Riverdale Recap: Top Moments of “Prisoners”

With the Town of Riverdale on Edge, Things Become Even More Chaotic as Familiar Foes Return

On the episode of Riverdale titled, “Prisoners,” the town says goodbye to a beloved River Vixen and things take a tumultuous turn in the aftermath of the Black Hood’s return. Archie makes it his mission to track down the Black Hood and finds himself facing an entirely different animal. While Veronica goes rogue and chooses to take matters into her own hands when someone from her past resurfaces. Meanwhile, a devastating secret about Chic comes to light leaving Alice heartbroken and leads to an intense showdown between Alice, Betty, Jughead, and Chic. While Cheryl is disgusted by the police work in Riverdale and schemes with Hermoine to take down Sheriff Keller. This episode is a non-stop thrill ride from beginning to end. Here are the top moments from “Prisoners.”

R.I.P. Midge:

Midge Klump’s death has taken a great toll on Riverdale. As the town gathers for her funeral, Cheryl stands at the front of her fellow River Vixens, who are dressed in all-black cheerleader uniforms. She sings a song in Midge’s honor and has a gorgeous voice. After her song, Cheryl announces “like the furies of Ancient Greece, who ceaselessly pursue blood atonement when a crime’s been committed, the Vixens and I vow that we will not rest until those responsible for the murder of our sister…. is rightly punished.”

After the service, Cheryl consoles Midge’s mom as Archie, Veronica, Jughead, and Betty watch. But when Sheriff Keller approaches to give his condolences for her loss, Mrs. Klump slaps him right across the face. She tells him he was supposed to be protecting the town from danger. Cheryl chimes in and threatens Sheriff Keller. She says the days of him failing this town are numbered and walks off. Kevin can’t believe what just happened and runs over the check on his dad. Wow, Cheryl has some balls threatening the sheriff.

At a Booth at Pop’s Diner:

In their usual booth at Pop’s, Betty, Jughead, Veronica, and Archie discuss who could’ve been behind Midge’s murder. Jughead believes her death was the work of a copycat and Chic is at the top of his suspect list. Not only did Chic show up in Riverdale right after Svenson was killed, he’s super creepy and has a horrible temper. Completely agree with Jug’s theory. Betty explains Chic only came to town because she went searching for him, While she does admit Chic is definitely weird (beyond), he didn’t know Midge and urges them to move on.

Archie didn’t think Svenson was the Black Hood and explains why. Despite him and Betty being on the bridge when he died and was wearing a black hood that night, it doesn’t think he’s the same guy who shot Fred and murdered Midge. Betty reminds Archie he forced her to bury him alive, cut off his own finger and sent it to her. Archie still isn’t convinced Svenson was the Black Hood. Perhaps, Svenson and the Black Hood were working together. Archie is sure though that Svenson’s eyes were not the same as the Black Hood’s eyes the night his dad was shot at Pop’s.

As Betty and Jughead leave the diner, he wonders how they could know for sure Chic isn’t Midge’s killer. He did kill before, the shady man, who their parents helped them cover up for him. Again, Betty doesn’t think he did it because Chic didn’t know Midge, so he has no real motive. (Crazy needs no reason). Jughead can’t help his suspicions because of his violent past and association with people just as violent. I couldn’t agree more with Jughead. Chic does seem like the only logical explanation but this is Riverdale and well, things aren’t completely logical.

