Riverdale Recap: Top Moments of “Primary Colors”

Things in Riverdale Become Tense as the Mayoral and Student President Campaigns are in Full Swing and it Takes a Toll on the Strongest Friendships.

In this week’s episode of Riverdale entitled, “Primary Colors,” the tension reaches a whole new level and a familiar face makes their return. Now that Hiram Lodge’s plans for Riverdale are revealed, Jughead makes his opposition known by taking drastic measures, while a famous face stops by Riverdale to voice his support for Hermione running as Mayor. Meanwhile, Veronica heeds her parents’ wishes and decides to run for student council president and discovers exactly why they asked her to keep a low profile. Elsewhere, just as the tension between Archie and Fred near a boiling point,  Archie’s mom returns to town to help Fred with some legal issues. She makes her opinion on the Lodges known. While at the Cooper residence, Betty and Chic aren’t necessarily seeing eye to eye since she discovered he hasn’t exactly been completely honest about who he is. And mysterious occurrences at Thistlehouse have Cheryl fearing for her life and the unthinkable happens. Riverdale certainly had our jaws on the floor and shedding a few tears this week. Here are the top moments from “Primary Colors.”

Welcome to Riverdale, Andy Cohen.

Now, that Hermione has announced she’s running for Mayor of Riverdale, she’s going to need all the endorsements she can get given the Lodges’ reputation in Riverdale. She agrees to an interview with Hal Cooper for the Register, which she allows Veronica and Kevin to sit-in on. Hermione explains her vision for the town and Lodge Industries’ plans to bring a maximum security prison to the Southside as well as whether Veronica plans to run for student council president. She also introduces one of her supporters who has come for a visit from New York City. It’s none other than Bravo TV’s king of the “Real Housewives” franchise, Andy Cohen. He pops in to say hello and Kevin has a slight fanboy moment, given he’s a huge fan of Andy’s and his late night show, ‘Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.’

I was quite surprised how brief Andy’s guest role was given all the hype surrounding his appearance. As a fan of Andy myself, I confess I was a bit disappointed. It was definitely more of a cameo than a guest star spot. Who knows…, maybe Andy will be back again or we’ll see Kevin’s visit to the WWHL Clubhouse.

Veronica Gets Glee-ed.

Since Hermione’s interview with the ‘Register’ hit the press, the entire town knows just what the Lodges have planned for Southside High and SoDale. Archie, Veronica, Betty, and Jughead sit together in the school cafeteria discussing the closing of Southside High and if Veronica was aware what her parents were planning. Jughead thinks she had to have known despite Betty insisting there’s no way Veronica could have known. But there’s no convincing him otherwise. Jughead announces that he’s going on a hunger strike to protest Southside High’s closing and naturally Betty supports him.

However, no one in the cafeteria saw coming what Ethel Muggs had planned for Veronica. She walked across the cafeteria to Veronica at her table holding a milkshake from Pop’s. To everyone’s surprise, Ethel tossed the pink milkshake right in Veronica’s face in retaliation for her parents’ sins against her family and all the other families of Riverdale. Wow! Much like all of us, Kevin and Josie could hardly believe their eyes. Especially since she joined forces with Betty and Veronica in season one to take down Chuck Clayton. It was a very Glee-esque moment except Ethel traded the blue slushie for a Pop’s milkshake.

Damn, Ronnie!

Veronica goes to the bathroom to clean herself up after Ethel’s pink milkshake assault and Betty follows to make sure she’s alright. Turns out Hiram was responsible for Ethel’s family losing everything and he hasn’t made amends yet, so Veronica understands why she’s upset. Betty doesn’t seem to understand why Veronica remains so calm, she would’ve flipped. But no Ronnie just takes deep breaths, keeps smiling and keeps a low profile like her parents asked.

A girl can only take so much though. On their way back from the bathroom, Betty and Veronica see Reggie in the hallway. He begins harassing Veronica about her and her family. He takes things way too far asking Veronica what the odds are that her dad is the first inmate in the prison he’s building. This makes her so mad, Veronica punches Reggie right in the face and he drops to the ground. Damn, girl! So much for her maintaining a low profile with Hermione running for Mayor. And she certainly hears about her behavior by Mama and Papa Lodge when she gets home. But let’s be real, Reggie totally deserved it. Just saying.

Veronica for Student Council President.

