Riverdale Recap: Top Moments of “A Night to Remember”

The Show Must Go On Even Though the Black Hood Threatens Riverdale High’s “Carrie the Musical.”

This week Riverdale’s highly anticipated musical episode, “A Night to Remember,” arrives! The  episode centers on the gang preparation for Riverdale High’s presentation of “Carrie the Musical.” As opening night approaches, threatening letters begin to appear demanding the lead role be recast. Kevin, who is serving as director, is left to make a difficult decision regarding the fate of the show. While Jughead is designated as documentarian behind the scenes of the musical. He uses his position to solve the mystery surrounding the ominous letters. The tension between Betty and Veronica just gets worse. And to everyone’s surprise, Alice decides to join the production to spend more time with her daughter. Meanwhile, Hiram continues to drive a wedge between Archie and his dad and Cheryl is forced to channel her inner Carrie White to take on her mother. My oh my what an episode! Here are the top moments from “A Night to Remember.”

The Fun Begins with an Awesome Opening Number!

As Betty, Archie and Veronica get ready for school they’re all going over the script for Riverdale High’s production of “Carrie the Musical.” And as they do, we get our first glimpse of their voices as they sing the song, “In.” Even at River Vixens practice in the gym. Cheryl, Toni, and Midge lead the squad singing “In” while rehearsing one of their routines. Picking up where the others left off, Kevin and Ethel sing in the halls of Riverdale High before they run into the auditorium alongside Veronica, Betty, Archie, Cheryl, Toni, Josie, Midge, and Moose. They all run on stage continuing to sing and dance before being joined by assistant director, Fangs Fogarty. Everyone sounds amazing as the anticipated musical episode kicks off with an exciting sequence of singing and even dancing that includes most of the cast.

Two Surprising Cast Members.

The cast of the musical is gathered in Riverdale High’s auditorium for their first rehearsal. The cast begins by introducing what role they’ll be playing in the production. When it comes to who will be playing the part of Carrie White’s mother Kevin reveals Alice Cooper has been cast in that role. Alice comes on stage just as the announcement is made and Betty cannot believe her eyes. Kevin must’ve seen Betty and the cast’s reaction and feels he needs to justify the casting. And probably for us viewers as well. So Kevin reveals he doesn’t believe in age-inappropriate casting. Of course, Alice is more than excited to be a part of the musical because that also means she’ll be able to spend more time with Betty.

Alice isn’t the only surprising cast member for Riverdale High’s “Carrie the Musical,” Chuck Clayton appears from behind the stage curtain apologizing for being late. In his behind the scenes interview with Jughead, the videographer for the production, Chuck explains he joined the play to help him reform his image. Even though he’s playing the villain, Chuck hopes showing up, putting in the work and being a team player will prove he’s changed. Awe. Chuck is really making an effort to make amends for his past. Hopefully, he finds some form of redemption.

Cheryl’s Impromptu Performance is Nearly Sandbagged.

During rehearsal for the musical, Cheryl hears Ethel and Josie whispering about her being cast in the lead role of Carrie White. They don’t believe she’s fit for the leading role. Cheryl, never one to stand by idly as she’s criticized, interrupts rehearsal to prove why she deserves the role. So to prove everyone wrong, Cheryl belts out “Carrie” and puts everyone’s doubts to rest including Kevin. She blows everyone away including viewers as her performance is fantastic. After she’s finished, her fellow cast members, Veronica, Betty, Alice, Toni, Midge, Moose, Archie, Jughead, Kevin, Fangs, Chuck and even Ethel and Josie applaud Cheryl’s impromptu performance. But as she makes her way to sit back down, Cheryl is nearly crushed by a sandbag from above rapidly drops exactly where she was just standing. Damn, someone really doesn’t want Cheryl to play Carrie in the musical.

An Ominous Letter Threatens the Show.

Kevin makes a disturbing confession to Jughead from behind the scenes of the show’s documentary. He found a letter in his locker from someone claiming to be the Black Hood. The letter, made from cut-out letters from a magazine, demands the role of Carrie is recast. Kevin cannot even imagine the possibility of the letter actually being from the Black Hood. His dad shot the Black Hood and killed him, so the letter must be some kind of sick prank. This following the Cheryl’s near death by sandbag has Kevin questioning the fate of the show. But compared to the past demands and ultimatums from Black Hood, both Kevin and Jughead agree threatening the school’s musical is small potatoes for the Black Hood. Kevin asks Jughead to keep the letter a secret, but as the official documentarian, he’s sworn to secrecy anyway. However, as they say, the show must go on and Kevin decides not to heed any red flags. Can you blame him? The sandbag could’ve been a mere accident and the Black Hood is supposed to be dead.