“Death Wish Archie” Returns:

Back at the Pembrooke, Veronica is worried about Archie and asks if he’s alright. She afraid “Death Wish Archie” is going to come back with the potential return of the Black Hood. Archie explains if the Black Hood is going after those who escaped him before like the message written in Midge’s blood warned then anyone could be next. His dad, him, Veronica, Moose, Bett, the list goes on. That’s why Veronica needs him to remain calm and collected. She has him promise not to go on Black Hood revenge rage and patrol the streets or break into Svenson’s house because she wouldn’t be able to handle it if anything bad happens to him. As Archie walks home he sees a man wearing all black at the end of the street. Of course, he continues down the street approaching the man, but when he reaches where the man was standing he finds no one,

The next morning, Archie confesses to his dad he cannot stop thinking about the message the Black Hood left about all those who escaped him before would die. He thinks it’d be a good idea if Fred left town and stay in Chicago for a bit with his mom. Fred doesn’t think it’s a great idea because that would leave Archie all alone in Riverdale amidst the chaos. He assures Archie he’ll be fine. Sheriff Keller stationed a deputy outside their house, but Archie doesn’t think it’ll be enough to stop the Black Hood. So even though Archie promised Veronica he wouldn’t do anything irrational, he decides to investigate Svenson’s house. The house is now boarded up and abandoned, Archie attempts to get a better look through the top of the windows., but is ambushed by three men dressed in all black and wearing black masks. They continue to attack Archie, who doesn’t even have a chance to fight back. So much for that promise. Poor Veronica. We all knew Archie couldn’t stay out of it especially when it comes to the Black Hood.

Hermione and Cheryl Team-Up:

Never ones to pass up an opportunity for getting an advantage even during times of crisis, the Lodges plan to use Midge’s death to benefit Hermione’s mayoral campaign. To assure the residents of Riverdale of their safety, Hermione plans on going door-to-door to make sure they know the Lodges put safety first, unlike Sheriff Keller. When Hiram and Hermione ask Veronica for her help with their latest plan, something involving Cheryl because the two are friends, Veronica tells them she has no intention of getting involved with their latest scheme. Kudos Ronnie! Loving that you’re seeing how your parents can be so ruthless.

Hermione takes on the task of visiting Cheryl herself. She arrives at Thistlehouse and Cheryl invites her inside. Hermione compliments Cheryl on her speech at Midge’s funeral knowing her friend’s death has been particularly hard on her. Revealing that the speech came from the core of bosom, Cheryl believes Midge’s death is an absolute travesty and comments on Riverdale’s lack of competent law enforcement. Which is exactly what Hermione wanted to talk to Cheryl about. Considering her passion regarding Riverdale’s law enforcement, Hermione would love for Cheryl to write an op-ed piece as she too is in the middle of writing an editorial calling for Sheriff Keller’s head. It takes no convincing on Hermione’s part. Cheryl takes the bait instantly and agrees to write the piece. Damn, the Lodges are so manipulative.

Back to the Sisters of Quiet Mercy:

Betty and Jughead decide they should look further back into Chic’s past, Even though there’s no motive for Chic to kill Midge, perhaps he knew Svenson somehow. They both spent time at the Sisters of Quiet Mercy. Archie’s theory is there are multiple Black Hoods and could be right especially if Svenson and Chic are connected. It’s a long shot since Svenson is much older. But he did work at the Sisters of Quiet Mercy and the two could have crossed paths at some point. So it’s back to the Sisters to see what they can find out.

Betty and Jughead ask Sister Woodhouse for information about Chic. Specifically, if Chic’s time at the group home was at the same time as when Svenson served as the groundskeeper.  Betty asks to look at Chic’s file, but Sister Woodhouse will only agree if she has a court order. This makes Betty mad so she threatens to expose the Sisters’ secret gay re-education program, which she’s well aware of because a member of her family had recently been there against her will. If Sister Woodhouse wants a court order, Betty will return with one along with the FBI. Which I don’t get why no one had the Sisters’ sick program shut down after Cheryl’s escape. Afraid of the consequences, Sister Woodhouse allows them to see Chic’s file. Turns out he ran away from the group home nine years ago, which means he would’ve been there the same time as Svenson for two years. But the most shocking thing they find is a photo of Charles Smith, which is Betty’s brother’s real name and he looks absolutely nothing like Chic.

The Jig is Up!!

