RiverCon Summary & Photos: The Riverdale Cast Meet Fans in France!!

The Cast Has Fun with Fans in France!

Cast members from the hit CW series, Riverdale, appeared at People Convention’s first-ever RiverCon in Paris, France. (March 31 – April 1). Guests included Cole Sprouse, Lili Reinhart, Mädchen Amick, Skeet Ulrich, Marisol Nichols, Casey Cott, Vanessa Morgan and Lochlyn Munroe. They appeared onstage for Q&A sessions, took photos with fans and signed autographs for fans. Below are summaries of each panel with some spoilers as well as some great photos from media outlets attending the convention. Take a look!

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Skeet, Madchen, Marisol & Lochlyn:

  • The cast just discovered the identity of the Black Hood. They did not know it at the beginning of season 2.
  • The hardest scene emotionally for Madchen is the cemetery scene with Betty in the finale.
  • Skeet jokes the hardest part is to make it believable that he loves Alice.
  • Marisol says Hermione has evolved a lot and its due to scenes between her and Veronica.
  • Where are FP and Alice’s Serpent tattoos? Of course, Alice’s is in a place we haven’t yet seen and is in a place we won’t suspect! Skeet says we will see his tattoo on his chest to hide a scar.
  • Marisol and Lochlyn were both on Charmed. Marisol was a fan and loved being on the show and Lochlyn had a very strong bond with cast members. They’re filming of the remake right now and the sisters’ house is right next to the Cooper house.
  • Skeet tells an anecdote where he quotes his wife and Madchen says “Wait, you got a wife? I’m going to have to kill someone.”
  • Skeet indicates JellyBean will appear in Season 3.
  • Season 3 will begin filming in July.
  • Riverdale gave them worldwide recognition, to meet the fans and made friendships. And for Marisol, it allowed her daughter to better understand her mother’s work as she is with her in Vancouver
  • Madchen is a bit of a mommy on the set with Lili because she does not want her to get sick, so she urges her to rest after the long days of work.
  • They’d all love a flashback episode on parents’ youth. They don’t know if it’ll happen in season 3. Marisol would love a flashback to Hermione at the high school why she chooses Hiram instead of Fred.
  • Most surprising scene? For Marisol, it’s when we learn Hermione is the boss, who summons Archie. For Madchen, it was when she discovered a body in the house. Skeet says it’s Alice coming to FP and for Lochlyn seeing his wife go to another man.
  • All the actors are very proud of the young actors they have as children in the series. They would really like their children to grow up like them.

Casey & Vanessa:

  • What do they think of Choni? Vanessa says that Madelaye Petsch is her best friend in life so she is thrilled to be able to play her girlfriend on the screen.
  • Vanessa had auditioned for the role of Josie at the base and this is where she met Madelaye who has become her best friend ever since!
  • What was their first reaction when they learned they’d be in Riverdale? Casey read the script several times. He auditioned for Archie and Jughead before getting cast as Kevin. He auditioned and three days later had to be in Vancouver to film.
  • Vanessa was on the set of The Shannara Chronicles when she got a text from Madelaine telling her she was among the last actors be considered for Toni. She was very happy to be able to be on Riverdale.
  • Favorite scene? For Vanessa, it’s when Tony saves Cheryl from the conversion therapy center and when there’s the kissing scene. While Casey says it’s a lot that we haven’t seen yet, but his favorite scene is when KJ dances because it’s very funny to see! It’s in the musical episode airing April 18th.
  • They say it’s a very good atmosphere on set. Vanessa and Casey get along very well because they have the same sense of humor.
  • Vanessa sees herself in her character because she’d like to be as good as Toni. She thinks Toni’s badass.
  • Casey loves portraying Kevin, a loyal character. It’s a privilege to play him.
  • According to Casey, we will see little more of Kevin’s fun side in the upcoming episodes.
  • Vanessa would like the Serpent side of Toni to be explored more.
  • Casey’s been shooting a movie for the past two weeks. He can’t say too much, but he’s very excited about this project. Vanessa had a few auditions but if she doesn’t get any roles she’ll spend time with her family.
  • Most intense or complicated scene to shoot? Casey, it’s finding Jason’s body because he never even found a body and for Vanessa, it’s mostly outdoor scenes where she doesn’t have a jacket because it’s really cold in Vancouver.
  • It was difficult to film the where Toni, Veronica, and Kevin helped Cheryl escape from the Sisters ‘of Mercy because the conditions were complicated and the place was a real asylum, supposedly haunted.
  • It’s hard for Casey not to laugh when he does scenes with KJ. Casey remembers the funeral scene where Madelaine makes a speech about Jason and says he and KJ couldn’t stop laughing when they needed to stay serious.
  • More Chic/Kevin scenes? Casey can’t say too much without any spoilers but teases there will be some very interesting things with Chic.