Bughead Investigates

Of course, Jughead can’t keep a secret from Betty. Especially when it’s something juicy to investigate like a mysterious letter appearing in Kevin’s locker supposedly from the Black Hood. She too believes the letter must be a prank because she was on the bridge when the sheriff shot the Black Hood. They do believe the letter s a legit threat though even if it’s not from the real Black Hood, Jug thinks whoever sent is using a classic phantom of the opera tactic, a mysterious note demands a specific role portrayed by a diva soprano be recast or else. Betty points out they can’t assume the letter came from a man and need to consider the letter may just as well come from a woman.

Ethel is suspect number one. So as Jughead films their interaction, Betty approaches Ethel in the student lounge to get her feelings on Cheryl portraying Carrie. Attempting to bait Ethel, Betty accuses Cheryl of always getting everything she wants including the role of Carrie and Ethel agrees. But instead of bad-mouthing Cheryl, Ethel thanks Betty for thinking she’d better fit for the lead role. Betty continues complaining how unfair it was for Kevin to cast Cheryl as Carre without even holding auditions. Ethel believes she was born to play Carrie White, so not even given a chance makes her angry. But when Ethel notices Jughead is filming her and Betty’s conversation, she makes sure to make it known she’s not a violent person and would never hurt anyone especially for her benefit, Well, Ethel just made herself look hella suspicious at least when it comes to the dark letter found in Kevin’s locker.

Cheryl and Josie Make Up.

The relationship between Cheryl and Josie remains strained and now even more so since Josie learned it was Cheryl who sent her the disgusting pig’s heart. While rehearsing in the auditorium, Kevin takes a minute to explain the scene is about friendship. Mrs. Gardner is being a friend out of kindness to Carrie when she has none. Josie says she’ll just have to fake it because she’s still mad at Cheryl for sending her a pig’s heart and having her believe it was Chuck instead. Josie starts singing, but in the middle of the scene, Cheryl insists they stop. She can’t go on with Josie hating her. For heaven’s sake, they’re singing a song about friendship. Cheryl apologizes to Josie for what she did. She knew it was wrong and confesses that she was struggling with some really dark, Carrie White-like demons. Cheryl asks for Josie’s forgiveness and apologizes again. Josie accepts and they sing “Unsuspecting Hearts” together beautifully. Bless Josie. Understanding Cheryl’s struggle and giving her another chance takes a special person. Especially when it means looking past someone’s sins against them.

B & V Together Again.

When rehearsals begin for “Carrie the Musical” Jughead witnesses a conversation between Betty and Archie. Betty makes it known she is still very upset with Veronica for acting like she didn’t know anything about her dad’s plans to build a prison in the Southside. Then in the auditorium,  Veronica, Toni, Ethel, Betty, and Chuck rehearse “The World According to Chris,” which is sung by Veronica. While everyone seems quite pleased with her performance, Betty doesn’t and even looks disgusted. Kevin loves it. Betty can’t keep quiet any longer and credits Veronica’s great performance to her being the actual embodiment of her character. Betty continues saying the role has never been so perfectly cast. She even goes as far to point out the common traits Veronica shares with Chris. Both spoiled rich girls with major daddy issues. She tries to control everyone around her, including her boyfriend and best friend. Ouch, Betty. Try to keep the claws in.

Later, Archie confronts Betty about how rude she was to Veronica. Naturally, he defends his girlfriend explaining that Betty has no idea what Veronica is going through and the pressure her family puts her under. Betty wants to let it go, but when she asks Archie to elaborate, he says it’s not his place to share anything more. He does remind Betty how easy it was for Veronica to forgive all the horrible things she said at Nick St. Claire’s party about Veronica because the Black Hood made her. She and Archie are called to rehearse Tommy and Sue’s ballad, “You Shine.” As they do, Betty thinks about what Archie said.  She goes into the music room to apologize to Veronica, who naturally just assumes she come to continue her verbal assault. Veronica apologizes to Betty as well revealing that playing Chris has made her see what a bad friend she’s been especially to Betty. But she doesn’t think so at all. And then the pair continue singing “You Shine.” Awe. First, Cheryl and Josie mend their friendship and now Betty and Veronica! Yay! Always so sad to see B and V at odds. Glad the besties are good again.

Hiram’s Devious Plan to Distance Archie and Fred Backfires.

After noticing Archie’s Firebird is parked in the garage at the Pembrooke, he asks Veronica why it’s there instead of at the Andrews. She explains Archie is only parking it there until he tells his dad it’s from Hiram because Archie doesn’t want to upset Fred. Hearing this gives Hiram a wicked idea to further the distance between Archie and Fred,  So Hiram decides to stop by the woodshop as Archie and Fred work on the set of the play. He asks Fred if Archie’s taken him for a ride in the Firebird fully aware Archie has been specifically keeping it a secret from his dad. Hiram reveals he gave the car to Archie as a gift for all the help he provided to him and his family. Fred plays it off like he’s not disappointed in his son and simply says it’s a pretty smooth ride. But outside, Fred reveals his true feelings about the car to Archie. As Archie does his best to convince his dad it’s only a car, Fred explains to him it’s more than that. He was planning on he and Archie taking a trip to the junkyard and pick out an old junker to fix up together like he and his dad did with his first car. Awe. Father-son bonding time and freaking Hiram Lodge ruined it.