Betty and Jughead return to her house to find Chic in the kitchen. Alice invited him over for dinner after she took him to the Sheriff’s office for questioning. Betty and Jughead break the news they just came from the Sisters of Quiet Mercy, where they discovered Chic’s an impostor. Betty shows her mom the picture of the real Charles Smith. Chic attempts to play it off saying Betty never wanted a brother and has been out to get him from the beginning. Suspicions grow and Chic grabs a large kitchen knife and accidentally cuts Alice’s hand as he tries to attack Jughead. Luckily, Betty grabs the rolling pin, knocks Chic out and is able to disarm him before he seriously hurts anyone. Go, Betty!

Chic wakes up and finds himself tied to a chair in the Cooper basement with Alice, Betty, and Jughead waiting. Tired of his games, they all demand answers beginning with his real name. Insisting his name is Chic, he asks Alice to help him but she doesn’t respond. Betty believes he must have known her real brother because when she and Alice went to the hostel and asked for Charles Smith’s room, Marcel sent them to Chic’s room. Betty doesn’t get why Chic is impersonating her brother, Chic claims he never said his name was ‘Charles Smith.’ He only said Chic and confesses he and Charles met out on the street. They moved into the hostel together and that’s where Charles told him all about the Coopers. A perfect family that gave him up for adoption and never came looking for him. He came to Riverdale one day, knocked on the Cooper’s door, and Alice answered, but she slammed the door in his face as she said they weren’t interested. Charles went on a bender that night and overdosed on Jingle Jangle. Alice is completely crushed and runs upstairs in tears as Betty follows.

Upstairs, Alice looks at the photo of Charles that Betty and Jughead brought from his file at the Sisters. She knows Chic is telling the truth at least about Charles coming to the house. Alice now remembers turning him away just as Chic said. She blames herself for her own son’s death and Betty does her best to console her mother as she breaks down. Alice thinks Chic is seeking revenge for her giving away her son, who came back only for her to turn him away. She’s sure of it and thinks she deserves punishment. But Betty insists Chic is the only guilty party. Alice stops crying and asks Betty to stay at the house and watch Chic before leaving. Oh goodness. This is heartbreaking and beyond sick for Chic to make Alice believe she’s responsible for her son’s death.

Ugh, Nick is Back and Hiram’s True Colors are Revealed:

At the Pembrooke, Veronica starts to worry after texting Archie all day without any response. Finally, he calls, but it’s not Archie. It’s Nick St. Clair. Turns out, Nick was who attacked Archie outside of Svenson’s house. Now, he’s tied up in a warehouse somewhere and Nick’s demanding $1 million to get Archie back. She reminds him what happened last time he acted out, but Nick doesn’t need a reminder, He’ll have a limp for the rest of his life from his car accident. Either Veronica gives him what he wants or Nick will take his anger out on Archie.

Naturally, Veronica turns to her parents for help, but sadly they refuse to pay Archie’s ransom. Hiram won’t be shaken down by a teen terrorist. Which is quite ironic because Hiram had no problem grooming Archie as his own teen terrorist. Since her parents won’t help, Veronica decides she’ll call the police to which Hiram and Hermione strongly warn against. Apparently, the St. Clairs are a mob family with ties to the underworld, but Veronica thought they were simply music producers. Now that the truth about the St. Clair family is out, involving the police would only put them all at risk, which explains why Nick didn’t even bother to conceal his identity, Her parents ask Veronica to just be patient but it’s Archie and with all the possible things Nick could be doing to him she can’t. Veronica leaves the room and Hiram tells Hermione that Archie isn’t blood and they’ll look vulnerable if they pay Archie’s ransom. Then Veronica could be targeted. Wow, Hiram. I get you’re protecting your own, but what about all the times Archie stuck his neck out for that family. Sometimes even at the expense of his own family.

Sheriff Keller is Bullied:

At River Vixens practice, Kevin asks Cheryl about the scathing op-ed piece she wrote with Hermione Lodge smearing his dad and demands she has a retraction published in the Register. Cheryl insists his father’s police work has been incompetent for some time and with more bodies piling up, he needs to step down as Sheriff. Cheryl and the River Vixens will see that lady justice is served in Riverdale. Lawd, Cheryl versus the Black Hood would not be a match I want to see. Sadly, Cheryl would not win no matter how devious she can be.