While everyone hangs out in the Riverdale High student lounge, Veronica announces she running for student council president. Perhaps inspired by her mom’s decision to run for Mayor of Riverdale or her recent run-in with Reggie in the hallway. She is not a victim nor will she ever let herself be seen as one. But Jughead just thinks her running is all part of her parents’ plan to control Riverdale. As if Veronica winning student council president of Riverdale High would be just another way for Hiram and Hermione to influence and control Riverdale. But she quickly sets the record straight. Veronica’s chosen to run despite her parents’ request for her to keep a low profile. Of course, she asks her bestie to join her as her vice president and Betty says yes. Team B and V for student council surely sounds like a winning team to me.

What Jug is Really Fighting For.

Archie meets with Hiram in his study and fills him in on Jughead’s hunger strike in protest of Southside High closing only to become a prison. According to Archie, Jughead loves taking a political stance almost as much as he loves burgers. Hiram claims he lives in the real world whereas Jughead seems to stuck in a fantasy world of ‘what ifs.’ Hiram sees what needs to be done and isn’t afraid to do it. He’s actually speeding up the timeline of his plans for the Southside, which means the demolition of Southside High will be sooner. Hiram asks Archie to send his best friend a message and gives a flyer to give Jughead. It’s a notice; Southside is scheduled to be demolished within the week. Of course, Archie agrees. Seems like he’d jump off a damn bridge if Hiram asked.

So Archie meets up with Jughead at Pop’s Diner, where he tells him about Hiram’s plans to demolish Southside High this week even though a six weeks notice is usually required. Jughead can’t believe this and wonders who Hiram must’ve paid off. But Archie tries to convince Jug that maybe Hiram’s plan will make Riverdale a safe place again for them and their families and reminds him of the Black Hood and his dad being shot. After questioning why he even cares about the Southside so much, Jughead explains he was raised there with his whole family, his dad, mom, and Jellybean. And the Southside is the last thing he has of them all. Awe poor Jughead. Archie should surely be able to understand that.

Sleepover Confessions and Chaos.

Cheryl has been having trouble sleeping at Thistlehouse especially after overhearing her mom and Claudius talking about ‘taking care of’ Nana Rose and then her. Damn, I’d be paranoid too after hearing that and not to mention her family’s history with shadiness and murder. So after River Vixen’s practice, Cheryl calls a mandatory sleepover for the squad’s inner circle, which includes; her, Betty, Veronica, Josie, and now Toni, who recently just joined the team. At the sleepover, Cheryl reveals why she really invited the ladies over and it wasn’t to celebrate. She explains just how frightened she is to be alone in her own house especially since her uncle Claudius’ return, who is a total stranger to her. Cheryl even tells them how she overheard her mother and him plotting against Nana Rose and her. Josie wonders if she’s just imagining things and Cheryl just isn’t sure. But Betty totally understands living under the same roof as Chic.

Later after the ladies have gone to bed, Toni and Cheryl lay in bed together and Cheryl confesses she really didn’t want to invite the other girls while she stares at her. She only wanted Toni but says her mother would’ve never allowed it. And just as Cheryl and Toni are about to kiss, there’s a loud noise outside Cheryl’s room. They all run into the hallway, where they see Nana Rose laying at the bottom of the stairs unconscious. She survives and the paramedics arrive to take her to the hospital. But before they go, Penelope and Claudius, who’s wearing his dead brother’s pajamas, tell them Nana Rose suffers from Sundowner’s Syndrome. It’s difficult to tell if she had simply fallen or was actually pushed. Poor Nana even though she is a rather crazy old bird. But damn, we were so close to a Choni kiss! Cheryl deserves some happiness.

Fred Wants Out and Seeks Mary’s Help.

Mary Andrews is back from her cruise and returns to Riverdale to help Fred with getting Andrews Construction freed from his contract with Lodge Industries. Fred no longers wants to be associated with them after learning of their proposed plans for his beloved town. Mary accompanies Fred to a meeting with Hiram and Hermione Lodge at Pembrooke to discuss Fred’s contract with Lodge Industries. In fact, Fred decides he still wants to run for Mayor even if it is without the Lodges or even his own son’s support. And Mary’s decided to stick around for awhile too. Yes! Fred Andrews for Mayor!! 

Chained to the Cause.

While Archie and Betty help Veronica campaign for student council president. Jughead gathers the Serpents and Swords to discuss the upcoming demolition of Southside High. He thinks Hiram plans to take everything that makes the Southside their home and suggests the Whyte Wyrm might be next. Southside High is the soul of the Southside. Jughead is pissed and demands they take action. The Uktena fought and even died to protect the land and their parents even fought to keep it safe during the riots so now it’s their turn. Jug and the others are all ready to go to war, well, except for Toni. Maybe because Toni seems to be really fitting in at Riverdale High. She joined the River Vixens and even made a new friend, Cheryl.

