Riverdale Recap: Top Moments of “The Noose Tightens”

Unwelcome Visitors Show Up in Riverdale at Both the Cooper and Lodge Homes and the Ladies Team Up to Save Cheryl.

Viewers are taken on a suspense-filled journey from every direction in Riverdale’s “As the Noose Tightens.” The episode centers around freeing Cheryl from the Sisters of Quiet Mercy as well as the Coopers from Chic’s latest misadventure. While Riverdale High’s upcoming student council election is heating up, the Lodges are left in a vulnerable position when Hiram’s mob friends come to town and make trouble.  Of course, Archie is ready to stand with the Lodges even if it means breaking his dad’s heart. Elsewhere, an unexpected guest arrives in Riverdale, which have the possibility of dire consequences for the Coopers and Joneses. And Toni teams up with Veronica and Josie to find the truth surrounding Cheryl’s mysterious disappearance and are in disbelief at what they find. “As the Noose Tightens” keeps viewers on the edge of their seat for the entire time. Here are the top moments of the episode.

The Sisters of Quiet Mercy.

Poor, Cheryl. Her horrendous mother committed her to The Sisters of Quiet Mercy’s special program, some kind of ‘gay conversion’ therapy. Cheryl is completely beside herself with nothing to look forward to except for movie nights. Sadly, movie night is anything but pleasant either as she forced to watch black and white films about homosexual deviance, which ironically the actors in the film look exactly like Kevin and Moose. It’s obviously cruel and unusual punishment what the Sisters are putting the members of their program through. It is just so outdated and heinous. And it’s definitely taking a toll on Cheryl. If there was ever any chance of her and Penelope making amends, I’d say her mother’s most recent betrayal as pretty much shot that chance to hell.

Student Council Debate Night Drama.

Debate night at Riverdale High for student council president has just as much tension off stage as on if not more. The actual debate consists of the usual questions concerning school life. And of course, Archie and Veronica’s parents on opposing sides of Riverdale’s mayoral campaign comes up to which Archie makes his view quite clear but it doesn’t seem as if he and Veronica are quite on the same side when it comes to Hiram’s prison plans. Then after the debate, the Lodges and Andrews exchange words as Archie and Veronica attempt to play peacemakers between their squabbling parents. The Lodges heard about Fred’s choice to also run for Mayor. Mary states Hiram as yet to sign the papers releasing Fred from his contract with Lodge Industries. To which Hermione is quick to point out they’re still waiting for a signed non-disclosure agreement from the Andrews. Hiss…

Meanwhile, Bughead avoids Alice given she’s on a full-blown warpath since Betty has been staying with Jughead at the trailer. She does run into FP after the debate and gives him an earful about him letting her daughter shack up with his son. But FP isn’t too happy with their new living arrangement either. He’s forced to share the pullout couch with his son now because Jug gave Betty his bedroom. Alice is shocked he’d do that and FP offers her some advice. He urges Alice to make things right with Betty. Awe. FP regrets not making things right with Jughead sooner and that he chose to be homeless rather than live with him.

Hiram’s Mobster Associates Return to Riverdale.

The Lodges and Archie arrive back at the Pembrooke after the debate to find Hiram’s so-called associates, Lenny Kowalski and Carl Martin, waiting in the lobby. The mob bosses ask to speak with Hiram privately. Concerned about the attention Hermione’s upcoming mayoral campaign will bring, Hiram hopes he’s able to smooth things over at dinner. Archie insists he accompany Hiram and surprisingly he agrees.

Over dinner, Hiram negotiates with Lenny and Carl as Addams, Andre and Archie stand behind him. Turns out in order for Hermione to continue her mayoral run, they want a piece of the profit from the prison Hiram is planning to build on the Southside. This would mean Hiram would operate at a loss so he declines, which only makes them angry. Stupidly, Archie thinks he can sway their decision and says he’s not to be underestimated and rattles off things he did for the Lodges to which only half are even true. Like Archie would kill someone especially a mobster such as Poppa Poutine. While Lenny and Carl laugh at him, afterward Hiram tells Archie if he’s going to fire a warning shot, he’s going to need to be able to back it up. Then he strokes Archie’s ego revealing he’s impressed. I do not understand Archie’s obsession with Hiram Lodge. He already has a wonderful dad, so he certainly can’t be in need of a father figure. I just do not get it.

