Riverdale Recap: Top Moments of “Shadow of a Doubt”

Mayoral Debate Night Approaches in Riverdale & Even More Craziness Ensues.

Riverdale turned the intensity up again this week. The episode which is titled, “Shadow of a Doubt.” centers around the upcoming mayoral debate and Betty’s suspicions her father might possibly be the Black Hood. Betty turns to Cheryl for help investigating Hal to see if he is indeed the Black Hood. Meanwhile, Hiram introduces a new sheriff to Riverdale, who he hopes to be a new ally. He also betrays Archie’s blind allegation again. And as debate night nears, Fred receives a threatening note that has everyone nervous, but the debate must go on. Unfortunately, things take a drastic turn jeopardizing everyone’s safety.  While a dark secret causes unrest between the Bulldogs and Serpents which Archie and Jughead do their best to settle But a little prodding from Hiram leads to an eruption of chaos between the North and Southside. Damn! What an episode. Here are the top moments from “Shadow of a Doubt.”

Archie Looks for the Black Hood  Campaigning for his Dad and Upsets Hiram:

With Riverdale’s Mayoral campaign debate night approaching, Archie decides to do some door-to-door campaigning for Fred. But helping his Dad win Mayor isn’t Archie’s only motive for visiting his fellow neighbors. Archie wants to get a good look at the eyes of as many of the town’s people as he can to see if one of them could match to the Black Hood’s eyes. Sadly, he doesn’t have the success he had hoped in finding a match to potentially be the Black Hood. But he did manage to get under Hiram’s skin.

Later at the Pembrooke, Hiram confronts Archie about his recent activities saying his spies told him about him campaigning for Fred. So Archie admits while it seems rather crazy, he was actually looking for the Black Hood because he remembers his eyes perfectly. Hiram remembers Archie saying he wanted to make his bones with the Black Hood and suggests he bring back the Dark Circle. Archie doesn’t think it’s the best idea. Hiram’s having trouble taking no for an answer especially from Archie. It is a rather new concept to him. So Hiram assures Archie he’s very familiar with the newly appointed sheriff and he’ll be able to help the two coordinate their efforts. Of course. Hiram knows the new sheriff. Now, he’ll really be able to get away with murder.

Only the Best Suitors for a Mob Princess:

While covering Archie’s bruises he got when Nick held him for ransom, Veronica informs him that word of her turning the tables on Nick has gotten out. Now, the mobsters her once associated with are sending their most promising and brightest ‘princes’ to court Veronica, the rare Mafia Princess. The five families looking to make alliances, business, political or both, with her mother and father. But before Archie has the chance to respond to his girlfriend being set up to meeting potential suitors from the five prominent mob families, Hiram interrupts. Of course, he does. I don’t get how Archie can be so calm about the ridiculous situation.

Now, dressed and ready for the day, Veronica finds Hermione waiting in the dining room with all five of her suitors from the five families patiently waiting. Her mother informs Veronica, they’ve come to pay their respects to her but she insists they will just have to wait. While she’s very interested in hearing their proposals, Veronica needs to get to school. Hermione isn’t pleased with her daughter the slightest bit that Veronica is putting off something so important. Veronica certainly does have her own way of doing things.

Betty Confides in Cheryl:

In the Blue and Gold offices at school, Betty questions Cheryl about Jason’s death and her father being the murderer. Betty wonders if Cheryl ever knew her dad was her brother’s murderer before seeing the video of him shooting Jason. Subconsciously, Cheryl confesses she did. Surprisingly, Betty reveals there’s a chance her father could be the Black Hood, but Cheryl doesn’t think so. Hal doesn’t seem like a killer. Betty seriously hopes this isn’t the case but she just can’t shake the feeling otherwise. Cheryl suggests going to the police since there’s a new Sheriff, who will hopefully be more competent than Sheriff Keller. But Betty needs to be completely sure her father’s the killer before she confronts him or involving the police. Given that’s the case, Cheryl tells Betty she needs to get proof or a confession of guilt from her father. She needs to buy herself some time while she investigates more.