Preach Mama Andrews Preach!

Mary meets Archie at Pop’s for a bite just the two of them. She can sense the growing tension between Archie and Fred and doesn’t like how he’s been treating him. She attempts to advise him about the Lodge family. Mary explains how she’s known them for a very long time and wants to make sure that Archie is being blinded or taken advantage of because of his love for Veronica. Archie listens but doesn’t. He’s got it all figured out.

During dinner at the Andrews, the topic of Jughead and the protest to demolish Southside High comes up. Archie believes he’s acting crazy, but Fred defends Jughead saying his reasons are all valid. Archie just thinks Jughead is only doing it to fight against Hiram. And like much of the town, they are afraid of what needs to be done. Archie’s mom believes her son’s comments are directed towards Fred. This strikes a nerve with Mary and she lets Archie have it. Deservedly so. She informs Archie that Fred broke rocks to support his family in high school when his own father became sick. Mary corrects Archie and insists Fred saw what needed to be done and did it. Then he even made his own business out of it. Archie can side with Hiram if he wants, but she will not allow him to disrespect his own father. No more. I actually clapped when Mary laid into Archie. He’s so young and naive it’s annoying sometimes.

Seriously Kevin?!?!

Betty comes home from school and finds Kevin in the kitchen talking to Chic. Apparently, they continued their online dates. Kevin ended up confessing to Chic about him and Betty’s catfishing scheme. Naturally, Betty is furious over Kevin’s betrayal. Who wouldn’t be? She asks him to leave and then Betty warns Chic to leave her friends alone. The two bicker back and forth a bit. Betty suggests Chic is trying to fill some kind of void by invading her family and now her friends. While Chic reminds her that they’re not so different and both share a darkness. But Betty says he doesn’t know anything about her or her darkness, but soon he will. Whoa, get him, Betty.

Josie’s Betrayal has Repercussions for Ronnie.

After school at River Vixen practice, Veronica asks Josie about being a celebrity endorsement for her student council president campaign. She mentions Andy Cohen supporting her mom’s mayoral campaign and suggests she might even be able to get Josie a guest spot on Andy’s late night show, ‘Watch What Happens Live.” Who could resist such a sweet offer especially someone with a budding musical career? Obviously, Josie said yes.

At Veronica’s campaign rally, Josie comes onstage to announce her endorsement for Veronica as student council president. Josie also reminds women to vote and she then performs alongside Veronica and Archie. Ethel enters the lounge halfway through their performance handing out flyers revealing all of her parents’ misdeeds she knew about, which included the closing of Southside High and many more. Veronica is mortified. But adding salt to the wound, Josie steps off the stage and stands alongside Ethel. She gave her the information for the flyers. Betty cannot believe what she’s reading, Her bestie lied to her and she can no longer run as her vice president. Oh, dear. I kind of feel bad for Veronica, but she must have known nothing stays secret in Riverdale. Especially, with all the pressure surrounding her parents.

Betty Shows Chic Her Crazy.

Betty makes good on her threats later that night. As Chic is sleeping, she enters his room with a Zippo lighter. She lights it and waves the flame directly in front of his face. Chic wakes startled. Betty warns he isn’t the only one who can scare people by acting all crazy. He may have their mother fooled, she’s not buying his bullshit. Betty lets him know she hunts down bad men and promises she’ll take him down. She has hunted down many bad men before like the Black Hood, The Sugarman and even Clifford Blossom. And what these three men have in common now is they’re all dead. Needless to say, Betty puts Chic on notice.

Chic Tattles.

Betty comes home from Veronica’s campaign rally to find her mother waiting for her. Turns out Chic told their mother about Betty’s late-night visit to his room with a Zippo and threats. And if that’s not bad enough, he also went through Betty’s stuff and found her black bob wig. Then Chic reveals Betty wears it when she and Jughead have sex and Alice’s jaw drops to the floor. In her stage of shock, Alice looks at Betty and asks if Chic’s telling the truth. With her tightly clenched fists, Betty admits to her mother that she and Jughead are indeed sexually active. Awkward. If Betty’s gaze could have set Chic on fire, he would have been toast after that. Total dick move Chic.