You Never Know What You’ll Find in the Swamp.

Alice returns home after the debate to find Chic watching the news in disbelief. Alice as a similar reaction and look of sheer panic as she learns a car has been pulled out of Swedlow Swamp, the same car belonging to the guy Chic killed and Betty and Jughead dumped there. Alice immediately calls FP and she meets him, Jughead and Betty at Pop’s to discuss their plan. Jughead thinks he’s to blame claiming he should’ve known better. FP says there’s no way he knew Junkyard Steve drains the swamp looking for things he might be able to sell or reuse. It’s Jones luck according to Jug, However, they did wipe the car clean of prints before dumping it. FP thinks it’s best for Betty and Jughead to keep their mouths shut. Everyone act normal, stay away from the car and if something unlikely happens, the will batten down the hatches.

The thing is what’s normal for Betty and Jughead? Sitting in the trailer, they ask themselves the very same question. Their normal is investigating, searching for answers and asking questions to get to the truth. One of the benefits of being friends with the son of the town Sheriff is information. So naturally, Kevin’s the first person Betty and Jughead go to for information the police have on the car pulled out of the swamp. He tells them that the car was actually stolen. The owner came to claim it and is still in Riverdale. But the police are still trying to figure out who stole the car in the first place, so at least they know how far along the police are on their trail. I admit I do not have a good feeling about this whole situation at all.

The Pressure is on for Student Council Votes.

In an empty classroom at Riverdale High, Jughead gathers the Swords and Serpents to assure he and Betty have their votes in the upcoming student council election. He’s quite surprised when he catches criticism from Sweet Pea for going back on his promise of going to war with the Lodges to run for student council president. Jug explains how winning is the only real way to influence change. But Sweet Pea and Fogarty admit they still don’t trust Jug’s running mate, Betty, who just happens to be sitting in the back of the classroom. Awkward. They’re convinced she’ll bail just as Alice did. Betty and her mom share the same legacy of enemies of the Serpents as far as they’re concerned. Betty does her best to make her case why she nothing like her mother. She even lists all the times she’s helped the Serpents. Jughead backs her up and claims Betty is practically one of them. But Alice has attacked the Serpents from the Register for years and they’re sick of it. And Jug choosing to run alongside the daughter of a traitor, who abandoned the Southside is a slap in the face and that’s why Jughead doesn’t have the Serpents vote.

Meanwhile, Archie and Reggie, who are also both running for student council and Bulldogs, decide to determine the Bulldogs vote in a more physical way. Like wolves, Bulldogs support the Alpha, so Archie and Reggie engage in an arm-wrestling contest to determine Alpha. Winner gets the Bulldogs vote because at the moment they risk splitting the team’s votes between the two of them. At first, the match appears to be at a standstill, but Reggie mentions Archie’s dad and pisses him off. So much Archie gets a burst of strength, overpowers Reggie for the win and the Bulldogs vote. Archie also threatens to break Reggie’s shoulder if he ever talks shit about his dad again. Wow, surprised Archie had such a reaction. Lately, he seems more concerned with Hiram Lodge than his own father.

Bughead is Busted…

Alice and FP discover Betty and Jughead have been questioning Kevin about the car are pissed. They were told to lay low. They all met up at the Jones’ trailer and include Chic this time. After Betty and Jughead are lectured by Alice and FP, they attempt to convince them that they needed to figure out was going on with the car in order to stay one or two steps ahead of the police. Besides. Kevin didn’t suspect anything and they learned Chic’s drug dealer stole the car before coming to Riverdale to see him. Chic believes the car belonged to his dealer’s girlfriend, Darla, and Dwayne stole it, but that’s all he really knows. FP explains the good news is there doesn’t seem to be anything connecting them to the car.

