mother’s intuition is kicking into high gear when it comes to Chic. She’s sure he’s bad news and doesn’t want to risk her twins’ lives around him. And Chic proves again he’s a creeper because after hearing the news that Polly is leaving, he cuts her out of the Cooper family photo that he previously cut Hal out of.  Betty best be careful…what if she’s next on his agenda to force out?

Who Are You?!?!

Chic is adamantly against having a blood test even after Polly explains the Blossoms are their cousins. Besides needles are a trigger for him and he doesn’t want any of the Blossom’s blood money. Per usual, Alice comes to the rescue and instructs Polly and Betty to back off.  Betty is now even more skeptical about Chic being who he claims to be.

Chic revealing he used to get tested regularly during one of her and Kevin’s catfishing sessions has Betty seriously questioning why he refuses a simple blood test for a piece of the Blossom fortune. It makes no sense, so Betty sneaks into Chic’s bathroom looking for something to test his DNA. She grabs a piece of dental floss from his trash but almost gets busted as she runs into Chic on her way out. He tells her he liked it better when Polly wasn’t around because according to Chic love isn’t infinite and eventually people will run out of it. Wow, that’s dark and really quite sad. He then advises Betty to use her own bathroom. She sends the floss to the Blossoms’ blood testing to the lab to get some answers regarding Chic’s identity. And just as she suspected, Chic isn’t even of Blossom blood! She confronts him about it, but I guess we’ll get his explanation next episode. BUT just because Chic isn’t a Blossom, doesn’t mean he’s not Betty’s brother, her half-brother. I still stand by my and many others’ theory that Chic is Alice and FP’s son.

Archie Pledges his Loyalty to the Lodges with a Blood Brothers Ritual.

In his study at Pembrooke, it is just Hiram and Archie. Hiram knew getting Archie and his dad on board with the prison plans would be difficult. He should of been upfront instead of easing them into the idea because it was a mistake. Surprisingly, Archie sees Hiram’s point of view since Jason’s death, the Black Hood and his dad getting shot. He’s changed and agrees that Riverdale needs a change as well. Hiram gets a blade out from its case and explains to Archie a tradition that goes back many years in the Lodge family, It’s a ritual pledging your loyalty to the Lodges and once performed there’s no going back. Hiram cuts both he and Archie’s palms of their hands. They let the blood drop onto Archie’s notebook he used to collect information for the ‘FBI’ and then toss it into the fireplace. Archie, are you out of your flipping mind? How quickly you forget your own family and friends you’ve known your entire life. WHAT. THE. HELL?!?! 

Mayor Hermione Lodge?!?!

Meanwhile, the town is gathered outside the Mayor’s office for a press conference from the Lodges. Veronica stands on stage in support of her mother as Hermione announces she’ll be running for Mayor of Riverdale. She gives a brief campaign speech with her vision for the town and how she grew up in Riverdale dreaming of better tomorrow like many of them. Hermione continues on how she needs their support to help Riverdale achieve the prosperity it deserves. The crowd applauds in approval. So, for now, it looks like the Lodges have won and the town of Riverdale has absolutely no idea what they’re signing on for with the Lodges.

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