Later, at the home, Kevin tells his dad he shouldn’t take Cheryl’s article to heart, but as the town’s Sheriff, he begs to differ. Confessing he wanted to be finished with the Black Hood as much as anyone and just shot Svenson on the bridge. Perhaps he cut a few corners in the case and didn’t have enough evidence to close the Black Hood case. They’re interrupted by a loud crash outside and Kevin and his dad go out to investigate. They find the front window of the Sheriff cruiser has been smashed and “Sheriff Killer” has been spray-painted on it. Sad day in Riverdale when the town Sheriff is a victim of bullying

Veronica Stands by Her Man:

Later, Veronica sneaks into her father’s study and cracks the code on the safe in hopes there will be enough money inside to pay Archie’s ransom. Unfortunately, there’s not nearly enough. She calls Nick anyways and tells him she has his money. He arranges for the two of them to meet at Pop’s Diner in an hour to make the transaction.

Veronica meets Nick but before they discuss anything she demands proof Archie is alright. Nick shows her a photo he took of Archie all bruised and bleeding, which is proof that at least he’s still alive. But as soon as Veronica gives him the money, Nick realizes she’s short and not the $1 million he requested. She promises to get his the rest of the money. Wondering how she’s going to get that kind of money if not from her parents, he suggests she give him something else. Perhaps, what they started at the Four Seasons back in New York. Nick wants a night alone with Veronica. How can she be sure Nick will let Archie go if she does agree? Nick assures Veronica has his word as a gentleman. She agrees, but instead of New York, he’ll have to settle for Riverdale. Nick’s word as a gentleman shouldn’t mean shit. There’s nothing gentleman-like about him, For heaven’s sake he roofied girls and raped them. He’s repulsive,

Oh, my Falice Heart:

Alice shows up at FP’s trailer in tears and completely distraught. No more secrets or lies between them. Alice confesses that things might have been a lot different between them if she had only told him all those years ago. FP has no clue what she’s even talking about and just stands there intently listening. Alice continues and tells FP everything. She reveals she had his child years ago. A son, she named Charles, who she had to give up for adoption with the Sisters of Quiet Mercy. He came back to Riverdale to see her, but she turned him away. And now he’s dead and she only blames herself.

Alice asks FP if he remembers what happened between them back in high school. He does, but of course, we have no damn clue yet. She knows she made a mistake and apologizes. But right now she needs to get back to her house with Betty and Jughead. FP wants to know if she’s referring to Chic and Alice tells him Chic is someone else entirely. He hugs her and lets her know that everything will be alright. What a heartbreaking moment between Falice, FP really does seem to love Alice still. I need Falice high school flashbacks as soon as possible!

“Lollipop, Lollipop”- He’s Back!

Waiting for Alice to return, Betty’s phone rings in that super catchy yet heart-dropping tone. It can mean only one thing, it’s the Black Hood, Instantly tears comes to Betty’s eyes and he asks her if she missed him. She knew it wasn’t over. Betty accuses him of setting up Svenson to take the fall for him and killing Midge. The Black Hood admits both are true, But after everything he’s taught her, she still making mistakes by allowing Chic, a sinner in her house. Claiming Chic lived in a den of sinners, the Black Hood also points out Chic kills just as easily as he did in her house. Supposedly, Chic has murdered before. Jug comes into the room and asks who Betty was talking to and she lies and says her dad. (Oh, the irony!) She tells Jughead they need to return to the hostel because she thinks Chic’s lying about what really happened to Charles.