Cole & Lili:

  • Of course, Lili’s favorite role is Betty.
  • If Bughead would go on a honeymoon, where should they go? Cole thinks tropical destinations while Lili opts for Japan.
  • Is a kiss between Archie and Jughead possible? All the other people kissed… Cole says to send messages to Roberto.
  • Lili has a lot she identifies with Betty. She thinks as a teenager we are looking and Betty illustrates her perfectly with her blackness that she seeks to explore.
  • Lili would like to see more Bughead scenes with them simply being happy together and not investigating all the crime of Riverdale.
  • The Bughead break-up scene was difficult for Cole especially because of the shooting conditions. It was dark and it was very cold.
  • Lili thinks that Betty’s snake tattoo would be in a discreet place like the ankle for example
  • Cole thinks that all the scenes of the Serpents are badass and he teases more scenes like this at the end of the season with the civil war that is brewing between the North & South Side.
  • Cole will soon shoot in a movie and the shooting starts in May but he can’t say more.
  • Cole did a lot of research on his character and would have liked if Jughead was asexual like in the recent version of the comics. He was surprised Jughead was attracted to something other than food but Bughead is something natural.
  • Favorite scene to film? Lili loves to film the scenes where Betty, Jughead, Archie and Veronica get together at Pop’s but these are also the hardest because they laugh a lot.
  • Lili says that Cole is a very talented actor. She is a very romantic person and she loves the Bughead relationship.
  • Advice for their character? Lili says Betty needs to take a vacation from Riverdale. And Cole would tell Jughead to choose his battles and relax a little more.
  • Lili isn’t difficult on the set except for asking for real sundaes when shooting scenes at Pop’s because the ones they give them are not very good and make her sick.
  • Cole sometimes changes some lines when he finds it does not match the character but it does not necessarily please the writers who like “their words.”
  • Lili often learns her lines during makeup before shooting because the days are long and in the evening she needs to rest.
  • Cole tends to have a tell before turning to Jughead: curling his hair with his fingers.
  • Cole thinks Betty allowed Jughead to get out of his loneliness. In season 2, Jug has “family,” the Serpents, behind him. With this support, Jughead engages in more things.
  • Lili loves the actor who plays Chic because he is the opposite of his character and is really adorable. She considers him a brother.
  • Lili thinks Chic has allowed Betty to accept her dark side which is more present in season 2.
  • Cole never manages to keep his seriousness with KJ because they have a lot of fun on the set and have a lot of fun working together.
  • Favorite scene together? Lili says it’s a scene that has not aired yet. It’s in episode 19. It’s an intense physical scene where Chic is also present.
  • Will the relationship between Alice and FP affect Bughead? Cole has not yet recovered from this couple, Falice. He says it’s not necessarily a good ship name.
  • Lili and Cole talk about Falice: if Betty and Jughead’s parents get together, it would be strange, a little too Gossip Girl. Betty would try to make the effort for her mother but for Jughead it would be complicated.
  • Cole says he talks every day with his brother Dylan and they see each other as soon as possible! Dylan is currently in China but they stay close although they could not live together because they were roommate 2 years in college and it did not stick!
  • Lili has been living alone since she was 19 and moved to Vancouver for the shoot. She considers the cast as her family since hers is far away.
  • The casting process was very long: 4-5 times. Cole is very proud to have gotten the role after the long process. When Lili got the part she said it was a real relief. She was eating a hot dog when she found out.