The topic of conversation takes a drastic left turn and Alice demands Betty return home. She even puts FP on the spot demanding his support her cause. He’s really left with no choice fearing the promised wrath of Alice if he didn’t as if he’s seen it a time or two before. Per usual, Betty insists there’s no way she’ll return as long as Chic is still staying there. And surprisingly, Chic agrees to move out of the Cooper house so Betty will return as Alice wants. I almost felt sorry for Chic when he offers to move out, so Betty will return. Almost. He just looked so sad with those wide puppy-dog eyes.

A Litte Q&A at Thistlehouse,

Toni still isn’t buying Penelope’s claim that Cheryl is now in Switzerland attending a private boarding school. At River Vixen practice she asks if any of the others knew about Cheryl leaving or why she was sent away. Toni definitely believes her mom is up to something since Cheryl revealed she was afraid her mother and uncle Claudius were out to get her. Veronica and Josie think it’s very suspicious Cheryl’s social media has been radio silent especially if she’s in Switzerland. So, Toni, Veronica, and Josie agree to storm Thistlehouse together and demand answers.

The ladies barge into Thistlehouse insisting Penelope tell them the truth about Cheryl and where she really is. Josie even threatens to have her mom ask the Sheriff to look into Cheryl’s whereabouts. This prompts Penelope to tell them she decided to send Cheryl to a private wellness facility abroad to help her. Apparently, Cheryl was behaving strange and deviant. Penelope shows the ladies one of Cheryl’s drawings. It’s of her and Josie, a similar drawing Josie supposedly received from Chuck. This sickens Josie because that meant it was Cheryl who sent her a pig heart and threaten her life, not Chuck. Penelope claims she was afraid Cheryl might hurt someone, herself included and that’s why she had sent her daughter for help. The ladies got answers, but something still didn’t seem right. Josie’s had enough though after learning the truth about Chuck and is out of the Cheryl search and rescue mission. Honestly, I love Cheryl but who can blame Josie? I’d be terrified if someone I thought was a friend sent me a pig’s heart. Creepy.

Hello, Darla.

At the Cooper household, Betty asks Alice for her permission to get a Serpent tattoo because she’s practically a member already. She intends on getting the tattoo with or without her signature. It’d be a lot easier if she just signed so she didn’t need to go to a shady tattoo shop. Damn, Betty! She’s got some balls. Alice and Betty’s tattoo conversation is interrupted by Chic, who returns to the house with Darla. In an attempt to help out, Chic made things a lot worse. Dwayne stealing her car didn’t surprise Darla, but it turning up in a Riverdale swamp did. She got a call from Chic just as she was about to head back to Centerville. She knew he was only trying to see how much she knew and something was up. Darla didn’t care what happened to Dwayne because according to her he was a really awful person. But to keep Darla from asking any questions about Dwayne or going to Sheriff Keller, Darla wants the $10,000 he owes her. Obviously, they don’t have any other choice, so Alice agrees to get Darla her money. She’ll have to wait until morning though because it’s too late and the bank is closed. Darla sees no problem with that and insists on waiting at the Cooper’s until they’re able to get the money. Yeah, because that’s not awkward. And why do I feel Chic is getting a piece of Darla’s payday or hell maybe it was even his idea.

The Black Hood Returns.

Archie fulfills his Lodge and boyfriend duties by walking Veronica home. When they walk into the Pembrooke and find Andre being attacked by what looks like the Black Hood. But that can’t be. Sheriff Keller killed him….or did he? That remains to be a mystery surrounding Riverdale. Anyway, Archie runs after the hooded attacker and tackles him to the ground only to discover it’s Adams. He betrayed the Lodges. Adams punches him and tells Archie to advise Hiram to accept Lenny and Carl’s deal.

Obviously, the Lodges aren’t happy with Adams betrayal. He must have sensed they were weak or Lenny and Carl offered him more money. Either way, the Lodges got the message loud and clear. And now with Andre injured, Adams a traitor and no more boys in Toronto or Montreal to reach out to, the Lodges are left unprotected. Archie offers to sit watch over the Pembrooke lobby at night as he did when his dad was shot by the Black Hood. Does Archie realize he’s dealing with the mob? Surely, he can’t be that naive. And Hiram is almost as bad relying on a damn teenager to protect his family from the freaking mob.