Midge’s Serpent Secret:

In the boys’ locker room, Archie rallies the guys to reform and hopefully recruit new members of the Dark Circle to protect the people of the town. He promises they’ll even have the new Sheriff’s support. During their meeting, Moose reveals he has a confession. He and Midge had gotten into an argument because she admitted she was seeing a member of the Southside Serpents, but never admitted who. Reggie’s furious, of course. Moose didn’t say anything before because he didn’t want to risk becoming a suspect in Midge’s murder. Archie wants to get to the police now with this information, but instead, Reggie wants to find out which Serpent was hooking up with Midge.

Meanwhile, Jughead has a meeting of  Swords & Serpents to warn everyone the Ghoulies have been released from Shankshaw Prison. Word on the street is they’re out for Serpent blood. They want a war. Their meeting is interrupted by Reggie, Archie, Kevin, Moos and the rest of the Bulldogs, who have come to find out who was hooking up with Midge. Reggie accuses Sweet Pea, which doesn’t go over too well. Claiming he didn’t know Midge, but he definitely understands why she wouldn’t want flees from a Bulldog. Insults lead to pushing and a fight nearly breaks out. Luckily, Jughead and Archie are able to keep both the Serpents and Bulldogs at bay. Damn, Reggie is such a freaking hothead.

Fangs Admits He was Doing More than Helping Midge with Her Lines:

Later at Sunnyside Trailer Park, Fangs reveals what he was really doing in Midge’s dressing room on the opening night of “Carrie the Musical.” While filming the documentary for the musical, Jughead discovered Fangs in Midge’s dressing room but he claimed he was only there giving her notes for her upcoming performance. Fangas confesses he was actually there because he and Midge were hooking up. And to make things look even worse Fangs didn’t tell Sheriff Keller about this. Fangs is seriously shaken over all this because he knows how guilty it makes him look. He insists he didn’t kill Midge. Fangs ask if Jug would delete the footage, he wishes he could and explains he already turned the video into Sheriff Keller as evidence. Jughead assures Fangs the Serpents have his back if anything should happen. For now, Fangs should just lay low.

There’s a New Sheriff in Town:

At Riverdale High, Jughead discovers Dark Circle posters everywhere and asks Archie what’s up with the forceful branding. Archie claims Reggie made them. Jug asks Archie to call the Circle off the Serpents even though they were right about a Serpent hooking up with Midge. Jug refuses to say who but assures Archie he isn’t Midge’s killer. He also assures Archie none of his guys are the Black Hood. Archie says he’ll talk to Reggie about backing off some. Meanwhile, Jughead attempts to retrieve incriminating footage from the town’s new Sheriff. Archie hasn’t met him yet and asks Jughead to come along with him.

At the Sheriff Station, both Archie and Jughead are greeted by Sheriff Minetta and Hiram Lodge. The new Sheriff already knows all about  Archie and Jughead thanks to Hiram. Jughead asks if he could get the documentary footage of “Carrie the Musical” he lent to Sheriff Keller before he stepped down. He and the Sheriff go chat into the Sheriff’s office. Meanwhile, Hiram has the audacity to ask Archie to accompany Veronica while she entertains the casino suitor, Elio. Hiram has some balls to ask Archie to go along with his girlfriend as she entertains another man. Sure, it’s not romantically but still has to be super awkward for Archie and Hiram must know that.

Veronica Interviews Her Potential Suitors:

At Pop’s Diner, Veronica hears each of the five mob families’ proposals. There’s a variety of ideas from each. A family wants to start a meat cannery, which obviously Veronica isn’t the least bit interested. Another family proposes opening a huge five thousand seat arena in Riverdale, but because it’s so similar to an arena in a neighboring town, Veronica passes on the idea. There’s also an offer to open a horse track, which she declines as well. Finally, Veronica settles on an offer from a family that operates the largest chain of casinos in the region.

At Pop’s Diner, Veronica reveals that out of all the other offers, Elio’s inspired her the most. And suggests their families join together to build a casino they could call the “Sweetwater Casino.” She excuses herself to use the restroom and Elio asks Archie how he became involved with the Lodges. He explains mostly because of his relationship with Veronica. Elio’s father told him Archie is Hiram’s Capo and rumor is he made his bones by killing Poppa Poutine. Elio warns Archie his son is now looking for payback. However, Archie reveals he had no involvement at all in Poppa Poutine’s death. Uh oh, better watch your back Archiekins. Especially if the mob’s out for payback.