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Casey & Marisol:

  • Marisol is very fond of the Lodge Family dynamics. She thinks it’s funny that some fans adore them while others hate them.
  • Casey would love to be invited to dinner at the Lodges because it’s so chic at their home.
  • Casey hasn’t had time to visit Paris yet but Marisol has seen the Louvre and the Champs Elysees and finds France very welcoming.
  • Kevin will have a love interest by the end of season 2, which will be developed more in season 3 but he can not say more without spoilers.
  • Marisol advises people who wish to become actors to never give up and hang on because the environment is very hard.
  • If they could have played any other character, who would that be? Casey says he likes Kevin very much, but if he was older, Hiram. While for Marisol, it’s Veronica if she was the right age.
  • According to Marisol, Veronica will always stay very close to her parents no matter what happens.
  • A fan asks Casey to sing because he loves to sing, but given the early hour, he advises him to go instead and listen to what he’s doing YouTube for fear of singing like a dying toad.
  • Marisol would be Team Smithers (because she loves the actor) and not Team André. As for Casey, he would be Team Moose and not Team Joaquin.
  • The identity of the Black Hood? We’ll know her soon and are going to be very surprised.
  • Casey often has laughs during high school scenes in the student lounge in the Riverdale couches.
  • Marisol laughed a lot during a scene where Archie was dining at the Lodges because KJ had to pronounce words in Spanish and could not manage without fatigue so they all had a laugh.
  • Perhaps we could see more between Fred and Hermione by the end of season 2 despite Hiram’s return.
  • Marisol loves the relationship between Fred and Hermione and thinks she still has feelings for Fred.
  • Marisol thinks Archie really likes Veronica. Casey says we will see some more evidence by the end of season 2.
  • According to Casey and Marisol, Archie’s really a good person. An ideal son-in-law.
  • Would Casey like to see Kevin in the Serpents? He wouldn’t necessarily be in his place. He’s better on the North Side.
  • How did Casey work his role? The first time he plays a homosexual character. Not hard to play. It’s his favorite character, very well written gay or not. He hopes we’ll see more of Kevin later.
  • Who has the most control between Hiram and Hermione? According to Marisol, although we think it’s Hiram, we’ve seen Hermione win more and even more could be seen in season 3.
  • Casey likes the scenes with Betty a lot. He hopes there will be more scenes because we see them less together during season 2 compared to season 1.
  • Does Hermione really like Hiram? Casey expression suggests answering could be a huge spoiler. (See photo above) Marisol thinks that Hermione admires Hiram and was convinced she was in love a long time ago but fears him and there is probably hatred between them but they will stay together anyway.
  • A scene takes 3-4 hours to shoot and Marisol likes the fact that it is shot continuously because it allows improvement with each take.
  • Riverdale is Casey’s first series while Marisol has a lot of series to her credit but on the first reading of Riverdale, she felt that with such a cast, the show could really become something very good.
  • Marisol thanks the fans without whom the series could not work.

Lili, Mädchen & Lochlyn:

  • A fan asks if they think Riverdale is the new Veronica Mars? Lili and Mädchen have never watched the show and ask what the fan thinks. She says that for her, it’s an improved Veronica Mars (even as Veronica Mars is her favorite series).
  • Mädchen loved being Aunt Wendy on Witches of East End. She hopes that there will be a film to properly complete the series.
  • What do they think of Chic? Lili believes Betty regrets finding him and teases that we have not finished seeing what he is capable of but that the actor is adorable and has nothing to do with his character. She really likes how this character allows us to see another side of Cooper women. Lochlyn says, “Who’s Chic?”
  • Where do the names of Polly’s twins come from? Mädchen and Lochlyn think it’s from the original comics. but Lili says it comes from Polly’s hippie side.
  • If they could have played another character? Lochlyn said he would have liked to play Fred or Alice. He says Mädchen plays Alice very well. Mädchen would have liked to play a female version of Jughead and Lili says the same and Pop for the milkshakes.
  • If their character could have been in another series? Madchen imagines Alice in Desperate Housewives but the creator was inspired by a character from the American Beauty movie to write Alice. Lili says Betty could be in Game Of Thrones and lead the Dragons. Hal could have been Walter White in Breaking Bad.
  • According to Lili, she thinks the link between Betty and Alice has tightened this season but Hal is the 3rd wheel. So Lili tells Lochlyn “sorry Dad!”
  • Lili is fond of Betty’s optimism because she herself is pessimistic in life. She would like to be like her character.
  • Madchen likes the fact that Alice has no limit because when she wants to do something she does it. Lochlyn says he has absolutely no character traits in common with Hal.
  • Shelly in Twin Peaks or Alice in Riverdale? Difficult choice. Both are two different mothers but Madchen loves both characters and can not choose between them.
  • Favorite moments of the convention? Mädchen says it’s the fans who can meet them all. Lili loves autographs because it allows her to speak with the fans more intimately. Lochlyn thinks the same and it is interesting these conventions allow them to see the impact of the series in other countries, that their work is appreciated,…
  • A fan asks Lili to sing but she was taking a nap just before the panel so she says in perfect French “I’m very tired” but she adds that the public will see her soon singing in the musical episode.
  • During the filming of the musical episode, Mädchen believed it was an artist who sang beside for an album and it was, in fact, Lili who recorded her songs.
  • Lili says we’ll see the “Dark Betty” again at the end of the season but she does not want to separate the 2 versions of the character because according to her, that’s what makes Betty.
  • Lili and Lochlyn meet the actors who double them in French.