It’s Nana Rose to the Rescue.

Penelope is ready to go out for the evening and instructs Rose to behave herself. She’s been fed and made sure she’s been to the bathroom. Rose is to watch her programs and if she has to use the bathroom while she’s gone she’s just going to have to hold it. Penelope is rather unsympathetic towards Rose and it’s very apparent the relationship between the two has become quite strained. Once Penelope leaves, Rose gets herself up out of her chair and manages to crawl across the floor to the phone. She calls Riverdale High and asks for Toni. Rose is able to tell her Cheryl wasn’t sent far away and that she’s with the Sisters before Claudius catches her and cuts the phone cord. Oh, no! Hopefully, Nana Rose is alright after spilling the beans on Cheryl’s whereabouts. Penelope and Claudius did already try to kill her once.

With the new information from Nana Rose, Toni and Veronica continue looking for answers surrounding Cheryl’s disappearance. And naturally the only Sisters that come to mind for Veronica is the Sisters of Quiet Mercy, but supposedly they are an orphanage and not a gay conversion center. She decides to see if Kevin has heard anything just to make sure. Surprisingly, he reveals the Sisters of Quiet Mercy is one of the few places in the country still attempting gay conversion therapy, but it’s hush-hush. Of course, they are right? The Sisters ran a distillery in the basement during prohibition and the tunnels they used to smuggle alcohol out to Sweetwater River still exists. Kevin says boys in the program use the tunnels to sneak out and hook up in Fox Forest. They wonder if a tunnel could help them get to Cheryl and free her. Kevin says he can take them to the tunnel but insists they go after dark. Operation save Cheryl is a go. I have to wonder if Chic was forced to participate in the Sisters’ so-called gay conversion therapy when he lived at the orphanage.

More Unexpected Guests at the Coopers.

Betty goes to the bank first thing in the morning to get Darla’s money, so they can shut her up she’ll go back to Centerville. After withdrawing the money, Betty gets a call from her mom advising her not to come back to the house because the manager who attacked Chic, Marcel, is now in their house as well. Does Betty listen? Of course not. She’s not going to let her mother stranded with these questionable characters.

Betty returns with Darla’s $10,000, but now Marcel and Darla aren’t ready to go as promised. Chic confronts them about going back on their deal. Marcel threatens to cut out Betty’s eye and pulls out a box cutter. Little do they know, Betty didn’t come home without telling Jughead about the situation going down at her house. Jughead gathered the younger Serpents. They come to the rescue just in time kicking in the front door of the Cooper residence. The Serpents threaten Marcel and Darla with knives demanding the two leave or things are about to get much worse than it already is. Not wanting to risk it, Darla and Marcel take the money and leave. Alice thanks Jughead and the Serpents for their help and isn’t concerned one bit about her door when Jug apologizes for kicking it in. And finally, Alice admits Betty’s been right about Chic all along. She demands he get out of her house because she will not allow him to stay one more night.

Operation Save Cheryl Blossom.

Who would have guessed gay conversion therapy, even if there was such a thing, included movie nights about deviant behavior and long days of manual labor? Cheryl finishes up her day moving large sacks back and forth across the basement and heads to the evening’s movie night. Meanwhile, Toni, Veronica, and Kevin meet in Fox Forest to rescue Cheryl. Kevin leads the way to where the tunnel connected to the main residence comes out. He’s told to wait at the end of the tunnel on the outside while Veronica and Toni go in to find Cheryl and rescue her. If they don’t come back within 15 minutes, Kevin is supposed to call his dad.

Veronica and Toni have no trouble getting through the tunnels and find their way into the main building of the facility. The ladies split up to cover more ground and search for Cheryl in every room. Toni finally finds Cheryl watching a movie with the other patients in a room. Cheryl cannot believe her eyes. She runs to meet Toni and the pair share a kiss right in the front of the movie screen for all to see. Then they find Veronica and make a run for it back down through the tunnels as the Sisters come chasing after them. They all make it out and meet Kevin on the other side. They wedge the tunnel closed and everyone makes their escape. Please tell me somehow these Sisters are stopped. First the questionable orphanage practices and now this heinous gay conversion therapy. These Sisters have absolutely no mercy at ALL! But we get a Choni kiss! Finally!