Betty and Jughead go back to the hostel hoping to learn the truth about what really happened to Charles. They go upstairs to talk to Charles’ neighbors but don’t have much luck and are asked to go away or simply ignored. They do come across one neighbor who is willing to talk. She recognizes the photo of Charles that Betty shows her. She remembers him as the nice one, who always talked to her and would help her with her groceries. May he rest in peace she adds. Jughead asks if Charles had a Jingle Jangle addition, which she knew nothing about. She says Charles and Chic were constantly fighting and then one day there was only one, the bad one, Chic. When she took out her trash, she saw bloody sheets and pillows in the dumpster. Chic seriously needs mental health help.

Nick is About to Get What’s Coming to Him:

Before going to meet with Veronica, Nick taunts Archie showing him the laptop is going to have a live feed of his date with Veronica, At first, Archie thinks Nick is lying but when Nick informs him afterward, he’ll let him go he knows he’s serious. Archie threatens to kill Nick, who insists things can only end one way. He’s going to make his bones with Archie and to do that you need to kill someone. Nick can’t think of a better person than Hiram’s Capo.

Veronica puts on her makeup before meeting up with Nick. She comes up with an idea when she sees the necklace Archie gave her for Christmas. She arrives at the Five Seasons for their date, Nick wonders why she’s not in Manhattan and still in Riverdale. He believes she’s going through a phase just like her relationship with Archie. Veronica offers to fix drinks and asks Nick to sit down and relax. Poor Archie is stuck watching this via live stream. Thank goodness, she asks Nick to stop talking about Archie, so he does and takes a drink. Archie keeps getting frustrated being forced to watch his girlfriend on a date with someone that’s a complete creep and not him. He’s still tied to the chair though. He kicks back off the table and smashes the chair allowing him to escape his restraints. Archie hits Nick’s friend with a pipe knocking him unconscious and allows him to escape. Watch out, Nick! Archie’s coming for you.

More Minds Games and No Truth:

Back at the Cooper house, Betty and Jughead return and confront Chic about the information from his neighbor at the hostel. He still refuses to admit anything and insists Charles was an addict. Jughead punches him in the face so hard he starts bleeding, but Chic’s unaffected even with all the blood. He actually asks Jughead to keep hitting him. They can’t kill him because they’re afraid and they can’t let him go because what if he tells someone about the shady guy? Betty’s had enough of Chic;’s games and grabs him by the throat demanding the truth about her brother, but Chic still continues to play games.

Just as Betty puts the gun she stole from Ms. Grundy into her purse, her phone rings, It’s the Black Hood again. She admits he was right about Chic being a killer, but says he still won’t admit it. He tells her some sinners confesses only when faced with death. The Black Hood assures Betty if she gives Chic to him, no one would ever find out about the shady man. Betty appears to be considering the Black Hood’s offer but doesn’t have a chance to answer.

Not Our House, Not Our Place:

Alice barges in the house with FP, who immediately goes downstairs looking for Jughead. Still attacking Chic in hopes of getting the truth from him, Jughead is pulled off him and FP takes him out of the house. There, FP scolds him for getting involved in what goes on inside the Cooper house because its none of their business. Jug can’t leave Betty and Alice in there with a potential murderer. After what happened with Jason Blossom, FP won’t let Jug near that, It’s not their house or their place, FP thinks it’s up to Alice and Betty to decide what to do with Chic and only then he and Jug will help.

Meanwhile inside, Betty and Alice consider their next move, Betty thinks they could drive Chic out of town, but Alice is afraid he’ll just come back. Regardless, Alice believes it’s time to tell Hal the truth about everything because it has an effect on all their lives. Oh, Hal is going to be so understanding considering his past reactions, especially if it involves Chic. He’s not kept his feelings about him a secret at all.

Nick Gets a Taste of His Own Medicine:

During their date, Nick confesses he always thought he and Veronica would end up together. She said that all stopped when he started roofy-ing girls, but Nick assures Veronica that’s all in the past. He claims it was just schoolboy mischief and asks Veronica to dance. While on the other side town, Archie’s running through the streets of Riverdale like a madman to get to Veronica at the Five Seasons. When finally makes it there, he busts through the door only to find Nick lying unconscious on the floor. Turns out Veronica smuggled in a roofie in the hotel room in the locket Archie gave her for Christmas and roofied Nick. Archie and Veronica tie Nick to a chair and she arranges a little exchange of her own. Veronica calls the St. Clairs for ransom money to get their son back. You go, girl! Nick’s such a creeper!