Alice comes to Betty’s room as she gets ready for school and Betty assures her mom that she and Jughead are using protection. This alleviates some of Alice’s worry because she confessed she didn’t when she was her age. Alice also confesses she is well aware of how alluring the Jones men can be. Oh is she? And much like we’ve suspected for some time now, Betty concludes her mom and FP used to date. Alice claims there’s no way FP is Chic’s biological father. She then tells Betty that Chic is part of their family, like it or not, He may be odd and damaged but he needs them because he’s had no one to love him. Betty insists he is dangerous and they must never forget what he did. Betty does call a truce with Chic. Sorry not sorry Alice. I do not believe you. I still think Chic’s bio daddy is FP.

The Truth about Nana Rose.

Cheryl pays Nana Rose a visit at Riverdale General Hospital and asks Dr. Masters if there are any updates on her grandmother. He tells her that there were traces of a paralytic toxin, tannis root, in her Nana’s blood. Cheryl suspects her mother and uncle have been giving Nana Rose the same herbal blend with her tea. Sadly, Penelope had already got to the doctor and lied saying Nana Rose had been caught several times chewing bits of tannis root that she grows in her greenhouse. This leads Dr. Masters to attribute the incident to Nana Rose’s supposed Sundowner’s Syndrome. Nana will most likely only be staying for another day just for observation before going back to Thistlehouse. Cheryl attempts to warn the doctor her mother and uncle suspected poisoning her beloved Nana Rose, but before she can, Penelope pulls Cheryl away. Even if Cheryl was able to warn Dr. Masters about sending Nana back to Thistlehouse, her mom would just claim Cheryl’s mentally unstable and have her committed.

Archie and the Bulldogs End the Serpents Protest.

Jughead and the Serpents continue to protest the demolition of Southside High by remaining chained to the school. Hiram says every hour that passes is bad for business and Hiram asks Archie to lead the Riverdale Wrestlers to remove Jug and his fellow protesters. At first, Archie refuses and Hiram reminds him the oath of loyalty he made to the Lodges and breaking it would lead to serious consequences. So Archie reluctantly agrees to do as Hiram asks but only if he’ll let his father out of his contract and free him from all of his commitments with Lodge Industries. Kudos to Archie for getting his dad out from under Lodge Industries. Archie owes Fred that much at least.

A crowd of Southsiders joins Jughead and the Serpents outside Southside High all demanding it is reopened. The peaceful protest is interrupted when Archie and the wrestling team make their way through the crowd with bolt cutters. Jughead isn’t going to fight with all the residents of Riverdale around them with their phones out recording everything going down. At least now people will see what Hiram is doing even if it may have taken a while. Jugheads insists he will continue to keep fighting no matter what happens. Jughead holds his hands out to let Archie cut him free from the chains and the wrestling team cuts the Serpents’ and they’re escorted off the premises one-by-one. It hurts my heart to see Archie and Jughead, best friends for years, on opposite sides. And all because of stupid Hiram Lodge.

Bughead for Student Council.

Back at the trailer, Betty assures Jug protesting Southside High’s demolition made a difference. There’s a starting point in every revolution. But now that they’ve lost Southside High, Jughead doesn’t want to lose Riverdale High as well. That is why he’s decided to run for student council president against Veronica and Reggie. He asks Betty if she’d be his co-president and of course she accepts his offer. She asks Jug if she could stay with him at the trailer and confesses she cannot stand to be around Chic anymore. Obviously, he agrees and they share a kiss. They’re just too cute. I love how Betty and Jughead support each other. Veronica is really going to be pissed when she learns Jughead is running against her and that Betty is now on Jug’s campaign.

For the Love of God, Save Cheryl!

On the way back from the hospital, Cheryl confronts her mother about poisoning Nana Rose with tannis root, pushing her down the stairs and claiming she suffers from Sundowner’s Syndrome. Penelope says Cheryl has lost her mind and claims this leaves her with no choice.

Later, Toni goes to see Cheryl at Thistlehouse, but Penelope tells her Cheryl has gone to an all-girls school in Switzerland. Toni senses something isn’t right even as Penelope claims Cheryl left the night before. Penelope tells Toni not to come around there ever again and slams the door in her face. Ouch. She’s such a bitch. But Cheryl isn’t in Switzerland. Her mother had her admitted to the Sisters of Quiet Mercy. Not long after Cheryl’s admission, Sister Woodhouse comes into her room with a large needle and tells Cheryl she will be rid of all her demons. As for today, Cheryl will rest and tomorrow the conversion will begin. Are you freaking kidding me? Conversion therapy!?!? That’s just wrong on so many levels. Hopefully, Toni or someone finds her before Cheryl suffers anymore.

Riverdale airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on The CW

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