Archie Gets His Priorities All Mixed Up.

Archie’s mom asks him to attend his dad’s announcement that he’s running for Riverdale Mayor. He doesn’t understand why his father doesn’t just ask himself but promises his mom he will come because how much it’ll mean to his dad. But Archie gets caught up in Lodge drama and when it’s time for Fred’s Mayoral announcement Archie is nowhere to be found. After walking Veronica home, Hiram calls Archie to his study to tell him he’s decided to cut Lenny and Carl in on the prison profits. This doesn’t sit well with Archie, so he comes up with a plan that will hopefully prevent having cut Carl and Lenny in. Sadly, this means Archie will miss Fred’s speech. Damn it, Archie!

Instead, Archie meets Reggie at Pop’s to convince him to help stop the mobsters pressuring the Lodges. Reggie is fine with a prison being implemented on the Southside. He just cannot see himself working with Hiram, but has no issues working with Archie. So Archie offers Reggie the Bulldogs’ vote to sweeten the deal and Reggie agrees to help out. They gather the Bulldogs, disguise themselves in black masks, which read “The Dark Circle,” and blow up Lenny and Carl’s cars sending a message. Archie informs Lenny and Carl that Hiram Lodge does not stand alone. Riverdale is protected. Police sirens keep the two sides from fighting as everyone scatters. WTH Archie?!? Now you’ve drug your classmates into the mob shit too?

I love Archie’s mom though. She really lets him have it again before returning to Chicago. Questioning what could have possibly been more important than his dad’s mayoral announcement, Mary remembers Archie used to worship his father. He’s certainly not the Archie she remembers. He used to play music too, but now she doesn’t even recognize him. Preach Mama Andrews!

Back to Her Roots.

At a young Swords and Serpents meeting, Alice stops by to personally thanks them for helping her and Betty the day before when they were in trouble. She also announces she is done attacking the Serpents and disowning the Southside. It’s her home and from now on she’s going to be proud of her upbringing and where she’s from. She vows to fight like hell for the Southside just like Betty. Alice then goes to Sunnyside Trailer Park in snake print clothing and dark makeup and knocks on FP’s door. An adorable sly smirk comes on FP’s face as he tosses his gum out, watches Alice walk into his trailer and then shuts the door. Oh, my Falice heart! Wonder what those two are up to…a little brown chicken, brown cow. Haha. It’s got to be mad awkward for Betty and Jughead though to have their parents hooking up.

Archie’s Rewarded for His Loyalty.

At Pop’s Archie meets up with the Lodges as asked and is surprised to see a brand new car they bought for him. He can’t believe or accept such an extravagant gift but the Lodges insist especially since he’ll be escorting Veronica around as one of his duties. As Veronica goes to start up the car Hiram tells Archie that blowing up Lenny and Carl’s car is only a short-term solution. Archie is aware, He is confident they will be ready when they hit back because Archie knows they will strike back. OMG! Archie, you’re messing with the freaking mob!! Then Archie hops in the car next to Veronica and they head to school. My TVD fans, does Archie’s new car not look like Damon Salvatore’s 1969 Chevy Camaro?

“I’m Going to Burn This School to the Ground.”

Cheryl returns to Riverdale High. Her and Toni are hanging out in the student lounge and Toni asks what Cheryl plans to do next. Just like the old saying goes, Cheryl believes revenge is a dish that is best served cold. And if that’s true, her mother and uncle better brace themselves because a polar vortex is coming their way. But Cheryl isn’t worried about that right now. She’s just glad she’s back in time for Riverdale High’s production of “Carrie: The Musical,” which Kevin is directing. Cheryl sees Kevin nearby and goes over to let him know he’s to cancel auditions for the leading role. She’s obviously the school’s Carrie White. “And this school’s gonna burn.” Squee! I am so ready for the musical episode and cannot wait to see Cheryl as Carrie!!

Steph Flasher