Luckily, Archie sees right through what Hiram is doing. Finally! After confessing to Jughead on camera, he doesn’t think he’s anything like his character, Tommy Ross. The embodiment of good, selfless, loyal, a force for good, a hero. But Archie thinks lately he’s been going down a dark path especially ignoring how much he’s been hurting his dad. So Archie decides to go the Pembrooke and confront Hiram about trying to get between him and his dad. There, Archie says Hiram may be his boss, but getting between him and his dad is a battle he will always lose no matter what. Then Archie returns the keys to the Firebird to Hiram. About freaking time, Archie! You have been Hiram’s little puppet long enough,

Penelope Strikes Again.

Behind the scenes, Kevin reveals to Jughead he received another letter from someone claiming to be the Black Hood. Again, the letter demands Cheryl is replaced as the musical’s leading lady. But unlike the first letter and the sandbag, this letter is much darker and even threatens Cheryl’s life, which leaves Kevin with no choice. He meets with Cheryl to break the unfortunate news to her. She refuses to give up her role as will not allow them to succumb to thespian terrorism. Cheryl explains she needs to be seen up on that stage after what she’s been through, like a phoenix rising up from the ashes.

Penelope approaches and as always, she just makes things worse for Cheryl. She’s come to inform her daughter that Riverdale High requires parental permission for extracurricular activities, which includes “Carrie the Musical.:” Penelope stopped by to remind Mr. Weatherbee that Cheryl does not have permission to be involved in the musical. Kevin attempts to leave as he wants no part of the argument between the two strong-willed Blossom women, but Cheryl insists he stay as she confronts her mother. And Cheryl really lets her mother have it. She accuses her of feasting on broken dreams. But Cheryl’s snide comments have no effect on Penelope. She insists Cheryl wants to play Carrie so badly is nothing but some kind of revenge fantasy, a telekinetic teen who turns murderous killing her mother. Damn, I wonder if Cheryl’s mom was ever nice to her. Was she kind and nurturing to her and Jason as little children? Or maybe her hatred only comes since discovering Cheryl’s bisexuality…

And Now the Role of Carrie White Goes to…

Considering the ominous warnings from someone claiming to be the Black Hood and now Penelope refusing to give parental consent to Cheryl, Kevin is forced to recast the starring role of Carrie. He gathers everyone and explains due to unforeseen circumstances Cheryl will no longer playing the role of Carrie. Of course, they want to know why to which Kevin simply says Penelope isn’t much of a stage mom. Haha, he’s so funny sometimes. And before announcing who’ll be taking over as Carrie, Kevin lets Toni know where she can find Cheryl knowing full well she’d rush off to make sure Cheryl’s alright. Then he Kevin reveals Carrie will be played by Cheryl’s understudy, Midge, which apparently no one knew the play’s leading role even had an understudy. I thought it’s typical for larger roles in plays and musicals were generally assigned an understudy. But I guess it’s a fairly new concept in Riverdale because Kevin didn’t assign an understudy for his leading lady until the sandbag incident. Go figure.

Things Get a Little too Real for Alice.

Alice, who’s portraying Carrie’s mom, Margaret White, and Midge, who’s now playing Carrie White rehearse on stage “Stay Here Instead.” At some point, Alice becomes a bit too real as she seems to be singing to Betty, her actual daughter, rather than Midge. Before Alice runs off stage in tear, she looks at Betty in the crowd and asks her not to leave her like everyone else has.  Naturally, Betty runs into the hallway after her mother. There, she assures her she’s not going anywhere. Alice believes she’s driven everyone away. Not only did she give Chic away when he was born, she just did it again. And Alice reveals she and Hal aren’t living together because of something that happened a long time ago. (Cough, cough… Chic) Alice confesses her and Betty have never been so far apart as they are now, As Alice continues to cry, Betty holds her close and comforts her mom. But later as part of the behind the scenes documentary, Betty tells Jughead she’s never seen her mother like this. She wants to do something special for Alice so she won’t feel so abandoned and alone. How sweet. My heart breaks for Alice though. She must miss Polly so much too.

Hal Asks for a Second or Third Chance.