Cole, Skeet & Vanessa:

  • Skeet thinks Archie would make a good Serpent (“Did you see his abs?”)
  • What do they expect from their characters in season 3? Skeet sees vengeance for FP. Cole thinks Jughead should do a whole season of therapy and Vanessa would like to show more about Toni’s family.
  • Vanessa was brought a cappuccino and Skeet puts it down on the table. After all, he works at Pop’s Diner.
  • Cole loves Jughead’s morality.
  • Vanessa is very fond of Toni being a strong and independent woman.
  • If they were in a band, Vanessa suggests “vipers” as their name. She sees Toni as a singer. Cole thinks Jughead would surely be on the drums likes in the comics and FP would be on the bass.
  • Vanessa says Cole has a very nice voice, but he won’t sing!
  • What was their first feeling on their character? Skeet says the first script he read was the fourth episode of the first season. He thought there were a lot of mysteries around his character. Why his family wasn’t with him? Cole did a lot of research on Jughead’s character. He wondered how much food he was going to eat.
  • Vanessa says when she saw Jughead with the Serpent jacket, she wanted to put it on and thought she’d look cool in it.
  • Cole says for scenes where Jughead gets hit he would have liked to have his twin brother appear.
  • If their character could live with a North Side family, which one would that be? For Toni, it would be of course with Cheryl according to Vanessa. Cole says in a cut from season 1, he had to go live with the Cooper, but he’d live at Archie’s.
  • If they were a supernatural creature, Vanessa could see herself as a vampire or a unicorn. Skeet would be a ghost. Cole says its a hard choice. He would probably be the Loch Ness Monster or Big Foot.
  • For Cole, each person has qualities of a hero. Jughead, Betty, and Archie are kind of like the Scooby Gang.
  • If the Serpents lost the civil war between North and South Riverdale, Vanessa thinks Toni would return to her family. Skeet believed FP would be destroyed because it is his identity but relieved for Jughead. Cole thinks that Jughead would think of the after,
  • Can Archie and Jughead become friends again? They have bigger problems to settle for the end of the season but Cole thinks Archie is naïve and if he comes back to him, Jughead will take him back.
  • What do they think about the bad reputation of Serpents? Skeet thinks they are stereotyped and Cole says they act as a “necessary evil” to face Hiram. Vanessa agrees.
  • For Vanessa, Toni is undoubtedly a Serpent for life, part of her family. And for Skeet, it is impossible to separate FP from his Serpent side. Cole says the more Jughead is told not to be a Serpent, the more he will want to be one. It’s part of his family’s inheritance and being a Serpent is part of Jughead, his father, and their community.
  • Vanessa is very happy that Toni and Cheryl finally come together.
  • Cole thinks that Jughead is very supportive of Toni in his relationship with Cheryl. Skeet thinks it’s more complicated for FP because of his character’s relationship with Cheryl’s father in season 1 because he went to jail for his fault.
  • Skeet says that unlike his character, he never killed anyone or been in jail. But, he drank a lot last night and it’s a common point. He thinks FP has a good ethic because he always tries to do the best.
  • Cole believes Jughead has a need to belong to a group or a family, like many teenagers, including himself at the time.
  • Vanessa loves Toni’s strong, independent side. She also likes the character’s style and says her own shoes come from the show!!

RIVERDALE Returns WEDNESDAY, APRIL 18th at 8|7c. on The CW

A very special thanks to Just about TV and Roster Con for the great live-tweeting. Check out some amazing photos of the cast’s panels and for more photos of the cast in action at RiverCon, make sure visit Roster Con.

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