A Call from the Morgue:

Since Betty is helping out at the Riverdale Register again it gives her a chance to monitor her dad’s activities, even more, to see if he’s the Black Hood. One night after her parents go to dinner Betty has a chance to snoop around Hal’s desk. She calls Cheryl to come over. Betty cross-referenced her dad’s schedule with each day of a Black Hood attack and they all lineup. Hal was either working late, had an early meeting or on a business trip when the Black Hood attacked. While this isn’t proof Hal’s the Black Hood, it is corroboration. They’re interrupted by a call from the coroner’s office who thinks he’s talking to Alice. An unidentified male body that has been badly mutilated turned up along the highway just outside town. Scared that it might be Chic, Betty says she’ll be right there. Betty confesses to Cheryl that she handed Chic over to the Black Hood and the body in the morgue may very well be him.

Cheryl goes along with Betty down to the morgue for moral support. The coroner is surprised to see Betty instead of Alice, but she figures her money is just as good. She pays him off and he unzips the bodybag allowing her to she if Chic’s inside. It isn’t him and Betty and Cheryl go back to school. There, Betty breaks down on the steps. Cheryl tells her everything’s alright. It wasn’t Chic, but Betty argues it could have been. Chic could be lying dead somewhere because of her. Maybe he got away suggests Cheryl. Betty believes she’s a killer because she delivered Chic to the Black Hood, which in her eyes makes her no better than the Black Hood. Cheryl assures Betty none of it is her fault and if Chic is dead it’s the Black Hood’s fault. Then she advises Betty to confront her father with as much of the truth she dares to see how he reacts. I am really liking the development in Betty and Cheryl’s friendship. Cheryl is there for Betty and comforting.

Fred gets a Disturbing Note:

When Archie get home from school, he finds his dad in the kitchen with a note from the Black Hood. It says; “You’re next sinner.” Fred found it on the front door. They call the police and not long after Hiram and Hermione arrive at the Andrews house. They discuss if the note could be a prank, but regardless if the note is a prank or not, Archie and the Lodges want to cancel the evening’s mayoral debate. However, Fred wants to continue as planned. Sheriff Minetta assures them he can increase security at Town Hall. Fred believes they need to show their town, which is scared right now, that they cannot be intimidation. Yay, Fred deserves to win Mayor. He’s good for the town and doesn’t have an alternative agenda for the Mayor’s office.

Awkward Cooper Family Dinner:

During dinner, Betty heeds Cheryl’s advice and she confesses everything to her mother and father. She reveals the Black Hood was also calling her when he was first killing people. She explains how he was asking her to do things to prove how they are alike. Betty shares the Black Hood offered to help get rid of Chic so she delivered him to the Black Hood and did not take him to the bus station. She’s an accomplice to murder if Chic is dead and she’s alright with that. Betty explains there’s always been a darkness inside of her and she believed Chic could help her better understand it. Instead, it’s been the Black Hood who’s helped her most. While Alice is speechless, Betty’s just saying all this to potentially bait her father. Hal grabs Betty’s hand and reveals he too battles his own darkness. His time away from Alice made him feel as if he was drowning in it and this is why they need each other. Oh goodness, I about choked when Hal admitted he has a darkness too. I don’t think he is quite the same as Betty’s though.

Fangs Looks Super Guilty:

Jughead stops by Pop’s to tell FP that Sheriff Minetta is refusing to give him back the documentary footage because he wants to look at it frame-by-frame. FP thinks it’s only a matter of time until he puts things together and Fangs is brought in for questioning. Fangs will look guilty if he runs and he’ll look like Midge’s killer if he doesn’t tell the truth before it comes out. It’s the perfect storm for the Lodges. They bring in a new Sheriff to catch Midge’s killer and if it’s someone from the Southside it’s perfect for them. The Serpents would have no choice but to be prepared to fight because they’d need to defend the Southside.