Later when Hiram and Hermione return to Pembrooke, they find Veronica standing over a lot of money. She turned the tables on Nick. All that cash is the ransom the St. Clairs paid to get Nick back, a $1 million for her troubles. Hiram claims he was handling things with the St. Clairs. Funny thing is they told the Veronica they hadn’t heard a thing from him regarding Archie’s kidnapping. But she’ll let him explain to Archie why because he’s in his study waiting for him.

In his study, Hiram offers an explanation why he didn’t help him when Nick held him for ransom, but Archie doesn’t care to hear any of it. Archie reveals a lot of things went through his mind while Nick was torturing and he feels he’s proved himself to Hiram in so many ways. There’s only one thing left to do. He hasn’t made his bones with Hiram and there’s only one man Archie plans on bringing down. The Black Hood. Hiram accepts Archie’s offer saying that would definitely earn him his bones. Hiram offers to help Archie in any way he can. Tsk tsk. Veronica would not approve of Archie going after the Black Hood again. And she’d certainly be pissed if she found out her dad was helping him.

Poor Sheriff Keller:

Kevin sees his dad looking defeated in his home office. He goes in to check on him and discovers he’s in jeopardy of losing his job. Turns out the deputy Mayor asked Tom to step down as Sheriff and turn in his badge. He knows if Hermione Lodge is elected as Riverdale’s Mayor he’ll most certainly lose his job. However, if Fred Andrews wins, he’ll be alright and live to fight another day. But Tom just cannot desert his post especially in the time of crisis. He explains if he resigns, somebody from the outside will be brought in and hopefully, they’ll be able to catch the Black Hood. Yeah, if someone from the outside is brought in it’ll probably be hand-picked by the Lodges. That way they’ll have the law on their side and if Hermione is elected Mayor, the Lodges will have total control of Riverdale.

Chic, Meet the Black Hood:

Hal loses his shit when he learns Chic is an impostor and he’s tied up in their basement. And when he wants to go to the police and discovers he can’t because Alice would go to jail because of covering up Chic murdering the shady man in their house. She lies and doesn’t tell him about Betty’s involvement in the cover-up. Betty attempts to say otherwise but Alice tells her to go to her room.  She goes to the basement instead. There, she pulls the gun from her purse. She tells Chic she took it from a music teacher who was a predator like him. Holding Chic at gunpoint, Betty frees Chic and leads him out the back door,

Betty drives Chic out to the cemetery. He wonders who called Betty with the odd “Lollipop” ringtone. She tells him he’ll find out soon enough. Since it’s just the two of them, Betty wants to know if he did kill her brother, Charles. Finally, we get the truth. Chic confesses he and Charles got into an argument and he lost control but never meant to hurt Charles. Just a few feet away, the Black Hood arrives. Chic doesn’t believe it’s actually the Black Hood, because why isn’t Betty running for her life? She informs Chic the Black Hood isn’t interested in her, only him. As the Black Hood slowly approaches, Betty lowers the gun to give him a head start and Chic takes off in the opposite direction. Oddly, the Black Hood makes eye contact briefly before chasing after Chic like he’s a former track star.

Where’s Dad?

When Betty returns home after handing over Chic to the Black Hood, she finds her mother sitting on the steps drinking. Alice asks Betty where she went. Betty replies she took Chic away and he’s gone for good now. She lies and says she took him to the bus station. Betty notices her father’s gone and asks where he went. Alice says he went out looking for her. Betty’s eyes widen as she is thinking the exact thing we are! Could her father, Hal actually be the Black Hood? The eyes certainly match up and it’d explain why the Black Hood seems to have an affinity for Betty. Wowzers.

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