It’s opening night for “Carrie the Musical.” Alice and Betty are so nervous they can’t even eat. Betty did do something special for her mom as promised. Turns out she called her dad and asked him to bring Alice flowers for the play’s debut. Hal brings flowers for both Betty and Alice. But of course, he forgot Alice is allergic to peonies. He tells Alice that he’d really like to be able to come back home. There can’t be any more secrets though if he does return. So Alice has something she needs to tell Hal about Chic. He’s not his father. Shocker. My money is still on FP. Hal admits he’s had his suspicions. Well, he’d have to be a complete moron not to any suspicions. It doesn’t matter to Hal that he’s not Chic’s father. He just wants to come back home. Since everything is out on the table and their secret can no longer hurt them anymore, Alice agrees to let Hal move back home so they can be together again. Boooo! I was totally feeling Alice and FP as a potential couple. Don’t lose faith Falice shippers, I still have hope for them. Sorry, not sorry Halice.

Cheryl Channels her Inner Carrie

Toni consoles Cheryl, who is devastated her mother won’t give her permission to be a part of “Carrie the Musical.” Cheryl explains that she just wanted to show everyone she’s herself, but perhaps she’s not. Toni thinks Cheryl just needs to show her awful mother who’s really in charge, but Cheryl is so sure she can anymore because she’s not the same girl that burned down Thornhill. She’s changed. But Toni disagrees. She has faith Cheryl can stand up to her mother again.

Cheryl channels her inner Carrie White. Wearing her Carrie White dress with a bucket of blood, Cheryl prepares to confront her mother inside Thistlehouse. She enters Thistlehouse drenched in blood and holding a candelabra with the candles all lit. Cheryl finds herself standing in front of her mother. She tells her she’s covered in the blood of Jason and Clifford and warns her the next blood going to be spilled is going to be Penelope’s. Then Cheryl accuses her mother of conspiring with Claudius attempting to kill Nana Rose and sending her to the Sisters of Quiet Mercy hell. She’s had enough of her mother’s reign of terror. Cheryl threatens to end her if she ever tries to hurt Nana Rose again. She’s not afraid to burn a house down. She’s burned down one house already and will happily do it again. Cheryl tells her mother to start packing. She wants Thistlehouse to herself and Nana and her and Claudius are not welcome anymore. Go, Cheryl!  I’m glad she’s looking out for herself and Nana Rose. Sadly, though I don’t see Penelope and Claudius just packing up and leaving without a fight.

A Little Too Late.

After being cast in “Carrie the Musical” Alice stops by Pop’s Diner to see FP. She asks him if he’ll be attending opening night to see her performance. He doesn’t really show any interest and kind of blows her off. This upset Alice and reveals she was afraid Betty and Jughead would end up making the same mistakes they did when they were kids. But it turns out they are the ones making the same mistakes again. Whoa! Wonder what Alice is talking about…

Alice’s remarks must have hit a nerve with FP though. On opening night FP does show up, but Alice doesn’t have time to even notice. As soon as he enters the auditorium, he turns around and walks right back out. Turns out when FP walks into the auditorium, he sees Alice on stage leaning over talking to Hal. Seeing she and Hal have made up, he really doesn’t have any reason to be there anymore so he leaves. How stinking upset did FP look seeing Alice and Hal made up? He kind of looked like he got punched in the stomach. Dammit, Hal. Go away. Haha

Chic Returns for the Show.

Before the show back in the dressing room, the cast does a little bit of singing to warm up and chat a bit. Surprisingly, Chic shows up in the dressing room. Betty is completely caught off guard seeing her brother again. Chic tells Betty he wouldn’t miss her and his mother’s performance in the show for the world. Betty kindly explains that he really isn’t supposed to be backstage and says he should get back to his seat as the play is about to begin. Surely, Alice would be happy Chic came to see her and Betty in “Carrie the Musical.” She had been trying to get ahold of Chic since she told him he was not allowed to spend another night in her house. He definitely didn’t leave the Cooper house on good terms.

The Black Hood Returns.

It’s showtime. The auditorium is filled and the play begins. Sitting alongside Kevin and Cheryl, Jughead films from the crowd. Alice is on stage singing “Evening Prayers,” while Betty, Veronica, Archie, Moose, and Toni watch from backstage. Alice cues Midge, but when the curtains raise it’s revealed Midge has been stabbed multiple times with knives and scissors pinning her to the wall. There’s a message on the wall written in blood. It reads  “I Am Back From The Dead. All Those Who Escaped Me Before Will Die… B.H.” Midge was murdered by the Black Hood. Sadly, the crowd doesn’t realize it’s not part of the show until Alice screams overcome with fear. Then the auditorium erupts in panic and chaos. Everyone except Chic. He just sits perfectly calm in his seat like nothing even happened. Chic, you’re looking even more suspicious now. He may not be the Black Hood but he has to be associated with whoever is. Who stays calm after that? And he did tell Betty he wouldn’t miss opening night for the world. Suspicious! WTF Chic?!

Steph Flasher