Toni shows Jughead behind the scenes footage of Fanga in Midge’s dressing room that was leaked from the documentary the next day at school. She says the footage was posted on the Register’s website. Just as Mr. Weatherbee comes over the intercom that he’s looking for Fangs, Toni and Jughead rush to find him. Turns out they find but so does Reggie and the rest of the Dark Circle. Fangs insists he didn’t do anything and tries to run but he’s trapped. One end of the hallway is blocked by the Sheriff and his deputies while the Dark Circle is at the other end. Sheriff Minetta stops Fangs pushing him up against the wall to arrest him. But as Fangs resists arrest, a switchblade falls out of his pocket making matters even worse. Sheriff sees this and slams Fangs to the ground and cuffs him. Poor Fangs. Talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time. He was just visiting his hook up before her big performance.

Archie’s Betrayed by Hiram and the Dark Circle:

At the Andrews’ house, Archie is back to sitting guard with his baseball bat in case the Black Hood comes back for his dad. Even though there’s a deputy posted at their house, he’s afraid it’s not enough. Archie confesses to his dad everything changed the night the Black Hood shot him. He felt helpless. Fred understands and hugs Archie. Meanwhile, on the other side of town, Reggie leads the Dark Circle outside the Whyte Wyrm in slashing all the tires of those inside and then set the dumpster on fire.

Jughead wakes Archie, who fell asleep on the couch in the living room while standing guard, pissed about the Dark Circle’s attack on the Southside. Jughead had no clue Archie wasn’t involved though. Later, Archie calls a Dark Circle meeting where he scolds Reggie, Moose, Kevin and the rest of the guys for vandalizing the Southside. Claiming they were only celebrating Fang’s arrest, Archie explains a wrongful arrest isn’t something worth celebrating. Kevin chimes in saying Fangs had a knife on him, which makes him seem really guilty. Archie is sick of fighting with them and attempts to disband the Dark Circle. However, they have no intention of stopping and Reggie makes it known it’s not Archie’s decision to make. Turns out Hiram is paying them and he even suggested they go out and celebrate Fang’s arrest. Archie had no clue, Reggie says while Archie may have been the one who started the Dark Circle, Hiram told Reggie it’s his now. Wow. Low blow Hiram. So easily he forgets everything Archie’s done for him.

Cheryl and Betty Break-In:

After her dinner table confession, Betty calls Cheryl to reveal Hal’s reaction. He hasn’t admitted to any crimes but did mention a darkness inside him especially when he was kicked out of the house. So Betty decided to check out his credit card statements while he was gone and discovered he’s still making payments to a Share BnB he was renting despite now being back home. Cheryl gives us Pretty Little Liars vibes and suggests maybe Hal has a secret lair. Naturally, Betty and Cheryl decide to break in and try to get to the bottom of things.

There, as Betty picks the lock to get inside Cheryl stands lookout. Once inside, they look for anything that’s incriminating or even looks suspicious. Cheryl discovers a Nancy Drew book, the same book the Black Hood used to write the secret message that only Betty could decipher. Hal knew Betty was obsessed with the same book growing up. Then Betty gets a call from her dad asking where she’s at, so she lies and tells him she’s at Pop’s with Cheryl. He and Alice are leaving for the debate and offers her to pick her up or wait but Betty says she’ll meet them there. Cheryl and Betty’s little breaking and entering adventure definitely had me feeling they’d fit in perfectly with the PLL ladies. I really like the Betty and Cheryl team up.

The Debate Almost Turns Deadly:

It’s time for the Riverdale Mayoral debate and the town is all gathered at Town Hall. Archie stands on Fred’s side of the stage while Hiram and Veronica stand on Hermione’s side and Alice, who’s serving as the moderator of the debate, is between the candidates. Alice asks Hermione the first question. How does she plan to restore safety in a town with fear and unrest ruling the streets? Claiming they’re already making progress. Sheriff Minetta, who she and Hiram personally recruited from Centerville already caught Midge’s killer. Fred points out they don’t actually know if Fangs is her killer yet. He doesn’t see any reason for blood until there’s been a trial.

Fred’s comment about calling for blood prompts Hermione to educate him about the Dark Circle, which she calls a dangerous, radical group using terror tactics, violence and street warfare. She then makes sure to point out the Dark Circle was started by none other than his son, Archie. So how can Fred be trusted to run a town when he has no clue what his own son’s doing. Damn! Below the belt Lodge. Veronica sees a figure moving up on the balcony. It’s the Black Hood with a rifle. He shoots at Fred but thankfully Archie tackles his dad to the ground saving him from being shot. Chaos breaks out as the Black Hood continues shooting from the balcony. Betty looks for her dad, who is no longer seated behind her and she thinks he’s the one shooting from above. It’s not Hal though. He grabs Betty and they hide while the gunfire continues. Meanwhile, Archie and Fred hide behind his podium as the shots ring out and Hiram, Veronica, Hermione hide behind her podium as well. That was super intense.

Archie Finally Chooses His Dad:

At the Sheriff station after the debate fiasco, Fred points out Sheriff Keller isn’t looking that bad since Sheriff Minetta was unable to secure the debate. Minetta claims the balcony has a trap door leading to the roof that’s not on any building plans. He has cars all over downtown looking for the Black Hood so he’s not going to get too far. Sheriff Minetta assures Hiram they will catch the shooter by the end the of the night. Since Archie has come face-to-face with the Black Hood before and has even looked him the eyes, Hiram suggests Arche go along with them to help properly identify him. Hiram asks Archie if he’s up for a ride along but Archie looks at his dad and decides he’s going home with him to ensure his safety instead. Kudos Archie!! It’s about damn time he chooses his family for once. Take that Hiram!

Betty Confronts Hal:

At the Cooper house, Hal comes downstairs and prepares to meet Alice at the Register. As he gets ready, he finds Betty sitting with the Nancy Drew book she and Cheryl found in Hal’s room at the Share BnB. Betty confronts her dad before he leaves. She has no clue what happened at the Mayoral debate or if it was even the Black Hood behind it. Betty explains that she and Cheryl broke into his room at the Share BnB and that’s where she found the book the Black Hood used for his knowing Betty would be able to solve it. Why does he have the very same book? Hal doesn’t have a clue about the Black Hood using the Nancy Drew book. He only knew it was Betty’s favorite because she checked it out of the library nearly every weekend. Hal found a copy of it online and reveals that he was saving it for her birthday. Suddenly, it hits him and Hal realizes Betty suspected him of being the Black Hood. He assures Betty the book was just supposed to be a surprise birthday gift and they hug. I don’t think Betty’s completely convinced her dad isn’t connected to the Black Hood somehow.

You Earn Respect by Giving It:

Before the debate, Veronica asks her father about starting a casino. The first time she asked him he claimed Elio’s family casino business isn’t legal and he did so much to go legal he can’t go back. Now she has done her research and figured out a way to make a casino happen with including the Elio family. Hiram doesn’t appear interested and brushes Veronica off asking her to save it for a later discussion.

After the debate disaster, the Lodges go back to the Pembrooke. Hermione is visibly shaken up. Veronica notices but her mother insists she’s fine. Veronica knows her mother wants to be strong for the campaign, but perhaps she could consider dropping out of the running. Hiram will not allow that to happen. Claiming they’ve worked too hard and come too far to quit when they’re so close. Veronica reminds him they were literally just shot at but Hermione must continue as planned and assures Veronica she’ll be fine. The campaign is bigger than her. Veronica cannot believe Hiram is willing to put her mother’s life at risk for one of his plans and makes her opinion known. Hiram demands respect but she asks where her respect is from him. She entertained his enemies’ sons when he asked. And when she worked everything out for the casinos to be legal, he brushed her off. Veronica’s done the work and is going to go ahead with the casino plans on her own with the money she got from Nick’s ransom. As usual, Hiram’s always one step ahead and already put the money in a trust, which Veronica isn’t able to touch until she’s 21. What was the point of the suitors then? To bother Archie? Hiram truly is ruthless. Insisting Hermione continue on in the Mayoral race makes me question if she really is the one in charge and not him.

Both Sides Plan for Fangs’ Release:

Jughead learns about the debate shooting from Betty He tells Attorney McCoy and they wonder why Fangs is still in lockup. What happened to Midge and what happened at the debate are being considered as separate incidents. If Fangs isn’t charged with something within the next hour, he’ll be released but there are a lot of protesters outside. And his release isn’t going to help matters and make many people very upset. So Jughead returns to his trailer to tell FP that Fangs is getting out, Jug’s quite surprised to find Joaquin returned. FP asked him help Fangs disappear just as he had. Joaquin plans to take Fangs to his place San Junipero but first, they need to get him safely out of the Sheriff’s station and through the angry mob outside in one piece.

Meanwhile, Hiram calls Reggie over to Pembrooke to let him know Fangs is being released from police custody sometime around midnight. Unfortunately, there’s nothing anyone can do about it unless they take justice into their own hands Hiram continues manipulating Reggie. Hiram says they need to have faith in the justice system even if sometimes it allows the guilty to go free. Ugh, Hiram is such a bastard. He’s just so devious and so good at making me hate him.

Veronica’s Dad Drives Her to the Opposing Side:

Hiram’s response to the debate shooting and him so easily willing to risk her mother’s life as well as him dismissing her casino plan causes Veronica to lose faith in her parents’ plans. She can no longer support Hermione’s campaign for Riverdale. Veronica stops by the Andrews to see Fred. Archie and Fred both answer the door and she reveals she’ll be supporting his run for Mayor. In good conscious, she can no longer stand with her father. She believes in Fred though and his campaign. Not long after her announcement Archie and Veronica make their way up to his bedroom, There, things really heat up. Veronica undresses revealing sexy black lingerie and they have sex. *Fans self*

Fangs is Free to an Angry Mob:

It’s time for Fangs to be release so Jughead calls Archie from the Sheriff Station to let him know the Dark Circle has gotten out of control. Jug asks him for help as the mob is becoming unruly and want to rip Fangs apart. Jughead tries to tell Sheriff Minetta he can’t take Fangs out the front door to face the mob and suggests using the side exit instead. But the angry mob has that surrounded as well. The entire station is completely surrounded. Fangs starts to panic because he doesn’t want to die. He, Jughead, Toni and Sweet Pea contemplate what they could possibly do to get Fangs out safely. They decide to all stand together to keep each other from falling and recite, ‘in unity, there is strength.’ Then with Fangs surrounded, Jughead, Toni, and Sweet Pea escort him out into the massive crowd and FP joins them.

Archie arrives at the Sheriff Station just as they’re making their way through the crowd with Fangs. Unfortunately, Reggie is making his way through the massive crowd as well and he has a gun. He believes Fangs killed Midge and wants to make sure Fangs doesn’t get away with it..Archie sees Reggie has and gun and runs tackling him to the ground before he’s able to use it. On the ground, Archie and Reggie fight over the gun and it accidentally goes off. It hits Fangs in the stomach and falls to the ground. Jughead yells out for help as FP, Toni and Sweet Pea tend to Fangs as he lays bleeding. Sweet Pea shoots a death stare at Archie and Reggie as his hate for them only intensifies. Then a fight breaks out in the crowd. It doesn’t look too good for Fangs. Hopefully, help makes it to him and he’s able to pull through. And poor Archie. He was just trying to prevent something like that from happening. Now, Archie or Reggie or maybe even both could be charged with murder or attempted murder. And I don’t think Hiram would help Archie especially since he almost ruined his plans.

Back to Where it All Began:

Sitting in her bedroom, Betty looks at the Black Hood she took when she previously went to meet him. Then she calls Hal and he immediately asks if everything is alright. Betty tells him they need to finish the conversation the started earlier. Naturally, he asks if he should come home but Betty asks him to meet her where it all began, where she gave her speech at Town Hall during the Jubilee. She wants it to be just the two of them like it’s supposed to be. So Betty goes to Town Hall with her Nancy Drew and Miss Grundy’s gun that she stole and waits for her father to show up…if he even knows what she’s talking about. Damn the suspense!!

Knock Knock, Watch Out Cheryl

Across town at Thistlehouse, Cheryl gets an unexpected visitor. She opens the door and it is the Black Hood!! Omg! Not Cheryl! Surely, he must be there thinking her heinous mother or awful uncle are still residing there.

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